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Past Program Participant Feedback & Comments
Cordoba, Argentina

Meghan H., Student
I do not think there was a bad part. I enjoyed my time in Cordoba and at the school very much!

Mark H., Self-Employed
The best part was learning and interaction with people from many cultures.

Rachael E.,
My teachers were amazing and my host family was even more amazing! It was so much fun, always something to do. The best part was being in a huge city and meeting so many different people from different walks of life.

Michael S., Student
Rated overall program Excellent

Kenneth G., Teacher
Good teachers, good school, nice town...

Kevin T., Unemployed
Balancing [my] professional objectives in the context of The Farm School with my own life and a new family proved to be a great challenge, but an eye-opening and very rewarding experience that I will never forget. I continue to keep in contact with my family there.

Kevin T., Unemployed
With a time crunch, the logistics ran very smoothly. The bet part was learning about the culture, both personally and professionally.

Michael A., Network Administrator
It was all great!

Sarah W., Probation Officer
I have had the time of my life and I have enjoyed my placement and classes very much. I have had loads of fun!!

Mark H., Social Worker
Amerispan is informative and provides access to different schools and housing as well. They do all the work for you for where to study and where to live. The best part of the trip was meeting different people from all over the world.

Rachel J., medical student
The best part of my trip was the homestay- wonderful people that were very giving and caring. I have kept in touch with them because they were so great. The teachers, too, were wonderful and the building with the classrooms was a wonderful place to spend the day.

Sophia F., student
I liked the website and the staff were very helpful answering all of the questions that I had. They made it easy for me and my two travel companions to plan everything together.

Rhonda S., Occupational Therapist
The best part of my trip was being immersed in the Argentine culture. I felt I couldnt' have chosen a better place to learn and volunteer. I always felt supported by the school in anything I needed during my stay in Cordoba.

Tara Marie W., Teacher
Rated overall program Excellent

Stephen C R., Student
I felt very well prepared.

Greg C., medical student
The best parts were working with the doctors in the clinics and traveling in Argentina.

Amanda D., medical student
The best was working with many excellent physicians. I had an excellent experience and learned a lot.

Philip A., Student
My teachers were both excellent and highly professional. Their knowledge and expertise allowed me to advance quickly and with confidence.

Rebecca P., Environmental Scientist
I was given excellent advice regarding where would be a good place to study.

Julia C., Fundraiser/ Volunteer trainer
The staff did their best to provide social outlets for the students, in addition to creating a wonderful learning environment.

Andrea M., Software Engineer
It was a very worthwhile trip. I met lots of fun people and made contacts that I hope will last. At the same time I greatly improved my language skills.

Mark R., college professor
The excursions are a marvelous vehicle for learning about he history and the culture of the country. The organization of the school and the amiability and professionalism of the faculty are impressive.

Benjamin H., Student
I really enjoyed the personal attention that I received in the classes. I feel this is a positive experience for everyone.

Arti D., Student
The study abroad experience was absolutely incredible. I found the staff of the school to be extremely helpful and my teachers to be very good identifying my goals and helping me achieve them. I think AmeriSpan is a wonderful program, especially for participants who have not traveled alone before.

Andrew F., Student
Rated overall program Excellent

Gloria J. B., Retired teacher
I am impressed with the knowledge of the AmeriSpan staff. The best part was the rapport between the teacher and students.

Sarah M., Student
I was very happy with the program. I loved the people I met and learning a new language.


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