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Past Program Participant Feedback & Comments
Antigua, Guatemala

Richard T., US Dept. of Energy
I chose AmeriSpan because of the large number of possible locations and variety of study options

Stephen S., Retired
Rated overall program excellent

Lisa A., Professor
This is my second time using AmeriSpan to study abroad. My experience the last time was so positive! The best part of this program was the last week of volunteering when I was able to really utilize my teaching skills at the school.

Elizabeth T., Server
My teachers were the best part of the trip. They were smart, creative, dynamic, energetic and just genuinely good and caring people to be around. Also, the optional afternoon activities that my school offered were excellent, and it was just nice to have these organized activities as an option, already planned and ultimately incredibly informational when attended.

Danielle B., Attorney
A fantastic program which enabled me to learn more salsa steps in a week than I have in almost 10 years at home!

Tracy C.,
We had a great experience, learned some Guatemala Sign [Language], and were able to really give a hand to a great program which was short handed. We are staying in touch with the teacher and coordinator and hope to continue supporting their efforts.

Nancy C., Retired
The Antigua staff were superb. There are 85 language programs in Antigua. Amerispan did a good job helping me find a good one.

Bayle E.,
I appreciate that AmeriSpan organizes the language and homestay package. There were other students at the school who had just shown up in Antigua and were staying in hotels, hostels, etc. I could tell how much more I was getting out of my trip.

Traci B., Professional
The instructors and organization of the program are outstanding.

Rachel T.,
Rated overall program Good.

Katheryn C.,
This was a life-changing opportunity and it couldn't have gone more smoothly.

Susan H., Retired Teacher
I just loved Antigua itself. It is such a do-able city for myself alone or with friends. I loved the color of people's clothes and the houses. I thought Amerispan did a good job in comments about the intricacies of living in a homestay and being sensitive to their life and customs.

Susan Salomon, retired attorney
Amerispan did an excellent job arranging for this two week immersion program on very little advance notice.

Traci B., Team Leader
Rated overall program excellent.

Gary S.,
Rated overall program good.

Rachel W., Operations Manager
The school was fantastic, the teachers were great, knowledgable, and the activities were well organized and fun.

Rita C.,
The teachers were great. Class time went unbelievably fast.

Cindy T.,
I particularly appreciated how easy it was to contact a customer service representative by clicking on a button on the website. The reps I spoke with were patient and helpful. And I was impressed that I was able to book my trip in a very short time frame.

Kathleen M., Student
Rated overall program Good

Leah B., Student
Rated overall program Good

Eugene B., Retired
The town of Antigua was wonderful. Homestay was good too. The teaching method was geared towards learining Spanish in a detailed correct manner.

Walter C., Retired Social Worker
The host family was excellent!!

Carolynn L.,
Rated overall program Excellent

Thomas S., Clergy
It was a wonderful experience in every way.

Peter C., Student
The combination of the relaxed atmosphere and dedication to duty of the teachers at the school provided the perfect formula to learning a foreign language.

Ari M., Student
Rated overall program Excellent

Andrea B., Teacher
I was very impressed with the overall program. Everything exceeded my expectations. The host family I stayed with and school I attended were both amazing, and I had the opportunity to meet so many new people.

Gloria P., Box Office Assistant
I made friends from all over the world. The Guatemalans were very helpful/nice.

Lauren T., Student
The overall placement and the doctor that I worked with was great. I really liked the school and all of the activities that they had to offer.

Sharon S., Physical Therapy Aide
Rated overall program Good

Erika P., Teacher
The best was the high quality of the instruction combined with the Activa program.

Liseanne K., Attorney
The staff was incredibly professional and helpful. I was extremely impressed. AmeriSpan was great at getting everything set up in a short amount of time.

Chyteira D., Contracting Administrator
Rated overall program Excellent

Felicia T., Student
The best part of the trip was interacting with the instructors. They were very knowledgeable and personable. I feel that AmeriSpan is a great program

Megan V., Sales Clerk
Rated overall program Excellent

Elisabeth L., Retired
Rated overall program Good

Edith B., Nurse Attorney
I loved the ability of the school to arrange tours of the ruins, etc.

Janette M., Retired
The faculty was nice; the staff seemed to want to help when they could. Antigua is a beautiful place and my homestay family was wonderful. I think AmeriSpan is a quality organization.

Jessica G., Educator
I appreciated that for my first time in Guatemala everything was taken care of; being picked up from the airport, my accomidations, my first two trips. It made it more possible for me to relax and just enjoy the experience. The best part were th teachers and the people of Antigua and Guatemala. I can not think of a worst part at the moment.I had a great experience and have actually returned for another 3 weeks.

Dorothy M., Government Executive
"The experience was truly amazing. I only stayed a week and was suprised that other students were there for a month or more! Truly you need that long to ""immerse"" yourself in the language and I would love to do it again for a longer period of time. The best parts were the homestay, other students from around the world, and the instructors. No bad parts!"

Patricia C., Pharmacist
I wish I could have stayed longer than 2 weeks. Good after school with student activities. Maestros were very pleasant and eager to converse and share information. Also, I liked the samller classes.

Clarissa D., medical student
This trip changed my life. I have a better undersanding of why I chose medicine ans what I would like to accomplish with my MD.

