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Past Program Participant Feedback & Comments
Madrid, Spain

Mike K., Teacher
Madrid is a great city and I thought the quality of instruction was excellent.

Lois A., Retired College Professor
AmeriSpan was an excellent choice. The staff was helpful in every way.

Shari D., Spanish teacher
Rated overall program Excellent

Karrie A., Student
Rated overall program Excellent

Christine L.,
I loved this program. The teachers were incredible!

Caitlin G., Teacher
The help I was provided was quick and exactly what I needed. A work obligation came up and while I did not want to cancel, I had to change my a week at Enforex in Madrid. It was handled quickly and effectively, thanks! A pretest for language skills before going to the school since you only get tested on the first day at the facility. It would help participants to prepare for what to expect and help them determine their objectives. If it is a first time in an immersion class, it is a little overwhelming and being better prepared to handle it would be a great addition to your program offerings. The best was the professional and organized classes. The worst was that I can't afford to use the service for longer!

Jill I., Teacher
Best part was the homestay, being in Madrid, meeting other Spanish teachers.

Monica G., Full Time Student
"We had a great group of people of all ages from all over the world. Our ""mama"" was amazing, and I miss it every time I think about it. "

Zara M., student
Overall, Amerispan is a great organization because it simplifies studying abroad, consolidates many aspects of the process, and provides a cheaper alternative to people who want to study abroad without spending a fortune. I learned a lot about the city and Spanish culture and also improved my Spanish substantially. The classes were good because of the great diversity of students I met from so many countries. I did really enjoy the Culture classes, as I was able to greatly practice my conversational skills as well as learn a lot about Spanish culture in ways that no textbook could.

Parker E.,
Rated overall program Excellent

Matthew J N., Food Manager
There was nothing I was unhappy about except leaving the city.

Naomi S., Student
Great cost for a great program! I learned so much for so little and it was worth every penny! I hope I can do it again this summer.

Ilana G., Student
"My homestay was incredible- I felt very connected to my ""mother"" and through her to the country and the culture. I also loved all the people that I met in my classes- I now have friends from all over the world whom I continue to be in touch with."

Dorrelle S., Manager
Fantastic! Can't say enough. Teachers were professional, facilities modern. Housing marvelous.

Andrea S., Student
The school in Madrid was fantastic. I had such a great time and the teachers were amazing. I really loved it and learned a tremendous amount of Spanish.

Evan W., Student
The best part of the program was hanging out with classmates.

Kristen K., student
Rated overall program Excellent

Lizette Stacey R., Student
Rated overall program Excellent

Diana L., Student
Overall the program was great! I can now say I am fluent in Spanish.

Deighton M., Education
I would love to attend an AmeriSpan program again.

Donelson T., Student
Everything is great, keep up the good work and I will continue to spread the word about AmeriSpan.

Dawn L., medical student
The teachers in Madrid are outstanding and helped make my trip enjoyable.

Kevin O., Professor
I learned so much in one week. The teachers were excellent and I loved the other students.

Melanie Rose D., Student
Rated overall program Satisfactory

Daniel G., Journalist
Rated overall program Good

Jamie F., Professor
I loved everything!

Danielle B., Student
The program was even better than I expected.I liked everything from the class schedule to the excursions to the friends I made through the school.

Lindsey Fitzgerald W., Student
The program in Madrid was better than I expected, the homestay was great and I loved the classes and professors. My experience with AmeriSpan was wonderful! All of my questions were answered in a timely and very helpful manner.

Richard T., Retired Doctor
Rated overall program Satisfactory

Shaune F., Teacher
Rated overall program Excellent

Michael P., Corporate Lawyer
The homestay was the best part of the trip. My family was wonderful and very helpful.

Debbie Ruzzier A., Sales
Rated overall program Good

Lorenzo Artemus T., Insurance Claim Specialist
I had an amazing time. I plan to utilize the program to assist in my future studies.

Rebecca G., Customer service
It was a convenient program, especially because you could choose the week you wanted to start

Cindy W., professor
Excellent instructors and facilities. I liked the wide diversity of students.

Michael G., Medical Student
I loved my professor. He was an excellent teacher with a good sense of humor.

Heidi E., Student
The best part was learning more and meeting people.

Rhodonna B., Student
Rated overall program Excellent

Francis T. M., Nurse/Retired Police Officer
Excellent learning and cultural experience and a great and affordable vacation. The classes and instructors were superb, the curriculum was demanding and I learned a lot.

Cindy M., merchandise manager
Rated overall program Good

David W., Banking/Finance
Rated overall program Excellent

Karen L., Student
Rated overall program Good

Angela E., Student/Sub. Teacher
The whole trip was awesome. I can't wait to do it again!

Debbie C., Teacher
Rated overall program Good

Lisa C., Assistant Principal
Rated overall program Excellent

Caroline C., Student
It was amazing

Jeffrey O., Teacher
I would definitely use Amerispan again.

Michelle T., Student
Rated overall program Good

Alyson S., accountant

Michael F. Z., Between jobs
Overall it was a fantastic educational and cultural experience!

Ed T., Fireman
People were great, school was comfortable and located in an area with lots to offer. Best - Madrid nightlife.

Marco Antonio S., Student
AmeriSpan staff are very helpful!

Nicole W., Operations Manager
Rated overall program Excellent


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