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Past Program Participant Feedback & Comments
Sevilla, Spain

Brent F., Accountant
AmeriSpan made it very easy to get to Spain and improve my Spanish.

Hai Duc N., Engineer
The teachers were excellent. My host mother was superb. She made wonderful meals, sat at the dining table, ate and conversed with all the students in her home.

Nichole T., Actuarial Analyst
Spanish instructors were great.

Carol S., Event Planner
I was very please with AmeriSpan's staff and their helpfulness; I had a great time! I do recommend to other people that they spend a longer period of time studying because, not only do you get used the culture, but you get to practice the language more and you feel more comfortable. Best part of the trip is the living in a new culture and meeting new friends.

Suzanne D., Student
Rated overall program Excellent

Lisa A., Teacher
The family was very nice and overall I really enjoyed being in Sevilla. What a beautiful city...

Lisabeth T., Retired
Overall a good learning experience.

Audrey S.,
The level of supervision was excellent. The family was terrific and warm.

Axelle F., Student
There is a very good balance between classes and free time, The activities coordinators also seem to find activities that they now the current students would like to do. They also incorporate history or culture into whatever they do even if it is just a trip to the beach. The program was incredibly fun. I mean I have gone twice to the same city just because I had so much fun. I learned everything from the subjunctive to Spanish slang. I also learned how life was like in Sevilla and the culture both at night and during the day. The staff was incredible, whenever I had and issue I could talk to someone about it. They also handled everything very well, and with discretion.

Myles L., Student
This program was one of the best experiences that I have ever had in my live. I learned more on this trip, about the country, language, and even myself than ever before. I also learned many valuable language skills, and not to fear making a mistake, that is part of learning anything. The best part of this trip was getting the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world whom I am still in contact with today. The staff was VERY easy to approach and accommodating during my program.

Lois Ann M., RN
Rated overall program Excellent

Beth G.,
I chose AmeriSpan because it was well-priced, and offered teens a homestay program.

Madeleine P., Student
The best part was meeting all the teenagers in the program.

Anastasia L., Student
It was AMAZING. I enjoyed every single minute of it. I would go back in a heartbeat. I learned a lot about the Spanish culture as well as some grammar that I intend to take back and use in my Spanish class in school. Our host mom was so kind and patient with us, and her 25-year-old daughter was so sweet as well! The best part was everything!! Especially meeting new people. I recommend these trips for everyone - you'll enjoy yourself and have the time of your life.

Erika P., Teacher
Rated overall program Excellent

Sarah Katharine F.,
My instructor, Paloma, was terrific.

Donna I., teacher
The best part was the intercambio in which I got to know a Spanish person on a one to one basis. I would recommend AmeriSpan.

Kathryn E., Student
Yes, the program was fun! My host family was amiable and they threw a party for my birthday.

Christian J., Retail Sales
The school was beautiful and the teachers were great.

Lauren B., student
The teachers were very entertaining and helpful.

Rachael O., student
It was very well organized and well planned.

Alex B., student
Everything was very well planned and everyone we encountered was very friendly and helpful.

April T., student
It was great :)

Elizabeth W., student
The teachers were great.

Neha Surendra P., optometry student
My instructor was awesome and his teaching was the best I could ask for.

Kenneth S., Registered Nurse
Best part of the trip was the daily experience of living there.

Peter F., Student
I had an awesome time!

Hanna G., Student
Rated overall program Good

Nicole B., Bartender
I recommend this program to anyone who the desire to explore a culture they have always held an interest in. It was a great experience in my life.

Caroline M., Student
Everyone at the school was very enthusiastic about learning Spanish.

Valerie L., Retired
"Excellent program! The best part was the ability to live in Spain rather than ""tour"" it. I plan to use AmeriSpan services again. "

Carolyn T., Retired
I requested to make a change in my homestay and it was arranged quickly. Everything was great. The teaching methods were far better than expected.

Pallavi R., Lawyer
Rated overall program Excellent

Tricia N., Writer/journalist
The program exceeded my expectations.

Lisa F., Educator
Rated overall program Excellent

Anne R., Occupational Therapist
It was fun!

Linda D., teacher
I loved it!

Mary Ann M., Retired
The best part was experiencing another culture.

Richard T., Retired Doctor
We were greatly impressed with Sevilla- from the city to the school and the teachers.

Winston W., Consultant/writer
It was a great experience, and I would do it again.

Angela C., Graphic Designer
Rated overall program Excellent

Sandra R., Teacher, medical interpreter (Spanish)
I enjoyed the school's field trips immensely. The host mom and dad were wonderful!

Lisa M., Commercial designer
AmeriSpan was very helpful, informative and pleasant

Michael F. Z., Between jobs
Rated overall program Good

Neil R., Student
Rated overall program Good

Carol H., Secretary/student
Rated overall program Good

Colleen N., Homemaker
I loved the school, the city, my classmates, even the weather!


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