Kimberly S., medical student
The program was reliable, safe, and well-organized.

Amy K., Teacher
I would use you again in a heartbeat! I have recommended you to others. I used the AmeriSpan office in Antigua to book a week-end trip and she was very helpfulo

Jessica W., Teacher
I loved my homestay!!

Susan L., Hospice bereavement
The teaching staff was wonderful. I really liked the Activa program as it gave me several hours of conversation everyday one on one while seeing history, art, and other points of interest. My Activa teacher, Tony Hernandez, waws very informed and we had a number of excellent conversations that encompassed not only what we were seeing, but also a lot about the culture of Guatemala, the politics, education, the family structure, and more. I learned a lot of Spanish while I was in this porgram and came back able to speak much better than when I went. Also being immersed in another culture was such an eye opener and I came back and am still much changed from my experience in a very good way. Everyone I met at the school and in the community was very genuinely gracious and very forviving of my poor attempt to speak Spanish and for this I was grateful every day I was there. Because of this program I am now sponsoring a child in rural Guatemala and one in Honduras, so will have a very good reason to return in the next couple of yeras, to again study at a school and see my new children. I probably would never have considered becoming a sponsor if I had not been in Guatemala for the length of time that I was and as more than a tourist.Everyone that I talked to at the AmeriSpan office was very helpful and answered my questions in detail- and I called mroe than once with questions too!

Valerie L., Retired
Both the teaching and being in Antigua during Semana Santa were wonderful.

Carolyn T., Retired
I loved the school and my teachers and the wonderful approach they have to teaching. They were always pleasant and very helpful. They really listened to what I needed to work on and geared their program for my individual needs. They had a variety of materials and 'games' and ideas, all of which were helpful. I have recommended your program to people far and wide. I am hoping to do another program next year.

Leon W., Retired
Rated overall program Excellent

Peter F., Retired professor
The weekend excursions were the best part.

Patricia M., educator
The teachers were excellent and made learning fun.

Constance E., Retired
Rated overall program Good

Barbara H., retired professor
AmeriSpan does a fine job with providing good language experiences for US citizens.

Julie F., Registered Nurse
We enjoyed our homestay family and felt very comfortable with them. We felt the program was very well organized.

Christina C., Medical Receptionist
Rated overall program Good

Norlin R., Accounting Professor
Rated overall program Good

Christy B., Medical Student
The program lived up to my expectations.

Jake M., pre-med student
The amount of people in our program made the trip better. It was really small and the classes were 2 or 3 people, learned more because of the small classes.

Lori S., medical student
I had a great time

Elizabeth M., ESL TEacher
I enjoyed it all, but especially the field trips and volunteer opportunities organized by the Antigua staff.

Lisa C., Social Worker
It was a great experience. I highly recommend it. The combination of homestay and language study is a great way to experience the culture and learn the language.

Seam D., Counselor
The best was when I took a tour of el Volcan de Pacaya. I will definitely make use of AmeriSpan for future trips!

Susanna Tilghman R., Nurse Practitioner
We loved our homestay. the school was very good and the instructors were wonderful. The program was able to accomodate my children.

John O., Teacher
Antigua is a special place. The facilities of the school and the friendliness of the instructors only made my time there more magical.

John V., student
I particularly enjoyed seeing the contrast between public, private and clinical healthcare.

Lisa K., student
The best parts were the service learning and the homestay.

Michael A., student
The best part was working in the hospital.

Katie Z., student
The homestay was definitely a highlight of the trip. Good meals and good conversations.

Benjamin T., medical student
All of the visits were very good and provided a comparison of healthcare in Guatemala.

Jocie D., Self-employed
I thought the method of instruction for me, as a beginner, was very good.

Jong Kyu C., teacher
Rated overall program Good

Rachel C., Health Educator
It was great. Inexpensive, comprehensive, good references from friends.

Monish L., medical student
The program exceeded all of my expectations.

Carrie C., medical student
The best part was meeting such great medical students, nursing students, and pre-med students from the US, getting to know Antigua, and talking with the amazing teachers.

Jessica D., student
My experience was excellent.

Farhad P., Student
SALUD surpassed my expectations.

Jennifer Anne Watson K., Teacher
Rated overall program Good

Justine M., student
Rated overall program Excellent

Kenneth E. W., Catholic Priest
I had a wonderful learning opportunity.

Sara M., medical student
The best part was learning about the healthcare system here.

Erin K., medical student
The best part was the homestay.

Teryll H., Student
I learned so much about indigenous culture and lifestyles very different from my own. I loved the trip and have recommended it to friends and family.

Sarah H., Student
This was the best month of my life! Everyone was so helpful and the travel opportunities were great. The instructors and guides were experienced, knowledgeable and fun. Thanks for the great experience!

Emily D., student
The interaction with the professors was the best.

Tamara M., student
It was well organized and easy to enlist in. There wasn't a part of the trip that I disliked.

Suzanne Kathleen R., Consultant
My teachers helped me make amazing progress in learning the language.

Jennifer Z., Physical Therapist
Homestay was the best- my family was fantastic. Overall- a wonderful experience.

Johanna W., psychologist
Great immersion. I highly recommend it.

Kendra G., Teacher
Rated overall program Good

Matthew G., CPA
The teachers made learning fun and the family was very accommodating.

