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Canada Study Abroad

Study Abroad in Canada

Studying Abroad in Canada is available in a variety of different forms.

Canada Overview

Canada is surrounded by the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans on each side, Alaska, Greenland, and the 'Lower 48' of the USA, and possesses a diverse landscape, ranging from the Arctic tundra of the north to the great wheatlands of the central area. Westward are the Rocky Mountains, and in the southeast the Great Lakes, the St Lawrence River and Niagara Falls. The country is divided into ten provinces and three territories with two official languages, English and French. Canada's French and British influences along with the mixture of many migrant traditions from all over the world make it a must see multi-cultural society.

Niagara Falls
The Niagara Falls were formed approximately 12,000 years ago following the end of the last ice age. Almost 5 billion gallons of water per hour rushes over the edge of the Niagara Falls. The flow of water originates with Lake Erie one of the five great lakes descends the falls, flows through Niagara River into Lake Ontario and continues to the St Lawrence River eventually ending up in the Atlantic Ocean some 1,000 miles away! Niagara Falls receives over 20 million visitors each year, and is well known as the honeymoon capital of the world.

The Rocky Mountains
Offer breathtaking scenery on a grand scale. Some of the best resorts are in the series of great National Parks which preserve the wildlife and forests of Canada in their virgin state. Those in the north provide basic amenities for tours of the beautiful northern wilderness.

All the national parks and most of the provincial parks have well marked and well maintained trails. Maps may be obtained from information centres, but those intending to go into the back country should obtain the appropriate map from the Canadian Topographical Series. Walkers should not venture into the wilder areas without ensuring that they are fit and properly equipped.


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