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Past Program Participant Feedback & Comments
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Clark M., Retired
The school in San Juan was excellent. The instruction was first-rate, the entire staff was extremely helpful and friendly, and financially it was a great deal. In addition the two free field trips were wonderful.

Judith J., Nurse
My instructor, Jose, was very accommodating to my learning needs. We covered a lot of material in two weeks. The extra field trips were a lot of fun. We kayaked in the bio luminescent bay and had a tour of the market and botanical garden. Your on-line information about what to expect and how to prepare for the experience were excellent.

Jattu S., Physician
The staff was very helpful.

Levon G., Phramcist
The program was great.

Sarah H., Student
Rated overall program Excellent

Michael B., Student
The teacher was great and the administrative staffa t the school were extremely helpful. Teacher was outstanding

Damali N., Marketing
Rated overall program Excellent

Katie M., Nurse
The best part of the trip was definately the family. I absolutely loved my family!

Jared T., Teacher
I really enjoyed the excursion to the Rain Forest.

Robert A., Administrator
Rated overall program Excellent

Kirk Mathew S., Secretary
I have become impressed with AmeriSpan's professionalism and their desire to assist their customers. A very positive experience!

Belinda Anne P., Psychologist
I enjoyed myself in Puerto Rico and I have no reservations in recommending the program to others.

David Ray B., Retired Presbyterian Minister
Rated overall program Good

Suzanne Frances N., sales
The best part was the terrific instructor.

LaDona M., teacher
I think the program is great.

Brooke B., Credit manager
Rated overall program Good

Jajuan H., Counselor/social work
My teacher went all out for her students. We did a lot of activities to explore the island.

Tracey A., Senior Media Planner
Rated overall program Good

Shakhira E., Student
The program was great.

Natalie R., Counselor
The program was better than I expected, more social, homestay better. The best part was the host family, they were welcoming, warm and provided me with everything I needed.

Belinda Anne P., Psychologist
Rated overall program Good

Robert A., Administrator
This experience was wonderful. My Spanish improved in fluency!

Joan B., Teacher
The best part about my program was the teacher. I chose this program because I was able to tailor it to my needs and interests.

Stephanie M., Dental Hygienist
Rated overall program Excellent

Jack K., Retired
I was extremely pleased with the experience. I plan to do another trip.

Laura Q., Social worker
It was better than I expected.

Lisa M., Nurse
I had a wonderful homestay experience and would recommend others to take advantage of that service.

Jamelya C., Student
I would not have done anything differently this past summer, except spend more time abroad.

Anne Catherine S., Student
The school was well organized, and my instructor was great.

Elena D., Student
The best part of the program was the cultural exchange and new friends.

Herbert Y., Retired Engineer
Your staff is friendly, competant and helpful; as is the staff in Puerto Rico!

Carol Y., Retired Teacher
Rated overall program Good

Dondrea T., student
My teacher was excellent. She took me to several places in San Juan to experience Puerto Rican culture and learn Spanish.

Kelly M., student
I would personally give AmeriSpan the highest recommendation to anyone who asks!

Bernd P., biologist
My teacher was excellent and I had a very pleasant, nice host. I have learnt much. Not only Spanish, but also about the people, history, country, etc.


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