Sean S., Student
Rated overall program Excellent

Robert G., flight attendant
The catalog was very helpful.

Seth B., US Army
Rated overall program Excellent

Ingrid I., US Army
The experience was awesome.

Betsy Ann M., Grad Student
Antigua itself is amazing.

David C., Medical student
AmeriSpan's website was very professional and was suggested to me by my school.

Michael C., Medical student
Rated overall program Good

Shelina J., Medical student
The program was very organized.

Robert V., Medical student
Everyone who helped me in planning and on-site bent over backwards to help in any way possible.

Peter T., Osteopathic Medical student
AmeriSpan was great. The program was muy interesante y divertido.

Amy G., Osteopathic Medical student
Rated overall program Good

Holly Y., Osteopathic Medical student
The program was great!

LaJuan P., RN Student
Everyone should experience this at least once.

Emily D., student
This program was recommended to me by numerous sources. The classes were great.

Brendan S., Student
I would use AmeriSpan in the future.

Thomas G., Architect
This is an excellent way to learn Spanish!

Alisha P., Marketing Specialist
Rated overall program Good

Judit K., Student
The best part of my trip was the knowledge I got and experiencing another culture I think AmeriSpan offers very good programs in general

Jessica S., EMT, pre-med student
The whole program was very weel planned.

John B., Retired
The staff is helpful and always willing to answer questions or help in any way they can. Great instructors with lots of experience.

Martin B., medical student
The best part was developing my Spanish well enough to really enjoy the patient care in the clinic.

Jessica Ming-Chu D., student
I really liked the service learning. The excursions were a lot of fun.

Elizabeth B., Graduate Student
AmeriSpan is a very professionally run program with a wide range of contacts, which makes it an excellent company with which to travel. The instructors and the Academic Director were very hard-working and helpful!

Randy N., Studemt
I went to Guatemala expecting to learn a lot of Spanish, and that's what happened!

Emilie A., Graduate student
AmeriSpan was very helpful in planning my trip.

Nancy D., Forestry Technician
The best part of the trip was the school's friendly, open and accommodating style.

Judy G., Social Worker
AmeriSpan, my program and trip was wonderful!

Erik Edward P., Server
I had never stayed with people so removed from my own culture. In spite of these potential barriers, we found common ground and established friendships.

Ana A., Writer
The program was better than I expected. The best part of my trip was the homestay and the weekend traveling.

Kathryn P., Teacher
The homestay was great. I enjoyed meeting other people and taking some weekend trips.

Lin C., Medical Student
It was great, would definitely use again. Everything was wonderful.

Priscilla B., Student
All the excursions were so much fun. I felt like I got to see and do a little of everything. I plan on using AmeriSpan again because the planning went very smoothly.

Hedy E., Teacher
Rated overall program Good

Emily G., Medical Student
The teachers were really good and so were the excursions.

Sheri D., Medical Student
I had a great experience for my first international travel experience. I thought the program was great.

Pamela L., Graduate student
My homestay was excellent and the weekend excursion were very nice.

Tyler H., Programmer
A fabulous experience for families!

John L., Physician
Rated overall program Excellent

Patricia O., Retired
Both AmeriSpan and the school are extremely well organized and yet flexible enough to adjust to individual needs. The program and what I learned exceeded what I expected!

Robert O., Retired
The program was better than I expected! The cultural activities were the best part of the program.

Nancy C., retired (former EFL teacher)
This was my 3rd AmeriSpan program and all experiences have met or exceeded my expectations. I loved the city of Antigua and the location of the school. The outdoor classrooms were the best!

Sally M.,
The children at the school are full of love and I feel honored to have given them a bit of knowledge. My only regret is that I had to leave and was not able to continue my work with them.

Corri B., Student
Rated overall program Satisfactory

Camillia T., Student
This was my first time to a developing country and AmeriSpan was very helpful by answering my questions and helping me feel at ease.

Loretta C., Secretary
I discovered that this is the best way to travel, experience the culture, meet people, have fun and grow as a person! I'm sure there is room for improvement in the program, there always is, nonetheless I can't think of a thing.

Daniel C., Student
The homestay and staff at AmeriSpan were the best!

Paula K., Marketing Manager
Excellent homestay, very friendly. The best teachers I have had, they were very enthusiastic and experienced. I was please with AmeriSpan and their services in making previous program placements as well!

Laura M., Student
The school staff was very nice and knowledgable.

Rebecca D., Student
Beautiful school facility and loved meeting different people all the time!

Renee S., Account Executive
Keep up the great work AmeriSpan! My host family was excellent!

Wendy S., Manager
Rated overall program Excellent

Cara S., Teacher
The homestay was an excellent experience.

Susan H., Veterinarian
Rated overall program Excellent

Lauralee L., Teacher
My husband Raymond and I loved the afternoon sightseeing and cultural activities. We would love to do it again!

Jason G., Teacher
Rated overall program Good

Carol P., Psychologist
The host family was the best! The staff at the school were very friendly and helpful.

Julianna H., Language School Administrator
AmeriSpan provided great assistance.

Wilfred L., Retired
Rated overall program Good

Marilyn K., Retired
It was a grand adventure! Fun students too!

