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Guatemala Travel Guide

Resources, Articles & Tips

General Information

  • Weather Guide - Offers daily high and lows for popular destinations in the country....just click scroll down on the left hand side and click on "Guatemala."
  • CIA Fact Book - The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency's Fact Book on Guatemala.
  • Passport Info. - A helpful "how to" site for American citizens interested in applying for a passport.
  • Travel Advisory - Guatemala - This site provides updated consular information from Guatemala, including travel warnings about dangerous regions, reports about recent unsafe activity or political instability and general travel advisories related to ongoing health hazards or tourist safety. Please check this site before you travel to help ensure secure travel.

Getting There & Around

  • Sanborn's Insurance - The authorities on getting you from the USA/Canada to México and Central America via car. Auto insurance, excellent road maps, tips and other must-have resources for those who prefer to leave the flying to the birds.

Hotels & Restaurants

Language Related

  • AmeriSpan Unlimited - AmeriSpan specializes in Spanish Immersion, Volunteer & Internship programs in Latin America and Spain for travelers and businesspeople. Currently, there are 40 programs available in 15 different countries.
  • Languages of Guatemala - The awesome Ethnologue Database. Includes entries on Guatemala's many indigenous languages and Spanish.
  • Ahora Hablo! Medical Edition - This medical Spanish book is pocket-sized and includes vocabulary for dental and vision care as well as many specialized areas such as obstetrics and cardiology.

News & Culture

  • Art Classes in Antigua, Guatemala - A series of seminars running from October through April and featuring classes in watercolor, folk art, needlepoint, and backstrap weaving.

Staff Picks

  • Gordita! - By: Artis H. - Guestblogger from Antigua

Travel & Tourism

  • Sierramar Adventures - One of Amerispan's favorites. Unique cultural-historical tours to Copán Ruins, Río Dulce, the Garífuna town of Livingston, and meetings with real-life Mayan shamans.

Guatemala Travel Articles

  • Merging of Beliefs: Maximon (Cultural) - In Guatemala, Maximon dressed in a fancy trousers and coat, leather shoes, Stetson hat and silk scarves, is thought to be part Mayan God (Mam) and part Catholic Saint.
  • Gazpacho (Recipes) - Cold tomato-cucumber soup popular in Mexico & Spain.
  • Tres Leches (Recipes) - Tres Leches means 3 milks and gets its name from the 3 different kinds of milk added to make the cake. It is a popular dessert in many Latin American countries.
  • Cesaria Evora (Music Reviews) - AmeriSpan's Carol LaMastra reviews Cesaria Evora: Café Atlantico and lists a couple of runner-ups.
  • Tips for Traveling Inexpensively (AmeriSpan Staff Commentary) - These days, from the weak dollar to the outrageous airfares, traveling abroad may seem out of the question. We beg to differ! There are many ways you can travel that are budget-friendly. We’ve gathered together some of our favorite cheap travel tips to help you make your trip a reality!

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