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Past Program Participant Feedback & Comments
Guanajuato, Mexico

Minna V., Teacher
When I wanted to change my city of study, the service person was excellent. She gave me a few other choices and told me the reasons for her recommendations. She was right on!

Susan S., Retired Attorney
This is my second time with AmeriSpan. I felt like I was in "good hands" and this was very much appreciated. The family I stayed with was wonderful in every respect. The accommodations and food were both exceptionally good.

Lindsay W., Student
Rated overall program Good.

Karen T., Spanish Teacher
I enjoyed how the instructor adjusted the program to make it a great experience overall. The best part was being with a host family and other students; being in Guanajuato.

Lisa C., Professor
I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Guanajuato. My host family was very accomodating. The instructors at the school were great. They kept the class engaged using a variety of techniques. I had a few questions for AmeriSpan staff that were handled immediately via e-mail...they kept me updated every step of the way.

Gretchen S., Retired
Rated overall program Excellent

Pamela B., Surgeon
"I got great help on the phone. I was pleased that you were able to make suggestions like ""I just went there and it was great"". My homestay was fabulous, Imelda Salazar. The family was so warm and welcoming, an so very helpful and friendly."

Judith D., Judge
I had a wonderful experience. My knowledge of the language was increased, and I had fun doing it. The homestay was just what I wanted. The placement test put me in a class that worked for me.

Jocelyn A., RN, Nurse Practitioner Student
I really enjoyed taking classes at Don Quijote

Brenda Z., Substitute Teacher
Guanajuato was incredible, unforgettable. AmeriSpan delivered all that was promised.

Yael W., Manager of Quality Assurance
The school is great. Pedro is extremely nice and a fantastic teacher. The best part was 4 private lessons that I received in order to make up for the missed classes on the holiday.

Janet C., ?
I would recommend this program to anyone. My daughter and I both felt we learned so much in such a short time (2 weeks). Our homestay family was wonderful. I loved the information, advantages and disadvantages, about each place and program. It was extremely helpful and right on.Great instructors, helpful school staff, well-designed program.

Cynthia D., Teacher
The homestay was great, the weather was good, and the classes and staff at Academia Falcon were very nice.

Michael H., Tour Guide
Rated overall program Good

Janet Marie L., Nurse
The program was a great value!

Heather N., Student
The trip was awesome and the vest experience of mi vida!

Jessica E., Teacher
My favorite part of the trip was definitely the time I spent with my host family. I miss them! I was very impressed with the instructors.

Kathy S., Police
Rated overall program Excellent

Stephanie M., Student
I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Guanajuato and learned more in three weeks than I would even have imagined. The best part of my trip was when I realized I could understand anyone in Guanajuato speaking spanish to me. I was very amazed to be able to e-mail AmeriSpan and get immediate feedback, since I thought it would take months. Also, getting registered and paying for the program seemed to be a very easy process.

Manique W., Customer Service
Everyone is so friendly and patient, which is important when you are learning a language.

Pamela Ann G., ESL teacher
Rated overall program Good

Shaunna Tucker B., student
AmeriSpan was helpful, and the classes were very beneficial to me.

Jeanne Ellen D., Retired Systems Analyst
This is my third experience with AmeriSpan. Each has been very rewarding. I trust the programs and homestays that AmeriSpan offers.

Joan M., retired lawyer
There was no bad experience. It was an ideal situation. It exceeded our expectations.

Emily M., Student
I was very pleased with the part AmeriSpan played. I felt more prepared than most of the other students. The Factsheet was very helpful.

Benny Adam P., Globetrotter
Rated overall program Excellent

John B., Retired
My homestay was excellent. The climate is wonderful in summer. There is a lot of good cultural exposure. Everything was enjoyable for me. No downsides! Guanajuato was reasonably prices and offered 1-to-1 or small group classes.

Andrea M., Teacher
Loved it!

David P. K., teacher
Both of my experiences with AmeriSpan have been great. As a first time customer I used AmeriSpan on the advise of a friend who also studied abroad through AmeriSpan. As a repeat user, I cam back after being very satisfied with the service I received.

Medea H., Biologist
Rated overall program Excellent

Patricia H., Teacher
For Texas teachers interested in passing the TOPT (Texas Oral Proficiency Test), to become certified in Spanish, this school is an excellent resource. I passed the TOPT test as a result of attending the program in Guanajuato.

Andrea M., Student
Guanajuato is a wonderful city - perfect for learning Spanish.

Michael S., Consultant/Musician
I met many great people and continue to stay in touch with several Mexican friends.

Rene C., Student
The program exceeded my expectations. Other students were friendly and had similar goals to mine. I loved the city - I felt safe walking everywhere and exploring.

Cary B., National Park Ranger
Rated overall program Good

David P., Engineer
Our entire trip was enjoyable!

Patrick M., Student
The best part of the trip was the family I stayed with.

Katie S., Manager
The program was even better than I expected.

Julie M., Speech language therapist
Rated overall program Good

Virginia G., high school principal
I was pleased with all parts of the program.

Gene B., Rural letter carrier
I would highly recommend this program.

John K., Electrical Engineer
I used AmeriSpan for the convenience. I used the website a lot!

Lisa G., Student
Rated overall program Good

Holly C., Social worker
The teachers were energetic, youthful & employed creative teaching methods! Homestay was wonderful and the locale of Guanajuato is great.