Phyllis A., Retired teacher
Rated overall program Good

Louise B., Retired
Rated overall program Excellent

Tara H., Physician Assistant
Rated overall program Excellent

Janicton F., Student
The AmeriSpan staff is great! They responded quickly and were more than helpful.

Rachel G., Teacher
I am looking forward to returning.

Janet B., Nurse
I loved it all, most especially my amazing host family and the delightfully helpful AmeriSpan staff.

Roger H., Teacher
Enjoyed very much the international flavor of the school and the city!

Jeff W., Teacher
I loved the program! The best part of my trip was the homestay.

Jackie M., Retired ESL Teacher
Rated overall program Excellent

Brian N., Physician's Assistant
The best part of the trip was meeting new people and the friendly reception from the locals.

Elizabeth S., Social Worker
Rated overall program Excellent

Pamela M., Cook
Excellent way to travel.

Monique M., Marketing Communications
The best part of my trip was meeting other participants!

Esther N., Teacher
Rated overall program Excellent

Gwenyth M., Professor
The AmeriSpan staff in Antigua is excellent. I cannot recommend them enough. Great trip.

Marina B., Film Publicist
Homestay was great!

Barbara C., Retired
Great program for learning the language and culture!

Carl N., Retired
Antigua is one of my favorite cities.

Neda J., Student
The best experience was learning all about the culture. It was excellent as a whole and I am interested in going again

Anna A., Student
I would highly recommend it to others.

Ann G., Registered Nurse
My experience with AmeriSpan's Antigua office was very positive.

Bill S., Retired
Rated overall program Excellent

Gervaise T., Chemist
The best part was the guidance from AmeriSpan.

Rebecca S., volunteer
Rated overall program Good

Aileen S., Nurse Practitioner
Excellent website. AmeriSpan seems well suited for older students

Jacob L. M., Postmaster
The worst part of the trip was having to leave Antigua.

Gregory B., Bus. Info Sys. Cons.
"The AmeriSpan program was a wonderful ""starter kit"" approach for doing a language/volunteer program in Latin America. "

Laurence M., IT Consultant
I definitely recommend AmeriSpan for first time students/volunteers.

Patrick M., Priest
AmeriSpan personnel in Antigua -very helpful.

Ruth K., Retired
Rated overall program Excellent

Janel W., Student
Copan and Tikal were unforgetable experiences. The school had laundry facilities!

Genevieve C., Graduate Student
I learned an enormous amount of Spanish and met wonderful people.

John G., Episcopal Priest
Rated overall program Excellent

Debra B., Part-time teacher
Rated overall program Excellent

Katherine S., Teacher
Rated overall program Good

Sheryl E., Student
My homestay was fabulous! I couldn't have asked for a better family!

Tiffany M., Student
The best part of my trip was seeing and learning the culture and meeting people.

Janna K. M., Teacher
My instructor was excellent.

Paula H., Teacher
AmeriSpan office was very helpful. We had a great time; the homestay was great and the school was good also

Caroline N., Student
I enjoyed my family and the school was excellent! The AmeriSpan staff were wonderful and very helpful!

Gawain F. de L., Episcopal Priest
AmeriSpan is convenient, trustworthy and has good references.

Brian P., Student
Rated overall program Excellent

Suhail P., Attorney
Your website, it was the most informative, professional and the best organized website. The AmeriSpan office staff in Antigua was welcoming and their assistance was instrumental in facilitating a truly memorable and wonderful cultural immersion experience

Mark M., Spanish teacher
The staff and teachers at the school are very cordial AmeriSpan offers friendly, expert advice!

Vicki O., Student
Rated overall program Good

Brian S., Medical student
AmeriSpan has excellent service, helpful and friendly.

Jeffrey S., Business
My teacher was excellent

Suzanne L., Business
Great staff in Antigua

Mark C., Financial Analyst
I want to return to the school and bring a friend. I met some great people & enjoyed traveling around Guatemala.

Coke W., Retired
The best part was the weekend excursions.

Maurice G., Retired teacher
The staff was excellent. They were accommodating and knowledgeable.

Gerald H., Mathematician
Rated overall program Good

David M H., Retired Tree Surgeon
The best was personal interaction with the teacher.

Andrew B., Engineer
It was very good, well done and interentsting.

Harold Jack D., Retired Civil Engineer
Rated overall program Good

Scottie Elizabeth H., Bookkeeper
I had a great time and learned a lot

Robert Edward Lee T., journalist
Great program

John M., Nursing home administrator
Rated overall program Excellent

Allison R., Med Student
Rated overall program Good

Karen K., Student
The school was well run with good instruction

Leila M., Registered Nurse
Actually, the program was much better than I anticipated

Keith T., Farmworker Attorney
Rated overall program Excellent

Melissa D., Programmer/Consultant
Rated overall program Excellent

Marguerite L., Homemaker/teacher
The language instruction was better than I expected.

John R., Travel insurance assistant
The program was better than I expected.

Colleen K., Nurse Practioner
Wonderful experience I would be happy to encourage other families to go.

Ines D., Teacher
Rated overall program Excellent

Lisa R., Grad. Student
The program was even better than what I expected

Nancy B. d., Teacher
Rated overall program Good

Theresa H., Family Service Worker
AmeriSpan is great!

Frances H., Secretary
AmeriSpan itself could not have been better.

