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Past Program Participant Feedback & Comments
Quito, Ecuador

Taylor N., Student
Rated overall program Good

Olivia L., Medical Student
I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities in the hospitals interacting with patients and physicians. The total immersion into the language was a great way to learn. The instructors were great and I appreciated the hands-on and conversational approach to learning a language.

Katharine P., Volunteer
I had a great experience overall, and AmeriSpan definitely made it easier for me to plan.

Mollie W., Student
Rated overall program Excellent

Candace W., Social Worker
This was my 3rd trip to Latin America through AmeriSpan over the past 10 years. I like the comfort of knowing AmeriSpan is familiar with the school & offers student assistance if it's ever needed while the student is abroad. School was amazing. Teachers were wonderful, Quito program is well organized. My homestay family was great--very accommodating & made me feel very comfortable in their home.

Geoffrey P., Grad Student
The school was great and so was my home stay.

Kelli B., Student
I met students from all over the world!

Keyona C., Front Office Manager
Rated overall program Excellent

Bill W., Retired
Rated overall program Excellent

Olivia V., Nurse
Rated overall program Good

Lena A., engineer
Rated overall program Good

Jessica W., Teacher
Rated overall program Excellent

Claudia C., Social worker
AmeriSpan was definitely the right organization for me and I have only the highest praise to give. I was adequately prepared. My questions were answered and I feel that I knew as much as I could prior to traveling.

Ellen L., Teacher
You are outstanding and I just today recommended you to a friend!

Kenneth G., Teacher
Really enjoyed the trip, and my Spanish improved markedly in the weeks I was there.

Justine M., student
Customer service excellent.

Ralph J., engineer
AmeriSpan customer service before and during trip was excellent. The staff showed outstanding customer service. I would use AmeriSpan again. The best part of the trip was meeting students from all over the world.

James C., Financial Advisor
It really helped my Spanish improve by practicing what I'd learned at school each day with the family at dinner.

Richard D., Student
I feel the teaching classes/class size and methods were fantastic and I learned a lot!

Gabriel G., Student
Rated overall program Good

Joseph S., teacher
I was very impressed with the director of the school, the first day was so inviting.

Mark H., Student
The homestay was excellent.

Kate H., Student
The homestay was a fantastic experience and a great introduction to South American culture.

Jon F., Retired Teacher
What a wonderful trip to Ecuador! The wonderful and very helpful AmeriSpan staff made it simple for a first time student.

Kathy S., Police
AmeriSpan seemed well organized.

Jon F., Retired Teacher
Too wonderful. Now I live in Quito!!

Holly G., Student
I loved everything about it and had a really great time.

Matthew B., Teacher
The best part of my trip was being immersed in a beautiful culture and country.

Beth S., Social Work
Rated overall program Excellent

Lisa T., speech pathologist
The staff was extremely helpful in organizing my program stay.

Andrea M., Software Engineer
The family in Quito was very funny and caring. They talked with us for hours every night.

Sapan P., Medical student
The program seemed well organized with a good mix of Spanish lessons and other activities. The instructors and school staff were extremely nice and helpful.

Ryan C., Medical student
All the excursions were absolutely phenomenal. Very interesting and eye-opening.

Megan W., Medical student
I saw a lot in the hosital and exceeded my expectations for learning Spanish.

Hannah R., Medical Student
Rated overall program Good

Jane J., Medical Student
The best part was the people. We had the most amazing group!

Jessie Marie P., Medical Student
The weekend excursions were great fun and informative.

Judith Y., Retired
I have been very happy with AmeriSpan for many years.

James P., Manager
Rated overall program Excellent

David S., Physician
Rated overall program Excellent

Heather W., Medical Student
I enjoyed the host families, the school, and my experience in the hospital.

Sarah K., Student
For groups, AmeriSpan is very well organized and knows the countries well.

Jane M., Education Director
The school was very cordial, always attentive to the needs of foreign students in every way possible. I found the people in Ecuador very pleasant and accommodating.

Marc L., Physician
School was excellent and very professional.

Kevin C., Student
I very much enjoyed the program.

Celia G., Development Assistant
I was pleased with the Spanish school. All of the teachers were very friendly and taught well.

