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Past Program Participant Feedback & Comments
Oaxaca, Mexico

Lois B., Artist
People friendly and helpful.

Julia B., Writer
The program is terrific. School was fun and the people (staff, instructors, fellow students) very warm and lively. I loved it.

Vanessa P., Nurse
I loved the professors. They were all very professional and I learned a great deal during my time studying with them.

Melissa L., Librarian
I had an excellent homestay family and house.

Antonina B., Teacher
Rated overall program Good

Yvonne J., Retired
AmeriSpan has very accessible information and range of programs.

Tammy M., Teacher
Overall, the program was great!

Frances W., Retired Teacher
The amerispan staff is always good and my homestay families have been great as well. The teacher was great.

Marian L., Self-employed IT Consultant
It was a wonderful experience!

Marianne D., Attorney
The school was gorgeous. The best part was having all of the details taken care of before hand.

Thomas C., Professor
Rated overall program Good

Mary Kathryn K., Retired Teacher
I am so motivated to continue language study that I plan to return to Oaxaca sometime this year for another round of Spanish immersion. Hopefully, I'll get the same homestay, since my host and hostess were topnotch.

Britt Maureen W., social worker
The teacher was extremely attentive, creative and energetic. I loved my homestay and the family. I truly feel that I was able to experience Mexican culture.

Resi M., school psychologist
Rated overall program Excellent

Karen R., Teacher
Teachers were great!

Kathleen S., Consultant
I fell in love with Oaxaca and its people. The hosts have become permanent friends, and the Spanish classes really nudged up my communicative capacity. I felt safem the program was well-organized and the prcies were accessible for most people.

Margaret Elizabeth Jean P., teacher
We are already planning for next summer's trip!

Rebecca R., newspaper copy editor
Wide range of choices and obvious professionalism/experience.

Amy Z., student
The best part was my family and the friends I met.

Georgina S., Activist
Thank you very much for facilitating a most remarkable journey to Oaxaca. I had an enriching experience both culturally and linguistically.

Eliza A., medical student
Rated overall program Excellent

Pamela V., nursing student
It was more complete than going through the school directly.

Amanda S., Student
The whole trip was a wonderful experience.

Kenneth M., Hospitality
Rated overall program Good

Catherine M., psychologist
I would definitely do it again. The side trips in Oaxaca were excellent and very well planned.

Celeste F., Teacher
I had a great experience.

Toni W., Registered nurse
The whole trip was wonderful!

Terry W., Registered Nurse
The best part was the people of Mexico.

Sharon v., Retired
Fun place to visit! There are many interesting sites nearby.

Carolyn T., Retired
The best part of my trip was the family, my classsmates and Oaxaca - it was a terrific experience. Everything was in order and things couldn't have been better. The classes were much more intensive than I expected.

David B., Retired
I had a good experience with AmeriSpan during a previous program and already recommended AmeriSpan to friends several times. I have already planned another trip through AmeriSpan!

Louise B., Retired
I had a good experience with AmeriSpan previously and this trip was also as good as I expected.

Frances H., Secretary
I liked very much the opportunity to take salsa, ceramic and cooking classes. Also, the intercambio enabled me to Mexican people from the Oaxacan community.

Seam D., Counselor
The best part of my trip were the instructors and students. My host famly was a fun experience too.

Rebecca Isa M., Graduate Student
The program was great - the family, the school and the activities! Everything was perfect. I would not change a thing.

Kathleen T., Teacher
The school environment was excellent!

Gloria J. B., Retired teacher
I liked the great variety of ages of people at the school. The staff was very helpful.

Tanya T., Physician
The best part was the homestay.

Janet B., Trainer/Consultant
Perfect climate, great people.

Jan L., Administrator
My homestay was a fabulous experience and expusre to culture, fiestas, and foods.

Carol R., Teacher
The program exceeded my expectations.

Lisa G., Student
Rated overall program Good

Coleen C., Retail Buyer
The worst part was having to leave!

Walter Robert C., Teacher
Rated overall program Excellent

Matthew G., teacher
Teachers were excellent. Oaxaca is a wonderful city and the nearby archaelogical zones are very interesting. (Has traveled before with AmeriSpan.)

Carrie P., Student
Rated overall program Good

Ileen S., Registered Nurse
I plan to go again!

Carol C., Retired Librarian
"Best was the ""ambiance"" of Oaxaca. "

Joshua S., Admin. Assistant
Rated overall program Good

Dieter A., Retired Physician
Rated overall program Good

Mary H., Teacher
I valued the time spent with my host family-great practice speaking Spanish! A must!

Harvey B., Retired
"The best was getting to know Oaxaca: the people, the market, ""beisbol"" and the ""futbol"" "

Lynn M., Teacher
AmeriSpan was very efficient and totally included all necessary costs. The classes were better than expected; the school was well run.

Angharad T., student
The best part was realizing I could communicate w/ my family, friends or people I met and that language can be a bridge and not a barrier.

Brianna M., Student
"I was very impressed with all of the teachers at the school. The ""īntercambios"" with local students were the best to practice speaking."

Susan L., teacher
Rated overall program Excellent

John D., Teacher
People were cheery and helpful.

Kathryn B., Retired
The best part was the home where I stayed. The seņora was very helpful and the location great.

Trudy I., Teacher
AmeriSpan is great and I would travel anywhere with their services.

Carmen M., student
I loved the staff and teachers at the school!

Heidi R., student
I was glad to be a part of the AmeriSpan program - I felt like I had someone watching over me.

Shawn M., student
I was so pleased with my family and the experience was even greater than I expected. The family was s accomodating and I learned so much from them.

Margaret L., nurse practitioner
Rated overall program Excellent

John S., College Professor
The faculty was excellent, the office staff efficient, friendly and responsive, and the facilities and city beautiful.

Dawn T., Spanish Teacher
I have never been in a class before where everyone really got along as well as we did - including the teacher. It was constant conversation about anything and everything. We all felt we shared something very special by the end of the month. I really appreciated the personal touch and the straight answers. I selected my program using the information I received on the phone and by mail. Everything was handled very efficiently.

Peg H., Dir. American Heart Assoc../student
Rated overall program Good

Ann Marie M., nurse midwife
Spending time in Mexican culture was the best.

Elizabeth P., homemaker/retired
Rated overall program Excellent

James P., retired
Rated overall program Excellent

Alexandra B., student
Great school!

Judy V., ?
I loved it all. My homestay felt like my own family. I still miss them + we write.

Heather D., Student
The school was beautiful, the methods great, the city wonderful, the staff friendly, the campus lovely and I enjoyed the afternoon activities.

Renee A., Registered Nurse
Better than what I expected. The staff was very helpful.

Mary S., Nurse
Wonderful family - took me in, showed me around, helped me with my Spanish. AmeriSpan was very professional - got me into program on short notice.

Douglas C., Student
Anybody who is serious about learning a language, should go to a language school. All other methods are just trying to simulate the real thing.

Teresa S., Retired
The school and all the faculty was so kind and helpful. The weekend trips were great and I became frends with so many people. My host family was so so wonderful - I couldn't have asked for more. I'd go back in a second!

Julie A. L., Professor
I found Oaxaca to be charming and magical, and the program to be excellent. Both the teachers and the staff at the institute were well-educated, caring people. It was a wonderful trip for me, and I know that my classmates enjoyed the program as well. I hope to return someday.


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