Rosie G., Social Worker
Rated overall program Good

Yon L., Teacher
I was very pleased with the entire experience.

Ann E., Elm School Librarian
The program met my expectations and much more. There were no bad parts of the program. I really enjoyed the program and plan to go back.

Megan D., med student
The best thing was improving my Spanish and the trips

Julie W., counselor
My teacher rocked!

Donald F. P., Retired Univ. Professor
The best part of the trip was the living in Antigua and the students I met.

Cheryl D., teacher
We are so grateful to AmeriSpan for taking care of us so beautifully during our first incredible adventure to Guatemala. I really can't think of any way to improve.

Melinda R., Teacher
Amerispan was great help organizing my excursions.

Dipti S., student
A great opportunity! My homestay was great.

William K., student
The program was what I expected and better, I had one of the best times in my life.

C. John H., Social Services Worker
It was a great experience, I enjoyed it immensely.

Karen M., Student
Rated overall program Good

Colleen M., Student
Rated overall program Good

Amy G., Student
I enjoyed the Spanish school. My homestay went very well.

Harvey T., Engineer
Rated overall program Good

Nathaniel J. K., Recent College Grad
A wonderful experience.

Rhea G., Bookeeper
Great excursions in the afternoon.

James D., Piano tuner
Great excursions, very helpful.

Joseph L. T., Psychologist
The teacher worked hard and was very good.

Anne F. F., Student
I had a very enjoyable time and the Amerispan people were very helpful and welcoming.

Walter H. S., retired
Rated overall program Good

Bebe A., Lawyer
Wonderful family

John M. G., Judge
Rated overall program Excellent

Elizabeth S., Nurse
Rated overall program Good

Anthony H., med student
Rated overall program Excellent

Karyn F., Librarian
I really enjoyed the weekend tours.

Margaret B., Teacher
The AmeriSpan Antigua office was very helpful when trying to plan trips within my budget - greatly appreciated!!!

Priscilla L., Bus Driver
Rated overall program Good

Henry J. I., Communications
AmeriSpan's office in Antigua was a welcomed oasis!

Arabelle J., Family Therapist
All our expectations were satisfied in the course of our 2 week stay. The AmeriSpan office in Guatemala is extremely helpful! We chose AmeriSpan for its experience in the field of adult language eduacation.

Yuko T., student
Rated overall program Good

Christina H., Student
Tikal was the best.

William T., general mngr. telecom
I would definitely recommend this program!

Charles A., Student
Rated overall program Excellent

Michael C., Student
Combined Antigua & Xela.

Robert D., Retired
Your Antigua office is great, very helpful!

Alan G., publicist/photo editor
I think AmeriSpan is doing a very good job! I would absolutely recommend them to friends.

Patrick D., Entrepreneur
My family and the people of Guatemala were the best.

Blayne A., realtor
The homestay and the One-on-One instruction were the best! The staff in the Antigua office is wonderful!

Jean A., realtor
The program was better than I expected!

Susann P., Retail
Having an AmeriSpan office right in Antigua was great; I went there every day w/ questions and they were very friendly.

Rick C., Consultant
The office in Antigua is a godsend; I used its services every day. Also, the food at my homestay was great!

Michael V., Teacher
My homestay was warm-hearted, helpful, concerned and wonderful home-cooked meals! I chose AmeriSpan for the breadth of programs and services.

John H., Lawyer
The best family trip ever! Your staff in Antigua is terrific. Our homestay was wonderful.

Kate O., student
The best was learning Spanish and experiencing the country.

Jacob M., Environmental Director
The AmeriSpan (Antigua) office was extremely useful. I would recommend Antigua for first-time travelers. Tikal was the best!

Thomas Brooks J., retired
The program was excellent. It cannot be improved. AmeriSpan, the program and the trip were great.

Beryl G., Photographer freelance
People at AmeiSpan office are GREAT - useful, really nice, helpful, supportive. School was excellent.

Yvonne F., secretary
Rated overall program Good

Giles S., Student
The host was like a father and a friend to me. The food was great. I will miss the family there.

William Lee A., PhD student, Anthropology
The staff and teachers at the school were excellent.

Claire G., retired writer
Program was great.

Edward F., fireman
I left everything up to you and it was the best decision I've ever made. It was the smoothest trip I've ever taken and the staff down there made everything easy. I feel I got more than my money's worth.

Brian D., human resources
I learned a lot from the school and was always able to find what I needed. I appreciated their hospitality and openness. I feel I became a part of the family.

Chelsea B., student
"Having that ""one-on-one"" method is really excellent because you get more of what you want. The AmeriSpan office made my stay enjoyable and easy."

Carolyn K., physician
A great way to really see another country/culture. Great group of people - both students and teachers.

Rebecca S., student
The instructors and director were very positive people. I am very pleased. As for the AmeriSpan office, I couldn't find nicer people anywhere if I tried!

Mary S., teacher
Rated overall program Good

Tara K., counselor
It was excellent. The teachers were extremely kind, patient, interesting and fun.

Connie A., dental technician
Rated overall program Excellent

Robert P., nurse
The service I received from the AmeriSpan staff in Antigua was excellent; they were kind, caring, friendly, efficient, intelligent, and accomodating.