Marcia O., Student
I thought that the program was very well organized. Ecuador is a beautiful country, I enjoyed it very much.

"Andwatta ""Nika"" B.", Teacher
The best part was meeting new people that I am still in touch with.

Elizabeth A. F., Waitress/student
I think the company offers a valuable serivce that more people should know about. The school was better than expected-I learned a lot more than I originally thought.

Erika H., Student
I didn't know how good the school would be, but it was great It was one of the best experiences of my life.

Ruth R., teacher
Rated overall program Excellent

Linda E., Teacher
My trip was first rate in every way. The program surpassed my expectations.

James D., Retired physician
The instructors adjusted the curriculum to meet our needs.

Thomas S., Retired
I will probably schedule with AmeriSpan for a fifth time! The best part of the trip was my increased facility in conversation and understanding of Spanish

Sonja S., Student
The program was very organized and helpful and was what I expected

Clare T., Paralegal
My overall experience was of inestimable value and I would have no hesitation recommending Quito as an excellent place to live.

Josh P., student
AmeriSpan really is a wonderful service. The Activa program and the teachers were really good

Waverlyn P., Director
The program was what I expected.

Erin K., nurse
The program went above and beyond my expectations. I was pleasantly surprised. The best part was the homestay, I learned so much.

Lisa O., Teacher
It is a great experience.

Alex G., Teacher
The program was exactly what I had hoped for. The best part of the trip was the learning the culture and meeting people in Quito

"Eleanora ""Dora"" M.", H.S. Teacher
Excellent homestay, these people treated me as if I were family! Overall it was a very positive experience and I found AmeriSpan staff very attentive to my needs.

Kathleen W., Spanish teacher
The director of the school went out of his way to help us with our project.

Mindy B., student
The family was amazing and the school was of great quality.

Gary K., retired
All in all it was an excellent program and trip.

John H., Lawyer
Rated overall program Excellent

James H., Adjunct English professor
Rated overall program Excellent

June Steffensen H., English professor
The best part of the trip was the fine quality of the school: good oversight, coherent curriculum, and lively teachers.

Jonathan B., Retired
Very good as is.

Rob M., money manager
Rated overall program Excellent

Cheryl H., couselor
It was three of the best weeks I've ever spent!

Natalie G., High School Student
I thoroughly enjoyed everything! The rainforest is the best!

Abby K., Student
The program met all of my expectations. The trip was excellent-very well planned! Homestay family was wonderful.

Denise H., Teacher
The school organized weekend and day trips are phenomenol. (GROUP LEADER)

Thomas P., geologist
Rated overall program Good

Charelle S., Finance Assistant
I think this a great program, I'm glad I found it. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I really feel that I learned a lot.

Brooke W., Student
My homestay was great and the Galapagos were a wonderful experience.

Patricia P., Writer/Retired
The homestay was so delightful. I loved my children.

Karen G., administrative assistant
Really enjoyed the homestay and learning a new language. South America is amazing!

Marilyn W., Retired
The AmeriSpan representatives are excellent; I'll use you again!

Loren W., student
Rated overall program Excellent

Ellen R., Marketing/Self-Employed
The best was the professional care of staff and instructors and excellent family assignment. I would be honored to provide references.

Tanya C., horticulturist
It was an incredible experience. I enjoyed both the staff at the school and the members of the family. They were kind and most helpful and as a result I am able to hold a reasonable conversatin in Spanish.

John J., Personal Care Aide
I wish I could have stayed longer!

Michelle C., art coordinator
Great academy. Ecuadorians are such friendly and helpful people! The museums are amazing in Quito!

Ann R., Social Worker
Best was the family.

Millie T., librarian
AmeriSpan was very helpful when we called and helped us decide on a location which proved perfect for us. It was wonderful.

Robyn M., Probation Officer
I have traveled extensively and this was one of the best traveling experiences I have ever had. I couldn't have been happier there, and really hated to leave.

Betty S., Retired
This school is very well-run. I loved the site, the staff was very helpful, my teacher was especially good. The whole experience was tops.

Christine L., Retired
I was impressed with the helpfulness of the staff at the office.

Henry R., student
Highly recommended.

John D., Mail Handler
The administration of this school is extremely efficient and very attentive to even the smallest details.

