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Past Program Participant Feedback & Comments
Cusco, Peru

Nichole D., Nursing Student
My experience in Cusco, Peru was one of the best experiences of my life. The lessons were educational and fun, too. We volunteered at Clinica San Juan de Dios which is predominantly a holistic clinic for children. I not only learned a lot of Spanish, but improved on my nursing skills as well.

Chalsie R.,
Rated overall program Excellent.

Carolyn H.,
The homestay family and other students I met through the school were the best part.

Neha M., Student
The program is very well established and the staff is open to feedback.

Elizabeth B., Teacher
The AmeriSpan guides were easy to reach, helpful, and friendly. I chose AmeriSpan because it was reputable as well as inexpensive.

Tiffany S., student
My placements were great, and my onsite coordinator was the best!

Jamie G., Student
I loved the program. My Spanish definitely improved and I loved Cusco.

Farah A., Student
Rated overall program Satisfactory

Jillian A., Social Worker
AmeriSpan had the cheapest prices and there seemed to be a lot of variety in the field where I wanted to do some volunteer work.

William C., Teacher
I have used AmeriSpan's services 11 times over the years and have never been disappointed.

Jeanne P., Teacher
Rated overall program Excellent

George Y., Maintenance Engineer
I had a great family to stay with. We still keep in contact.

Mary Ellen I., Ass't Prof. Spanish
School personnel were excellent to work with.

Lauren C., Student
I loved my placement experience. I taught piano to a small class of boys, and then my friend Alamara and I combined our classes to work on a little newspaper for the center. Although I was a bit surprised at first to discover how little supervision I had, the freedom helped me become more self-motivated and independent.

Elizabeth B., Physical Therapist
Living with a family made the transition into living in Peru a lot easier. My family (Paul and Magda Rodriguez) provided me with not only a stress-free environment to practice my Spanish, but also gave me essential tips about taxis, safe and not safe places to go and very comfortable lodgings.

Tina L., medical student
The program lived up to my expectations. I felt very integrated into the family life. I enjoyed many good converstaions with everyone in the family.

Elizabeth Gail R., medical student
The spanish classes were excellent.

Alison L., medical student
Being exposed to the Peruvian healthcare system was very interesting and eyeopening.

Emily B., student
The planned weekend activities were very well organized and very well put together.

Todd A.,
I learned a lot.

Carrie W., medical student
It was wonderful!

"Leif ""Eric"" P.", Student
This program was full of surprises and I enjoyed it.

Kaisa-Maria E., Sales person
Rated overall program Good

Alok A., Teacher
I thought the teaching was quite good.

Tobey H., student
It was nice to shadow doctors who could speak some English.

Rita L., student
Good variety of activities and purpose of program.

Dana B., Student
I particularly enjoyed the outings that were organized by the school.

Stuart T., Engineer
I would like to participate again in the future!

Alice Emma S., Student
I think I have benefited enormously from the experience.

Myles E., Surveyor
The school was great and the family homestay was absolutely perfect.

Delphine W., STA Travel Agent Manager
I absolutely loved everything about the school.

Erin B., Student
Everyone was helpful and welcoming and the cultural activities were great.

Christianne T., Student
The best part of the trip was the amount of friends that I made. Anyone that hasn't experienced a language immersion program should! I was totally satisfied with the program. I see no way to improve it!

Timothy C., -
Rated overall program Excellent

Alex R., student
Rated overall program Excellent

Melina H., student
Rated overall program Excellent

Lily F., Student
My favorite part was my homestay and the other students I met.

Natisha A., Student
The program was better that I expected!

Kathleen L., Medical Student
I was very impressed with AmeriSpan's help in planning the trip.

Sugandha L., public healthcare worker
Rated overall program Excellent

Bayle E., Special Ed teacher
The best part of the trip was the host family and also the location of Cusco. The worst part was coming home.

Louisa C., Student
I absolutely LOVED my time in Cusco. It's the best thing I've ever done!

Ana P., Teacher
Cusco is an amazing place to visit!

Peter H., Project Manager
Rated overall program Good

Alicia P., Student
The best part of my program was the homestay.

Mical K., Physician
AmeriSpan is well-organized and I had a great overall experience!

Marda G., Dept Administrator Univ of Chicago
My family was great!

Kyla S., Student
The best part of my trip was my amazing host family, whom I am in touch with even today!

Andrew F., Student
Rated overall program Excellent

Andrew L., Cook, waiter
I would recommend AmeriSpan for study and volunteer work abroad. My advice to many students would be to prepare yourself for a really good time.

Robert C., Scientist
Rated overall program Good

Sam D., Journalist
Rated overall program Good

Joel D., Teacher
The best part of the trip was the homestay and the magic of Cusco. I enjoyed the location and most of all the intellect of the families.

Jenay K., Student
Rated overall program Good

Kate B., Student
Rated overall program Excellent

Frances H., Secretary
The teachers were very well-informed and pleasant.

Sarah B., Student
Rated overall program Good

Carrie W., marketing
Rated overall program Good

Alison A., recruitment mngr
The best part of the trip were the academics

Shannon L., school psychologist
There is no worst part of the trip, it was all satisfactory.

Craig J. A., U.S. Postal Service
Overall I enjoyed my stay in Cusco a great deal. I enjoyed my classes and the tourist sites in and around Cusco

Eric T., engineer
The homestay was nice and had great food.

Myrna S., Audiologist
Rated overall program Good

Louis F., teacher
Loved our stay in Peru.

Doug M., Anthropologist
The people I stayed with were great.

Juli G., Student
Rated overall program Good

Linda S.,
Rated overall program Good

Stephanie F., Student
Rated overall program Good

Margaret Ann D., Sales
Rated overall program Good

Walter W., Geologist
It was a very positive experience for me. I certainly will go again sometime in the near future. The entire experience was the best part of the trip; the homestay family, my fellow students, and the week in cochabamba.

Robert F., retired
Rated overall program Good

Arthur B., Counselor
"""The best"" was all of it! "

Catherine H., Flight Attendant
Cusco was wonderful! It was a great suggestion!

Stephanie M., reporter
The Uruabamba option is fabulous! Salsa class is great!

Lee T., Hydrologist
Rated overall program Good

Chris M., Student
Instruction was great!

Jorie M., Student
Both of my teachers were excellent. I learned quicker with one-on-one.

Verna B.,
Rated overall program Good

Angela H., Student
Best part: meeting all the people, trip to Machu Picchu.

Reynold W. E., Healthcare Adm.
Rated overall program Good

Bain C., photographer
The best was meeting my family and learning about the local culture and traditions. The service and information from AmeriSpan was great!!

Mitzi C., Flight attendant (AA)
Rated overall program Good


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