Susan G., psychotherapist
Antigua was a terrific place to participate in a language immersion program. It was the perfect blend of Spanish and Mayan cultures, colonial and modern influences, intense study and lots of play. The family was very warm and accomodating.

Jill R., public health
Rated overall program Good

Nichelle J., student
I have been at 2 other language schools and I feel that I made the most improvement here. My teacher was great!

Denise B., teacher
The AmeriSpan workers were great. My flight was 6 hours late but they were at the airport when I arrived! The senora was a great cook and she took the time to engage us in conversaion at every meal.

Susan L., teacher
I deeply appreciate all your help. You have made my trip a very enjoyable one. You make it possible for many people to expand their awareness of another culture and appreciate the rich diversity of our world.

Dawn M., elementary teacher
It was wonderful and I would return to this school.

Glenna F. D., nurse
This has been a wonderful experience for me & I thank you!

Malinda M., nurse
The staff from AmeriSpan was friendly and helpful. Instructors were good.

Sara B., Student
Rated overall program Good

Stacie B., student
It was a wonderful experience.

Gwenn L., teacher
Support from both Philadelphia and Antigua is outstanding!

Peter S., student
Good job AmeriSpan!

Keli S., student
The office is Antigua is great! They were all really helpful.

Esther T., student
I think the program is excellent and can't think of anything that needs to be changed. Amerispan was rated one of the best on the internet.

Patricia B., Teacher
Rated overall program Good

Thomas O., teacher
I will return to your services at least once a year to travel and learn!

Shari G., student
I was amazed how quickly I started to understand what was going on around me!

Maureen M., student
Rated overall program Excellent

Mary W., student
AmeriSpan office staff in Antigua were absolute stars!

Christina W., student
The one-on-one teaching here is a great way, and my school was very helpful in organizing my volunteer work. I had a great time.

Donna S., Teacher
I loved the time with my teacher. We went on excursions almost every day. You are exceedingly helpful - and this is very appreciated!

Christy B., teacher
The AmeriSpan office in Antigua was extremely helpful and friendly. I felt like I had friends the moment I got to Antigua.

Andrew L., Teacher (English lecturer)
My time at the school was the highlight of my trip. I'm grateful that AmeriSpan set me up with a high quality school and a generous host family.

Mary Sue H., nurse
Rated overall program Excellent

Miriam R., physician
It was nice to have a place where I knew I could get help easily and quickly! Everyone was very helpful and hospitable! AmeriSpan really made the adjustment smooth.

Cindy B., student
I was happy to see that my $ for Spanish class also contributed to helping build libraries in Guatemala.

Denise E., student
Rated overall program Excellent

Kendra H., student
I loved my trip and Antigua is great.

Renee K., Student
Rated overall program Good

Ellen J., teacher
Each time I walked in the door I felt as if I were walking into my own home!

Tanya B., student
Having the office there was incredibly helpful and the staff was great.

Gerald D., student
My family was the BOMB! I loved my family!

Penny P., teacher
I loved having the AmeriSpan office in Antigua. They were so friendly and helpful. I really enjoyed Jorge as a teacher. He worked in a very logical fashion at a pace I was very comfortable with. We had formal instruction as well as practical conversations.

Kacy C., teacher
AmeriSpan is a company that really cares for it's clients. The entire experience was wonderful, and I highly recommend AmeriSpan. The AmeriSpan office felt like my home away from home. I was so thankful to have a field office in the city where I chose to study.

John K., marketing manager
Rated overall program Excellent

Harold T., retired
The family was delightful!!

Ingrida F., Retired Teacher
The people were very friendly and Antigua is a lovely old town.

Kathryn H., student
Loved my trip and totally appreciate all the help from everyone. You just might see me again soon!

Marjorie B., substitute teacher
Rated overall program Excellent

Kris K., counsler
Rated overall program Good

Niles M., student
Rated overall program Good

Jay B., teacher
The conversation practice was great. Learning Spanish was the best part, along with the people in Antigua.

Edward L., manager
My teacher never failed to provide clear explanations; she was dedicated, professional, friendly.

Pamela C., nurse
Rated overall program Excellent

Elizabeth N., nurse
Rated overall program Good

Nathalie L., student
Your staff is amazingly helpful and friendly.

Jessica R., student
Rated overall program Good

George R., professor
AmeriSpan staff was friendly, personable, concerned, expert!

Lynne D., professor
Rated overall program Excellent

Christine R., production manager
Rated overall program Good

James S., Engineer
Rated overall program Good

Norbert V., pilot
AmeriSpan staff is hardworking and always ready to assist.

Eloise H., stock broker
Rated overall program Excellent

Emily A., environmental health
The Antigua staff are wonderful, great, fun, helpful, organized, etc, etc.!

Daria C., nursing assistant
Rated overall program Excellent

Constance S., physician
Very friendly teachers and staff, very accomodating.

David B., environmental engineer
Rated overall program Good

Angie N., non-profit organization
Rated overall program Excellent

Gretchen B., teacher
Rated overall program Satisfactory

Brenda C., social worker
Rated overall program Good

Winslow M., Retired
I was happy all the time in that beautiful city, with that very good school, and everything else

Matthew H., student/waiter
The instruction was extremely helpful.

Mike L., Judge
Rated overall program Good

Kerry G., psychologist
Rated overall program Excellent

Marilyn R., software consultant
The people at the school and at the AmeriSpan Antigua office were wonderful.