Emma Margaret L., Quality Manager
Homestay was excellent. Wonderful family - great food! We arranged the program at the last minute and the people at AmeriSpan were more than helpful.

Jennifer D., Student
Rated overall program Good

Lisa R., human resources
Homestay was fantastic and Guanajuato is an amazing city!

Herbert G., Retired
Homestay was the best!

Dave F., Teacher
Rated overall program Excellent

Julia Anne R., Geologist
Overall, it was a wonderful experience and better than I thought it would be.

Jessica W., sales
You were very helpful, my trip was last minute and your introduction packet was great! This was one of the best things I have ever done.

Annette P., social work
Rated overall program Excellent

Isabelle F., physician
I think going to language school is the very best way to travel!

Joel G., retired prof.
Rated overall program Excellent

Charles T., real estate
The training and the location were the best.

Kathleen Casey R., Marriage & Family Therapist
I chose Amerispan because it is Simple, easy and fast. I only had to show up and learn Spanish.

David D. H., College Advisor/Counselor
Mexico was even more beautiful, interesting, and friendly than I expected.

Mary I., education
Great experience.

Tamise I., Student
AmeriSpan offers a variety of program locations & I hope to be traveling through them often. I was happy with the school.

Lauren A., Teacher
Why Guanajuato? I wanted to go to a traditional small city.

Kirsten B., Teacher
I liked the program: interesting, diverse and casual teachers.

Patrick J., Student
I want to go back!! My time with the Uribe (homestay) family was the best!

Jenn B., Director of Women's Center
Guanajuato is a colorful, warm and youthful town and I would highly recommend others to visit and/or study there. My family was also wonderful! They were willing to help me out with anyting. The best part of the trip was getting to know the local people and other students, who had traveled to different parts of Lat. Amer. and we were able to share stories.

Kathleen H., Retired
Rated overall program Good

Pete M., retired
Rated overall program Good

Deborah E., Physician
Teachers were great - very helpful. Family was very nice - great experience.

Dee (Doris June) L., sales (real estate)
This was by far the best vacation I ever took. The cultural aspect of the homestay was a pleasant surprise.

Golden T., Student
Rated overall program Excellent

Merry D., physician
The teachers and classes were excellent! The school was even better than I expected!

Cathy E., accountant
The classes were informative + fun, and meeting other students, so many interesting people!

Camille N., economist World Bank
My host family was wonderful & the extracurricular lectures at the school in the evening were great.

Deborah W., MRI technologist
Very good way to learn the language + great vacation.

Christienne G., marketing
Rated overall program Good

Roberta G., psychologist
Rated overall program Excellent

Jane F., teacher
My host family was better than I had ever dreamed it would be. The school and classes I attended helped me improve my Spanish. I enjoyed staying in the city of Guanajuato - it gave me a different glimpse of what life can be like in Mexico: community oriented, relaxed, festive, and fun.

Daniel J. N., Grad. Student
It was better than expected. I learned a great deal. The instructors became friends I still communicate with.

Gloria A., ESL teacher
The school was good, the town and it's plazas were lovely, our family was nice, and we enjoyed visiting the silver mine, the famous Guanajuato mummies and the local museums. The conversation classes were well structured, each with a specific topic. Readings and role-plays were often used to provide a basis for conversation.

Jennifer F., student
Program exceeded expectations - Faculty and staff were outstanding!

Paul A. S., registered nurse

Lisa Lynn R., Student
Best vacation of my life!

Daniel C., doctor
Rated overall program Good

Eloise H., stock broker
The classes were better than I expected.

Laura J., Teacher
The town itself was wonderful. The family was very warm.

Lisa L., student-Humboldt State Univ
I really felt looked after all the way through. THANKS! Feeling like I was learning the language with fast results, and the friendships I made were the best parts.

John C., teacher
All of the students were made to feel very welcomed, and it was clear that the teachers met often and were organized in their teaching philosophy and methods. There really are too many good things to mention in this evaluation.

Shirley N., Registered Nurse
Rated overall program Excellent

Ruth P., student
It was great!

Elizabeth S., Teacher
Best - meeting other students at this institute, taking literature classes, and having an excellent homestay (wonderful food!).

Ann D., ESL Tutor
Even better than what I hoped for. Our homestay with the Ramos family was great. We enjoyed their Christmas festivities very much.

Gerald D., Retired
Actually even better than I had hoped. More personal. Both the education and homestay were special.

Denise C., Pre-school Teacher
Best - My host family

Diana P., Professor
The program met all my expectations, which where high. Thank you for your patience in helping us select the program that met our needs.

Allison P., Lawyer
Rated overall program Excellent

Heather K., Graduate Student
I felt that I was in good hands going through AmeriSpan.

Andrew H., Teacher (Episcopol Academy)
I was extremely pleased with all aspects of the AmeriSpan program in Guanajuato and would recommend this type of intensive study to anyone. I am seriously considering this program again for next summer. I felt much more a part of the Guanajuato community because of this homestay and would definitely want a homestay experience at any additional language schooling I attend.

Peter N., Archaeologist
I loved Guanajuato - the ambiance, the people, the women - all of it.

John G., Student
Good program!

Alex L., Teacher
The best part was meeting fellow students.

Erika J., Writer
The best part was the city of Guanajuato.

Donna P., Newspaper Reporter
I would recommend the homestay to others that attend the program. The school was academic and the homestay allowed for intimate cultural understanding and integration of perspectives.


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