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Study Abroad in Bolivia

Studying Abroad in Bolivia is available in a variety of different forms.

Bolivia Overview

A land-locked country that straddles the Andes, Bolivia is known as the Tibet of the Americas. From the snow-capped peaks of over 21,000 feet, the land descends through stark plateaus to the semi-tropical jungle. Its phenomenal landscapes, colonial architecture, indigenous cultures and the legacy of its ancient mysterious civilizations offer an extraordinary travel experience. In addition, Bolivia has large cities and remote villages; Lake Titicaca, the highest inland sea; and a fascinating culture and history. While there are relatively few tourists, it is quite easy to travel throughout the country.

La Paz The highest capital in the world at 12,000 feet. Shadowed by Mount Illimanis snow capped peaks. As the center of commerce, finance and government, it offers the cultural diversity of a major city and a strong indigenous presence.

Tiahuanaco This ceremonial site (1.5 hrs from La Paz), believed to have been founded 600 BC, may have sustained a population of 20,000. There still are foundations of its structures, stonework, carvings and artifacts.

Lake Titicaca The clear blue waters of the highest navigable inland sea in the world are set off by the dry Altiplano and the breathtaking cordillera. The fascinating islands are known for pre-Columbian ruins, reed boats, and the traditional life style of the Aymara people.

Potosi Near Sucre, it is one of the most important silver mining centers in the world and has the largest and richest population in Latin America. It is an integral part of Bolivian history.


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