Rachel C., teacher
"Program was very good. People in Antigua were very helpful. Lots of ""bests"" - meeting people, beautiful town, etc."

Nathaniel K., self-employed
The best part of the trip was being able to travel on my own using the Spanish I had learned at school.

Lowell F., economist
The school, the trips, the homestay were all great.

Diane V., realtor
AmeriSpan came through with a great homestay. It was great having an office in Antigau with an excellent staff.

Kevin O., circus director
Rated overall program Satisfactory

Kristi M., student
I was comfortable and confident knowing AmeriSpan would be there if I needed anything. I admire AmeriSpan and am anxious to work with them in the future.

Reynold W. E., Healthcare Adm.
I enjoyed my whole program.

John K., navy pilot
Best part: Visting Mayan ruins in Tikal.

Jeff T., Store Manager
The AmeriSpan Antigua office staff was wonderful - made me feel at home.

Craig F., Manager
Rated overall program Good

Colette F., Manager
I was very impressed with the curriculum and the quality of the teachers. Everyone in the AmeriSpan office was great!

Jill K., server
The trip was a very postive experience-met many great people. Super start to Spanish fluency.

Paula M., writer
Rated overall program Good

Sheila B., student
I had an excellent instructor. Overall the staff and everyone was wonderful.

Beverly D., teacher
Rated overall program Excellent

Lee H., graduate student
Best: language instruction + environment.

William G., Professor
I feel fortunate to have had the experience and will recommend it to others. The AmeriSpan office personnel were knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.

Christine R., retired psychologist/teacher
Seņora de Perez helped me feel at home; was very gracious & helpful with practicing espaņol; very accommodating. Most grateful for the people waiting at the airport when I arrived. Reduced my anxiety considerably.

Alan A., airlines
I had a great time in Antigua, learned a lot, and particularly I enjoyed my homestay family. Thanks again for a smooth trip.

Laurie G., teacher
Having the office in Antigua was fabulous! I felt I had a sympathetic ear that I could talk to if I had any problem with my school or homestay. Great idea to have an American in the office as a liaison. She was wonderful! Very friendly and understanding family.

Richard L., school psychologist
Rated overall program Excellent

Jon S., student
Nothing was bad! It was the time of my life!!!! Keep up the excellent work... I will without doubt use AmeriSpan again next year, and recommend you to my friends.

Patricia P., teacher
Would I recommend AmeriSpan? You bet! Everyone at the school was wonderful and the two teachers I had during my two weeks were excellent. They were prepared and carefully combined both grammar, vocabulary and conversation.

Selwyn E., elementary school teacher
I absolutely recommend AmeriSpan. Already I have told a friend about the program and given him your literature and encouraged him to go for it.

Paula A., Instructor
Rated overall program Good

Susie H., Medical Student
The school was very good!

Maureen F., Freelance writer
Best - homestay, one-on-one instruction, living in Antigua. AmeriSpan provided me with a lot of useful information about Guatemala and Antigua and took care of all the organization details which made my trip more enjoyable, easier and more rewarding.

Gerald G., C.P.A
By far the best part was being met at the airport even after I was unable to make my original flight.

Russ S., Purchasing
Special word of thanks to the U.S. staff....I really appreciated the excellent service. Family at homestay very nice - good food.

Louri Lynn T., Business
Rated overall program Excellent

Irene S., Retired Court Reporter
I really learned a lot of Spanish. The staff in Antigua does a great job.

Lori H., student
My instructor [at the school] was excellent and the tours offered by [AmeriSpan's office] were excellent too!

Heather D., Student
The program was great!! I really felt taken care of by the school and the [local] AmeriSpan staff in Antigua...I had people I could turn to for any kind of assistance. It was so nice to have the organization & attention to detail that was offered in Antigua.

Anita B., Retired Federal Administrative Assistant
I hope to return next year. I was fully prepared, no hitches. Best Spanish program I ever attended! Teachers/facilities/homestay/city outstanding!

Paul W., Retired
Everything went smoothly & the [local] AmeriSpan office took care of all of my needs.

H. Bud B., Executive Business Owner
Nothing is lacking.

Ron K., Technical Support (Phamaceutical)
Best was relaxed atmosphere of learning Spanish and school activities.

Scott M., Facilities Manager
Interaction with school's staff was great. I researched some language schools & universities in Central America. They weren't helpful. AmeriSpan was very helpful over the phone.

Deborah Leah L., Learning Consultant
Rated overall program Good

Harold Jack D., Retired Civil Engineer
It was well organized with no surprises.

Ilana S., Lawyer
Wondeful family. They were very flexible in terms of preparing special food (e.g... vegetarian).

Tom D., Marketing Manager
Wonderful, warm family. Honest brochure, helpful people in Philadelphia office.

Alice B., Teacher
I feel that the AmeriSpan staff was wonderful and went out of their way to help us. The best part was the charm of the Guatemalan people and of Antigua itself.

Richard G., education
I will highly recommend this program to my students and the faculty at my community college. The one-on-one instruction was excellent since the instructor follows the student's pace and addresses the student's individual needs. The student and instructor soon develop a rapport that extends passed mere professionalism and develops into a true friendship.

Jennifer B., Student
I recommend the program.

