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Past Program Participant Feedback & Comments
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Lauren C., Student
AmeriSpan staff was extremely helpful answering all of my many questions I had about the program. I had an absolutely amazing time and I am hoping to return again during the summer for longer!

Anne F.,
I was very impressed by the promptness of my contacts at AmeriSpan. The school did an excellent job with my medical terminology classes. The internship itself was very flexible and provided a great learning environment. The homestay was beyond excellent!

Melynda I., Professor
I loved my host family accommodations. It was a great match.

Laura V., student
Rated overall program

Seth D., Analyst
Overall, I had a wonderful time/experience with learning Spanish in Santa Domingo.

Alexandra G., Student and EMT
Rated overall program Good

Ahsaki C., Insurance Representative
I felt that AmeriSpan has an excellent reputation so I felt comfortable with the partner schools.

Jabari O.,
I had a wonderful time. The school's staff were very pleasant and the locals were friendly. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is considering it... The staff at AmeriSpan were very helpful and responded to all of my questions in a timely manner.

Ellen L., Teacher
I called the AmeriSpan offices a couple of times to ask questions and I LOVED how a real person answered the phone! Your programs and promises never disappointed me. I have no reason to use another service.

Jessica W., Teacher
Rated overall program Good

Katandria Love J., Trilingual Speech-Language Pathologist
The school is a relaxed setting in the owners home. Homestay family was warm and the mother an excellent cook! This is an excellent place to go to learn about a country whose cultural identity still remains questionable. The school is a great place to learn about the language and culture of the Dominican Republic.

Werner M., Retired Teacher
Rated overall program Excellent

Mary H., Retired
The best part of our trip was our homestay. Our family was very helpful and the food was great!

Frank B. H., Retired
The best part of our trip was our homestay. Our family was very helpful and the food was great!

Karen L., Student
When I called to ask questions, everyone at AmeriSpan was very helpful. Everyone at the school was very helpful and extremely friendly.

Frances H., Secretary
Very satisfied with the service that AmeriSpan and its staff provides!

Joyce B., training/develop consultant
Wonderful country and people!

Julie K., spanish teacher
Rated overall program Excellent

Nikeisha E., Finance
I had a wonderful time. Best part was the family I stayed with. They were so nice and caring.

Lyman H., Dentist
The school was excellent and extremely nice. Everyone was very helpful

William C., Teacher
AmeriSpan is a helpful, accommodating organization.

Elizabeth M., Homemaker
I liked it so much, I want to go again. The whole trip was wonderful.

Dean S., HVAC Contractor
I intend to enroll again next year. I made many friends on the trip.

Cynthia V.C. R., Retired Spanish Teacher
Very well done.

Teresa E., Social Worker
Rated overall program Good

John R., Driver (for Pepsi)
I wouldn't change the program, it was well done

Ingrida F., Retired Teacher
Rated overall program Excellent

Kimberly B., Attorney
Great experience, I plan to do it again.

Ruth R., Homemaker
The best was the excitement of being in a different culture. I would like to go there again.

Beatrice F., Administrative Assistant
Host family was especially delightful.

Randall W. K., Educator
Very effective instruction.

Arlene T., HS Teacher
Used AmeriSpan in the past; very good agency!

Julie D., Teacher
Best was teachers, outings, school owners very friendly.

Dorsey W., goverment intern
The best part was exploring the country with friends from school.

Robert G., computer consultant
Overall it was wonderful!

John Rick T., engineer
I would not hesitate to use AmeriSpan again.

Susan B., ESL teacher
Best was staying with a local family and feeling like part of the neighborhood rather than a tourist.

Alison M., Professor, Language Training
It was great, I'm glad I did it and if I had it to do over, I would. I hope I will have another opportunity to use AmeriSpan. For me this was the ideal learning situation. It has been said that teachers make the worst students and certainly I was a very demanding student. My teacher was up to the task.

Lara H., social worker
Rated overall program Good


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