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Past Program Participant Feedback & Comments
Montevideo, Uruguay

Elizabeth M.,
AmeriSpan offers a wide variety of locations, language study programs, and volunteer opportunities. The learning environment in Montevideo was excellent with a great mix of students.

Joyce S., Retired Teacher
My homestay family was very friendly, helpful and constantly engaged me in speaking Spanish. They were very interesting, intelligent people and tried to make me as comfortable as possible. I felt very secure, well-cared for and happy in their home. The office staff is amazing. Each person that I spoke to was so helpful and nice. I commend you on your choice of AmeriSpan staff.

Kristen G., Non-profit Manager
Best part were the activities offered by the school.

Rebecca N., Teacher
Professors in Montevideo were excellent! They were able to evaluate my language abilities and target exactly what I needed.

Catherine G., Public Health
I could not have had a better experience.

Trisha S.,
The director of the school in Montevideo was excellent. She really wants everyone to have a good experience. She arranged some great excursions; everything from watching a candombe practice for carnaval to doing some different treks in the interior of Uruguay, and so much more!

Gyan F., Medical Practitioner
Rated overall program Good

Sylvia Gabrielle T., Retired
Rated overall program Excellent

Christina S., Hotel Manager
The school and lodging at the school were perfect!

Tobias Demetrios P., Tour Director
The Rambia in Montevideo is great for cycling. I would recommend buying a bicycle.

Irene S., Retired Court Reporter
I really enjoyed the trip and find language learning is a great way to travel.

Erika P., Teacher
It was a great pleasure to study and visit in Uruguay with the help of this fine group of people. The teaching staff and school environment were wonderful.

Daniel T., Doctor
Rated overall program Excellent

Amanda F., Civil Engineer
The best part of my trip was meeting other students.

John B., Retired Attorney
Rated overall program Excellent

Adrienne S., Attorney
Very well organized.

Catherine S., Graduate student
I highly recommend this program. I wouldn't change anything. GREAT internet site and very helpful staff.

Madeline T., Teacher
Rated overall program Excellent

Jonathan S., Student
The location of the school is ridicously nice! What a great city!

Teresa D., Video Producer
Wasn't sure what to expect, but overall I was happy. I really liked my homestay, location, everything.

Judy A. H., nurse
The location was excellent. Safe and easy access to school. There were so many things about this experience that stood out as remarkable.

Katherine H., Student
Fantastic teachers who were friendly and talented.

Angelika K., Teacher
The teachers and director of the program were well-organized, professional and friendly, and my homestay was too!

Sandra C., College Instructor
I feel that in all my travels in Latin America, this institute is by far the best I've encountered. Being a language teacher myself, I know how well these teachers taught and developed the language skills of multi level language students.

Christopher H., student
The best part was the homestay. Very good overall experience.

Marilyn H., housewife
I really like the way the program was set up. Our family was just great.

Brenda M. R., trainer/teacher
El método de instrucción y mis estudios fueron muy efectivo y pertinente. Maravillosa, siempre recordaré con alegría y sonrisas.

Douglas M., construction
I have attended 3 different schools in 3 countries and this was the best. The instructors and teaching methods at the schools are excellent. I don't see how it could be improved.

Graham H., pilot-American Airlines
I can't imagine how you could have made it better. I hope to be traveling to another AmeriSpan destination - soon!

Mary G., retired music teacher
They were terrific! The program and quality of instruction were much better than I anticipated.

Lynzi Z., managment consult
Rated overall program Excellent

Erica W., TV Associate Producer
My family was fabulous, so friendly & helpful. They included me in everything and were always helping me learn.

Thelma H., retired administrator
The school, with one-on-one instruction, was by far the best we have ever attended.

Thomas H., retired physician
Rated overall program Excellent

Ludmilla P., teacher
Rated overall program Good

Georgia M., lawyer
These teachers are REALLY something special. I had 6 of them and they were all engaging, really intelligent and well-traveled.

Derek M., insurance
Rated overall program Good

Lee Ann S., Registered Nurse
The school is very professional

Ron K., Technical Support (Phamaceutical)
Very good instruction. Best was family and good teachers.

Glenn T., Engineer
The program is excellent with workbooks written by the head of the school - would definitely recommend this school to others. All instructors were great.


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