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Past Program Participant Feedback & Comments
Salamanca, Spain

Peggy D., Self-employed
Rated overall program excellent

Gina P., Teacher
The ease of the school, homestay, meals all being coordinated made it possible to jump right in and enjoy the trip. I really wouldn't have changed a thing.

Peter I., Retired
Rated overall program Excellent

Mike K., Teacher
My homestay in Salamanca was fantastic. The family was very special and it made it a memorable time.

Margaret Franchino,
Rated overall program Excellent

Margaret F.,
Rated overall program Excellent

Mary Jane H., Editor
Excellent teachers, great reception for other students, and impressive methods of sorting students by their knowledge base.

Julie H., Teacher
The best part of my trip was the amount of Spanish I learned, the city of Salamanca, and my host family.

Andrea S., Certified Financial Planner
I LOVED it. One of the bests weeks of my life!. classes were great and the homestay was everything I could have hoped for. Beautiful home and lovely, friendly host mom.

Susan T.,
Pablo and Donna were both excellent in a helping me, answering questions, offering advice. The lodging in Salamanca was excellent.

Karishma C., Student
Best part was being immersed and being forced to speak Spanish the whole time, meeting people, and the school was great! Loved my time there! Prices were reasonable and the staff was very helpful

Katherine D., Student
The best part was meeting so many people form all over the world.

Cotopaxi S., Student
Rated overall program Good

Cecile D., medical student
The homestay immersion experience was a great help in learning Spanish.

Varendra G., medical student
The best part was the medical spanish course, and meeting awesome people. AmeriSpan did a good job setting up the program. I would use AmeriSpan again.

Courtney L., Medical Student
I enjoyed the program and felt it exceeded my expectations.

Marci C., pre-med student
The group dynamic was great.

Jason Y., student
Overall, a great experience

Kristen K., student
Rated overall program Excellent

Adeena T., Teacher
Rated overall program Excellent

Sandra K., Teaching Assistant
All the instructors were great.

Adrian M., medical student
I greatly improved my Spanish speaking skills.

Rebecca K., Student/EMT
Living with a host family was a very worthwhile experience. The professors were thorough and well-prepared.

Charron W., Social Services
The night classes and planned excursions were great!

Andrew L., Teacher (English lecturer)
Don Quijote (school) maintains a high quality program & provides a very comfortable environment for students.

Kerry R., occupational therapist
Rated overall program Excellent

John J., Personal Care Aide
Hope to return to Spain next year.

Robert S., Teacher
Salamanca is centrally located and accessible to other parts of the country. I've recommended AmeriSpan to several people already.

Lisa R., Grad. Student
My seņora was so warm and the other students living w/ her gave me lots of opportunities to develop my Spanish.


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