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Best Spanish Immersion Programs

Best Spanish Immersion Programs

We have put together a list of our Best Spanish Immersion Programs based on past participant feedback and our own staff's votes. We have assembled the Top programs and categorized them by program type.  In addition we have added links to any Meet The School interviews, Guest Blogs and videos.  See below OR click to see other Top Lists


Sevilla, Spain

The friendliness of the people of Southern Spain brings people from all over to the world to historic 3,000-year-old Sevilla. It is small, charming and walkable with a lot to do and see. After class you could take a walk to see sights such as the famous Cathedral of Saint Mary or visit the Flamenco Art Museum. It is also a university town, so there are many opportunities to meet and interact with Spanish students studying there. The language school has a small atmosphere and a hands-on staff, so each student gets the academic attention that they deserve. The facilities are brand new, and even have air conditioning, so itís a good escape from the warm climate of Sevilla. Another perk that past participants love is the rooftop terrace at the school that overlooks the city. Only 12% of students that attend our language school here are from North America, so exposure to different nationalities and cultures is an everyday thing throughout this program. Click on the following for: Program Details, Videos, Past Participant References, Meet the School, Blogs

Madrid, Spain

Choosing to learn Spanish in Spainīs capital city, Madrid is a decision you won't soon forget! Madrid may not have the splendour of Rome or Paris but Madrid is" a way of living for the moment" that can be hard to resist,and so are de "madrilenos". It has astonishing Museums, relentless nightlife, Madrid has become a premier style city, with an exceptional music scene, a feast of fine restaurants and "tapas" bars, and a population that's mastered the art of living the good life. Almos the 90% of Madrilenos were born outside this vibrant city, this make the most welcoming city in Europe. They use to say "if you are in Madrid, your are from Madrid". Program Details, Videos, Past Participant References, Blogs

Guanajuato, Mexico

Guanajuato is a great place to study Spanish not only for the vibrant and youthful culture of the city, but also for the positive learning atmosphere of the language school. The staff is nothing but incredibly helpful and the school director cares immensely about each and every student. The academic curriculum is strong and challenging, but the amount of practice youíll get walking around the city and interacting with the locals will help your skills both inside and outside of the classroom. There are many activities offered and youíll never find yourself bored when class is over. It is also a very culturally rich place and holds events such as festivals that display the art, academia and film of Mexico. Guanajuato gets consistent rave reviews from past participants and many repeat customers. Not to mention, the weather is great. Click on the following for: Program Details, Videos, Past Participant References, Meet the School, Blogs

Dominican Republic

With options to take classes in both Sosua and Santo Domingo, the possibilities are endless. The director is very helpful and accommodating, and each location boasts a very good academic curriculum. The classes are small, so you can always expect a great degree of personal attention and an intimate learning atmosphere. An added benefit of studying in the Dominican Republic is that you can switch between both campuses for classes. Each location has its own perks. Sosua offers beachfront private apartments with private bathrooms, something that many of our other schools donít have. There is also good weather all year round, so relaxation is always just a few steps from your apartment. Santo Domingo is more of a city environment, so if you like the fast-paced lifestyle of urban living you have this choice as well. The ability to live in homestays in Santo Domingo contributes to the complete immersion in the Spanish language as well.  Click on the following for: Program Details, Videos, Past Participant References, Meet the School, Blogs

Madrid (Budget-friendly), Spain

If you like to socialize and interact with people from all over the world, then our budget-friendly school in Madrid is just the place. In addition to the diverse collection of students, the staff is well traveled and very educated, so thereís never a shortage of knowledge in the classroom. This very large historic city is the best place in the world to study Castilian Spanish, and is also a good central location for traveling throughout the rest of Spain to places such as Barcelona and Granada. The school itself offers many perks such as a coffee bar for those early mornings, a library, a computer lab and a common room that is shared with Spanish students studying English at the same school. The Madrid budget-friendly choice is a constant source of positive feedback from both past participants and AmeriSpan staff members alike.  Click on the following for: Program Details, Videos, Past Participant References, Meet the School, Blogs