Natalie Z., Student
There were so many experiences I enjoyed and learned from. I learned far more than I expected to.

Royce H., MD
Very smooth operation. Staff was considerate and accommodating.

Lauren G., Student
I couldn't have been assigned to a better family. I particularly enjoyed the one-on-one teaching experience..... Entiendo mucho mas!

David J., Teacher
It was cozy and had a very relaxed atmosphere and the teachers were energetic and personable. The family was very pleasant to live with and seemed to to enjoy sharing their home with me.

David J., Teacher
The homestay was one of my favorite parts of the trip. AmeriSpan did a great job in finding good schools, good families and providing support services.

Mary S., Director of Assoc.
Nice city, friendly people, helpful staff at AmeriSpan. The female head of the household was very nice and tried very hard to meet our needs.

Hester L., Lawyer
AmeriSpan was terrific.

Dave F., Teacher
Rated overall program Good

Douglas M., Alcohol/Drug Counselor
Rated overall program Excellent

Hiroyasu H., Student
Excellent teachers and staff.

Willa H., Human Services Manager
I especially appreciate you locating such a compatible home for me. Every expectation was met.

Gaylene S., Reg Nurse Supervisor
It was a pleasure to stay with such nice people. The overall trip was great. I learned a lot.

Jennifer Michelle B., Student
I had a great time. Thanks! Best was meeting lots of people. Excellent teacher.

Pierre C., Graphic Designer
Rated overall program Good

Camille A., Retired
GREAT EXPERIENCE! Plan to do it again. Best part: programs + trips we attended in Antigua through your Antigua office.

Nancy C., Retired
Your liaison person in Antigua was very helpful.

Janet S., Lecturer/Trainer
Rated overall program Good

Scottie Elizabeth H., Bookkeeper
My decision to let AmeriSpan handle arrangements for me was one of the best travel decisions I've ever made. My Spanish improved by leaps and bounds.

Jon H., Student
I was amazed by the city of Antigua and the natural beauty of the country. The AmeriSpan office director in Antigua is great.

Dexter T., Retired
Your offices, here and in Antigua, were of great assistance to me, and I thank you for it. My trip was very enjoyable and interesting. I increased my knowledge of Spanish quite a bit.

Camilla P., Student
AmeriSpan has created an awesome program in Antigua. The staff was great and I really felt at home. I was very happy with the program, with my homestay, school, with Guatemala, with AmeriSpan.

Shonquis M., Student
Rated overall program Good

Tammy S., Student
The school is personal and offers a well-trained caring staff. The host family had hot water, nice bathroom, cooked wonderful food and was concerned over the well being of their students.

Kirk P., Professor
Antigua was a great homebase and Guatemala a fascinating, beautiful country. School and AmeriSpan staff in Antigua were VERY helpful.

Michele S., College Professor
I am back, delighted with my trip to Antigua. I spent an excellent 6 weeks stay and enjoyed every minute of it. The school is definitely first class. I was delighted with my host family and intend to return to Antigua at a later date.

Paula M., Music Teacher
I can't wait to go back to Antigua, and I can't wait to try other AmeriSpan programs. I think you guys provided a wonderful service at a great price, and I don't think I'd have done half as well in Latin America without you. I discovered the AmeriSpan difference when I began to ask other students about their teachers and to visit their homes. Consistently, the arrangements made through AmeriSpan were far better than what the schools had arranged for students.

Joseph S., Retired
My compliments to the overall program. The best part of my trip was the school, especially my teacher.

David F., Technical Writer/Editor
Rated overall program Excellent

Linda N., Doctor
Great relationship with instructor. My teacher had some medical background. As an MD, this was a great choice.

Brad H., Family Nurse Practioner
Host family was very nice and helpful. Food they served was great. The AmeriSpan staff were very helpful in terms of keeping us updated on security concerns in Guatemala and helping us stay in contact with our realtor in the U.S so we could sell our house while in Guatemala.

Johanna F., Retired
Rated overall program Excellent

Marc C., Retired
Excellent! Looking forward to next February. All terrific!

Christine R., Minister
I had studied other languages in school. Years and years of French and German. But I never did more than read with a dictionary, and therefor never really learned. But a couple of weeks in Antigua, living and learning Spanish, turned an introductory course into real knowledge. I would recommend AmeriSpan without hesitation to anyone.

Bertram E. S., President of Company
I really enjoyed my two weeks in Antigua and wish to congratulate you on your choice of employees. I found them to be unfailingly cheerful, friendly and helpful. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience and AmeriSpan was very important to me in making it so.

Joellen S., Student
I had the best 3 months of my life. I now receive letters from all over the world and have a different outlook on my life. There was absolutely nothing about the Latin culture I did not like. In fact, I want to move abroad and live in Central or South America.

Ingrid W., Homemaker
AmeriSpan is an excellent organization. We have recommended it to friends. We enjoyed the trip very much.

Aaron M., Student
I write this letter in thanks for the support that AmeriSpan provided me in Antigua, Guatemala, facilitating this incredible experience. The Spanish school in Antigua was excellent. Your representative in Antigua was extremely kind and helpful. He made the transition to Guatemalan life easy and fun. Thank you once again. My time in Central America has changed my life.

Gil A., Lawyer
Rated overall program Satisfactory


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