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Past Program Participant Feedback & Comments
Barcelona, Spain

Cynthia K.,
Loved every minute of it and my teachers were the best!

Page W.,
I would recommend this to anyone. The facility in Barcelona was open, clean and bright and it made it a pleasure to arrive their every morning.

Patricia C.,
Rated overall program Excellent.

Chrisandra W.,
Instructors were excellent in Spain! Wish I could have stayed longer.

Colleen A.,
The teachers were amazing. We would definitely do it again!

Virginia H., Teacher
The staff at AmeriSpan were very easy to talk with and they answered all of my questions. Level of knowledge of instructors was excellent. Culture classes VERY interesting.

Donna G.,
I would definitely travel through AmeriSpan again. I will also recommend this program to others.

Katie A., Student
Rated overall program Good

Sandra R., Teacher, medical interpreter (Spanish)
The facility was pretty and the staff helpful. I enjoyed the extra cultural classes and outside experience tremendously. The best part was the homestay, the best I ever had of 6 previous AmeriSpan homestays.

Sandra R., Teacher, medical interpreter (Spanish)
The facility was very pretty and the staff helpful. I enjoyed the extra cultural classes and outside experiences tremendously.

Sophie L., Student
I had such a fun time and would have definitely stayed another 2 weeks!

Patricia F., Professor
Rated overall program Good

Megan C., Student
The best part was walking around Barcelona with other students whom I had met at the school who came from all over the world. AmeriSpan was very helpful in answering my questions when I was trying to decide which city to go to.

Shehrzad R., Medical Resident
I would with most certainty brag about this program to anyone. I would love to use AmeriSpan for future language trips.

Cassandra J., Student
The best part was meeting people from all over the world and learning how they view the US

Heather M., medical student
I was very pleased with the program, and really would like to do it again someday! My teacher Maica was WONDERFUL!

Kristina H., Student
Rated overall program Excellent

Joseph Allen B., Student
I absolutely loved my program in Barcelona. I think about those I met there just about every day. I've been strongly considering another program there this summer after I've graduated from college. I wanted to study at a reputable school in Spain and AmeriSpan allowed that to happen. The program I chose fit me better than any other probably could have.

Ashley C., Student
I really enjoyed the small classroom sizes and the interaction between students.

Jessica A., Student
Rated overall program Good

Sarah B., Nurse
The best part of the trip was being able to easily travel throughout Europe.

Tess S., Student
This trip was a great experience.

Kristen K., student
Rated overall program Excellent

Katandria Love J., Trilingual Speech-Language Pathologist
The school exceeded my expectations! The best part is the school's convenient location and amenities (gym, library, computers, cafeteria).

Minh D., Tech Support
Rated overall program Excellent

Pierpaolo D., Student
It was totally helpful for improving my Spanish and getting to know more foreigners.

Virginia Anne E., Teacher
Rated overall program Excellent

Gregory S., Student
Great all around, more than I had expected.

Morgan R., Student
I had a wonderful time.

Nicole H., Public Relations
The program is very affordable.

Kelley C.,
Rated overall program Good

Dihan H., Student
Rated overall program Good

Marda G., Dept Administrator Univ of Chicago
Rated overall program Excellent

Kenneth K., Student
Rated overall program Good

Nishali A., Student
No need for improvements. The whole stay was wonderful!

Nicole S., Teacher
Rated overall program Excellent

Richard T., Retired Doctor
Rated overall program Satisfactory

Shaune F., Teacher
AmeriSpan services were excellent!

Kheron J., Administrative Specialist
The best part of the program was meeting other students.

Audrey L., Student and Administration
Rated overall program Good

Mitz M., Commercial Real estate
I felt the program staff were very accommodating and helpful.

Francis T. M., Nurse/Retired Police Officer
I had an excellent visit to Barcelona.

Natalie G., Student
Rated overall program Good

Stephanie B., Student
Everything was great from the school to the family I was staying with.

Brenda H., Librarian/Computer trainer
A great experience-looking forward to my next immersion! Day trips/field trips were fun.

Daya N., Student
Rated overall program Satisfactory

Keith B., Software Developer
I did not know what to expect. However, I was happy with the results.

Todd H., Grad Student
The program was what I expected. I wish I could've stayed longer.

Jane B., Director-children's commissions
Rated overall program Excellent

Charron W., Social Services
Rated overall program Satisfactory

Murray S., Social Worker
Instruction was good.

Charleston T., Student
I couldn't suggest anything better!

Charles K., Correctional Officer
The homestay was the best!

Kevin L. K., Student
I have no suggestions for improving the program. It was good.

Kathleen O., Student
I will use AmeriSpan in the future and will recommend it to friends and family. It was economical and included the city of my choice.

Laurel S., student
The people I met were incredible.

Marcia S., Student
Barcelona is a great city with a lot to do.

Ronald F., Student
Rated overall program Excellent

Erica C., teacher
I would do it again.

Aileen A. M., Attorney
I was very satisfied and loved the trip.

Brian M., Student
Even better than I expected. I can't wait to do it again.

Teresa W., Manager Assistant
I chose AmeriSpan for the price and quick acceleration of levels.

Erin Ellen W., student
The staff was great. The city was much more than I ever could have imagined!! AmeriSpan had the best organized and most impressive program.

Adeline A., student
Rated overall program Good


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