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Past Program Participant Feedback & Comments
Marbella, Spain

Lindsey T., Retired
Marbella is a great place to learn. Beautiful climate in the winter! The teachers were very good also. Homestay was excellent! Marbella is also close to many other interesting cities; Granada, Ronda, Cordoba, and I was able to travel around on weekends.

Lindsey T., Retired teacher
The school in Marbella was great! Many people of all ages from all over the world. Marbella is a great place to learn spanish!

Gregg Turley Z., Software Engineer
Rated overall program Good

Susan T.,
I could book with AmeriSpan and they made all the arrangements. The service was prompt and I did not have to wait 2 days to get an answer to a question.

Kenzie E., Student
I really enjoyed my stay in Spain! I can't wait to go to France with AmeriSpan soon!

Mahmood H., Newsgathering Coordinator
The best part of my trip, that I can speak a bit of Spanish now.

Mary J., Nurse
Spain is a wonderful country for immersion. I highly recommend it. The people are friendly and there is so much to see.

Stan S.,
"Our expectations of the program, in the end- better. Lauren learned a huge amount of Spanish, made lots of friends, and grew up a great deal by virtue of being away from home and ""on her own"" for four weeks. Lauren's quote: I had an amazing time in Marbella. The dormitory was so much fun. I loved getting to know people from all over the world. Everyone was so friendly, we got really close and I am still in contact with some of them."

Kate B., Student
Rated overall program Good

Kerry M., Elementary School Teacher
The program is fantastic...the instructors well versed...and the school well run!

Lia S., Student
I've traveled with AmeriSpan in the past and greatly enjoyed your service.

Frannie C., Student
Rated overall program Excellent

Katherine Z., Student
Awesome! Could not have asked for anything better! I wish I could have stayed longer! The instructors were wonderful! The housing was amazing.

Holly H., Nurse Practicioner
Rated overall program Excellent

Kristine Hoy T., ESL Teacher
Thank you so much AmeriSpan! Our Marbella experience was wonderful! It is a great option for parents with children who can attend day or overnight camp near by. The language program was well run and the staff were very professional.

Kevin J. T., Student
The camp was fun with many activities and I really improved my Spanish!

John S., Student
I had fun. It was great! I would not change anything.

Nicholas G., Student
I had a GREAT time!!!

Tiffany R., Student
I learned so much Spanish that I moved ahead 2 levels when I got back to my regular school! I made friends that I still keep in touch with. I hope to go back next summer.

Claire S., Student
The directors of the school were wonderful. My host family was entertaining and friendly.

Sylvia S., Writer/Teacher
The instructors were helpful and better than I expected.

Constance K., Teacher
I thought the instruction was of excellent quality.

Jennifer C., Student
Rated overall program Excellent


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