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Guatemala Study Abroad

Study Abroad in Guatemala

Studying Abroad in Guatemala is available in a variety of different forms.

Guatemala Overview

Guatemala is recognized as the cultural center of the pre-discovered New World. As the origin of the mysterious Mayan Civilization and still predominantly indigenous, the country offers some of the continent's richest folklore. The cultural blend of the indigenous, Spanish and African peoples can be seen in many aspects of daily life. Ancient rituals are intertwined with Christianity. Moreover, there is an abundance of high quality, low-priced handmade goods.

Tikal Set in a tropical jungle that houses spider monkeys, iguanas, jaguars and many colorful birds, the ruins of this Mayan city are stunning and cover more than 222 square miles. Some believe this is the most fascinating archaeological site in the Americas.

Chichicastenango Thursday and Sunday are the multi-colored Indian market days, when people flock to buy weavings, wood carvings and ceramics at rock-bottom prices. Bargaining is half the fun!

Lake Atitlan This crystal-clear lake is surrounded by volcanoes and is breath-taking. Around the lake, you can find undisturbed Indian villages and towns catering to the tourists. Panajachel is the main tourist town.

Rio Dulce/Livingston Set in a tropical jungle, this river runs from Lake Izabal to the Caribbean. Rent a taxi boat for the spell-binding 2-3 hour journey to the Caribbean city of Livingston. Different from other parts of Guatemala, Livingston has a strong African influence and is more like the coastal towns of Belize.

Coban Coban (population 55,000) has a semi-tropical climate and is the capital of the coffee producing state of Alta Verapaz. Near Coban lie the Mayan ruins in Quirigua, Lanquin cave, and a Sierra de Las Minas Biosphere (a wildlife preserve).

Copan (in Honduras) Although the Mayan ruins of Copan are not as grand as those in Tikal, they boast more intricate and detailed carvings. Excavations and thrilling discoveries occur regularly.

Belize Formerly known as the British Honduras, Belize is a small tropical country that is best known for its great scuba diving and Mayan ruins. The country has a democratic government and English is the official language. You will hear it spoken in a Black Creole dialect. The country is often described as beautiful, friendly, laid-back, but poor.


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