Jane M., Spanish teacher
Rated overall program Excellent

Scott M. W., marketing
The entire trip was great: the family, the school, the city. Two weeks was NOT enough - I would stay a min. of 4 weeks.

Annie B., student
I enjoyed my homestay, I loved Quito, and I had a lot of nice friends - both teachers and students at the school.

Margaret A., Registered Nurse
I really appreciate all the help I get when calling to ask about programs. Thanks to all!

Lowell F., economist
The school administration was GREAT - friendly and helpful.

Nancy C., Retired
Rated overall program Excellent

Frank C., Retired
Rated overall program Excellent

Gretchen B., teacher
Rated overall program Satisfactory

Jenna L., insurance
Rated overall program Good

Dave D., Banker
Enjoyed Ecuador very much - the school is VERY nice.

Lee V., writer/teacher
Rated overall program Good

Anita B., Retired Federal Administrative Assistant
Outstanding instructors...Lots of good food

Robert K., Engineer
AmeriSpan took the guesswork out of picking a school and attended to details.

Kate S., student
The homestay was the best part of my trip. The program was excellent and AmeriSpan was very helpful + flexible with my plans.

Sandra M., teacher
To my delight I found the AmeriSpan program in Ecuador to be of the highest professional level... The teachers were excellent and the teaching methods superb. I particularly liked the 1-on-1 instruction concentrating on my particular needs as a bilingual educator. In conclusion, I enjoyed my program in Ecuador and am already making plans to return next year.

Melanie B., Spanish teacher
As a Spanish teacher I will continue to travel with AmeriSpan. In comparison to the other programs I have attended, this one was the best.

Paula S., teacher
The school and teachers were very professional. The one to one lessons I received were excellent. My family I stayed with was wonderful.

Glenda B., Communications Director
Best: the kindness of my host + the crafts/culture. On the whole, everything went smoothly.

Lee Ann S., Registered Nurse
Quito is an outstanding program & the staff was helpful in every facet of my visit to Ecuador. I improved my Spanish and visited the rainforest.

Catherine E., student
It was better than I expected but everything I hoped for.

Audrey L., Homemaker
The whole operation is professional and caring. I was most pleased. My homestay was wonderful.

Sonya F., children's social worker
The school was very serious about the total immersion concept, as well as my host family. Thank you AmeriSpan personnel for your patience and assistance..... Again, thanks for assisting me with the trip of a lifetime.

Kirk P., Professor
Personality of host family and willingness to socialize was great. It was a wonderful experience.

Ericka G., Student
Well organized and wonderful homestay.

J'Lein L., Graduate Student
The school was extremely accommodating. Best - Homestay, excursions

Elizabeth K., Purchasing Agent
The best part was meeting new friends from Ecuador and other students from other countries.

Thomas L., Retired
Loved the city, the trips, the people, the school.

Sharon L., Student
The program was actually better than I expected.

Kristine Hoy T., ESL Teacher
Rated overall program Good

Dennis S., Lawyer
We had a fabulous trip. Great classes, friendly family, and culturally Ecuador is a very interesting country, leading to some great weekend trips. Very good instructor who paid attention to our interests in selecting class material.

Deborah Leah L., Learning Consultant
Rated overall program Good

Thomas P., Director of Finance
Best was the homestay and the other students. Keep up the good work and we expect to do it again.

Bobbie A., Teacher
After having studied Spanish in three different Spanish speaking countries, I would recommend this school highly. I would recommend AmeriSpan and the school to my friends and I am looking forward to studying there again in the future.

Justine S., Student
Rated overall program Good

Ann T., Teacher
Overall, the experience for me was fascinating. I would definitely recommend the school to the typical adult tourist or business person. The management was concerned, honest and reliable. The teachers were extremely hospitable. The family turned out to be one of the best parts of our stay in Ecuador. They were warm, friendly, generous and gracious. They took us on sight seeing excursions. Their children got along with mine. We talked for hours together.

Clark P., Geoscientist
Rated overall program Satisfactory

Carolanne M. L., Guidance Counselor
Terrific experience

Starin P., student
The school was excellent + all of the staff in the office + the teachers.

Joshua H., Documentary producer
The school was actually better than I anticipated.


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