Alajuela, Costa Rica Junior Immersion Program

As the original Junior Immersion program, Alajuela is always one of the most popular programs each summer. The program is excellent for independent-minded teens wanting to improve their Spanish and get to know a local Costa Rican community. Located between the small Alajuela suburbs of Carillos and Tacares, the school and host families here give students a unique look into daily life in Costa Rica. They will learn to ride the public bus to and from school. The teens will have classes and afternoon activities planned for them on weekdays; but they will also learn to balance free time during early-evenings and weekends when they have free time. They can choose to join teen excursions and spend time with their host family. Donít worry parents; there is a daily curfew of 6 PM to make sure they are safe! Additionally, the academic curriculum in Alajuela is one of the best offered. Participants will return with a noticeably higher Spanish ability and confidence level.  Click on the following for: Program Details, Videos, Past Participant References, Meet the School, Blogs


BIC (Barcelona International College)

Whether staying for a semester or just a few weeks during the summer, Barcelona is an exciting city to live in and explore. Barcelona International College is the best option for students who need college credit for Spanish language or semester programs in Barcelona. This program is designed specifically for foreigners, so students have a supportive environment in which to learn and can forge lasting friendships with other students from around the world. Lodging can be with local host families, student apartments or dorms, so thereís something for everybody; kind of like the city itself! Upon completion, students will receive an official transcript from Jacksonville University.  Click on the following for: Program Details, Videos, Past Participant References


Teachers Programs at Salamanca (1st Choice), Spain

Our program in Salamanca has one of the most well trained and educated staffs that you could ask for. Salamanca is the top university city for Spanish, and is great for educators for that very reason. The class sizes are very small, and itís a great way to learn teaching tips from Spanish teachers themselves. Second only to Madrid, Salamanca is one of the best places in the world to learn Castilian Spanish. Another benefit of this program is the ability to have a private room in your lodging-something that many of our other programs donít have. Academic professionalism and hands on learning experiences make our school in Salamanca one of the top destinations. In addition to taking classes, there is an abundance of things to do such as seeing the works in the Art Noveau Museum and learning about an ancient pastime in the Bullfighting Museum. To top it all off, the beautiful and historic buildings scattered throughout the city make it a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Click on the following for: Program Details, Videos, Past Participant References, Meet the School

Montevideo, Uruguay: Spanish and Windsurfing or Sailing

Montevideo is a great option when traveling to the Rio de la Plata region. Buenos Aires is the crowd favorite; but to avoid tourists, hours of commuting and more, Montevideo is the place you want to be! Our school in Montevideo offers many fun choices, including windsurfing on the Rio de la Plata or sailing at a local yacht club. When youíre having this much fun, learning Spanish is easy. Click on the following for: Program Details, Past Participant References, Meet the School, Blogs

Santiago, Chile: SALUD Medical Spanish Program

Santiago is a very centrally located city and visitors have direct access to both the Andes Mountains and the beautiful Chilean coastline. The school is well placed in a very safe and beautiful neighborhood of the large metropolitan city. The school has excellent language programs and a lot of clinical experience as a part of the SALUD program. Participants are placed in positions based on their individual medical specialty. Click on the following for: Program Details, Videos, Past Participant References, Blogs

Cordoba, Argentina: Spanish and Tango Dance Classes

Past participants have commended the personal touch and small class sizes that are standard at the school in Cordoba. The city has a strong academic presence tied to the University and many of the teachers are trained specifically in teaching Spanish to foreigners. For many Argentines, tango is not just a dance, but also a way of life and it is the national dance of Argentina. Cordoba has many milongas, or traditional tango dance halls, where you can see professionals and amateurs share the dance floor. Click on the following for: Program Details, Videos, Past Participant References, Meet the School, Blogs

Marbella, Spain: Spanish and Flamenco Dance Classes

The city of Marbella is a coastal gem found in the Andalusia region of Southern Spain. The region has seen many conquerors, and its culture is influenced by the Muslim and Romani traditions that took root there in medieval times. Flamenco dancing was heavily influenced by these cultures and has since become a worldwide phenomenon. Popular with many international celebrities, Marbella offers a fantastic climate and world-class beaches at your fingertips. Click on the following for: Program Details, Videos, Past Participant References

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