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Past Program Participant Feedback & Comments
Cuenca, Ecuador

Brian J.,
Rated overall program excellent

Loren T., Student
The school was so awesome. Excellent teachers, cooking lessons, movie nights, I could not have chosen a better location.

Becca H., Student
The trip was fantastic. There really aren't enough words. I'd recommend it to anyone wanting to study in South America or any Spanish-speaking country.

Louise F., Retired
The best part - great instructors and fellow students.

Virgina W.,
I was very satisfied. My homestay family went out of their way to include me in graduations, baby showers and reunions. They took me on trips and made sure I ate typical food and experienced living in Ecuador. My teachers were great and the school did more than any of the others to provide cultural experiences.

Katie D., Teacher
Rated overall program Excellent.

Jamie L.,
Rated overall program Excellent.

Megan Selvig, Teacher
I feel as though I have a real understanding of the people and the culture.

Megan S., Teacher
The best aspect was getting to know Cuenca, Ecuador. I feel as though I have a real understanding of the people and the culture.

Shannon M., Family Nurse Practitioner
Rated overall program Excellent

Leona O., Student
The teachers are really wonderful. The city is easy to navigate and full of nice people. The school is really fabulous.

Jennifer N., Professor
It was one of the best experiences of my life!

Jana A., educator
Great Experience! I will return to perfect my Spanish. The instruction and the school in Cuenca were excellent

Laura Renee N., Teacher
Price and easy registration as well as reputation of the company. Best part was the quality of instruction.

Alysha H., Educator
The teachers were so great and the amount of students per class was exceptional. The cooking class was great!The city is beautiful and so historic. Also you can always hop a bus to anywhere in Ecuador. I'd suggest Montanitas, Villacabamba, and Banos.

Jessica F., student
Rated overall program Excellent

Sylvia Gabrielle T., Retired
The homestay was the best I have ever had. The family was above average in every way.

Caroline S., Teacher
The teachers and the classroom workbooks that they provided us were spectacular. This was by far the best language program that I have ever attended. For an advanced speaker, I don't know of any better

Carolyn T., Retired
School and classes were small. Many extracurricular activities like cooking classes in homes and field trips. It is a well run program. Everything was excellent. I give your website out all the time to people on buses, vans, restaurants.

Alison G., Teacher
Rated overall program Good

Naomi Rochelle S., Teacher
The program was easily accessible and seemed well-organized.

Mary E. A., Retired
The best part is the family experience because you get to see another country and culture through the eyes of someone who lives there.

Lindsey T., Health educator
I had a fabulous time in Cuenca. I cannot imagine a better place to have been!

Ginny M., Teacher
I have studied through AmeriSpan several times and have always been pleased with my experiences.

Andrea M., Software Engineer
I very much enjoyed the school in Cuenca.

Aaron E., Rental Technician
Rated overall program Excellent

Elaine T., teacher
The staff at the school went out of their way to be helpful.

Zach R., Guide Dog instructor
Rated overall program Excellent

Tim L., Retired Banker
Rated overall program Good

Anne W., College instructor
I liked the school a lot. Most of the teachers were very enthusiastic and helpful. I loved the outside activities. I feel I advanced quickly in the one-on-one instruction.

Beverly V., Computer Consultant
I trust AmeriSpan to choose the best homestays and schools. I like their knowledge and helpfulness.

Wesley (Bo) V., student
Rated overall program Good

Therese R., Student
Excellent school. The staff all generally seemed concerned about the students.

Shelley M., 1st grade teacher
Rated overall program Excellent

Sam D., Journalist
I particularly liked the cultural activities. The Sampere school was excellent.

Andrea F., Teacher
I can't say enough about it! The staff, director, classes and extra activities were great.

Samantha B., Student
Rated overall program Excellent

Jeannine K., student
Everything worked out well, it was all very thorough. The country and people were amazing.

Kristen U., Graphic Designer
The quality of classes, teachers and individual attention was exceptional. Much more than I expected

Lyrna S., Health Educator
The program was even better than I expected Extremely friendly program

Lisa H., Teacher (French & Spanish)
I really enjoyed all of the excursions. I loved meeting the peole they were all very nice to me.

Joel D., Teacher
AmeriSpan is a very well organized program.

Ann DuPre R., Social Worker
Cuenca is a delightful place and the school was exceptional. Go to Cuenca!

Jessica B. A., Student
Rated overall program Good

Cheri A., Social Worker
Rated overall program Excellent

Lance B., Dep. District Attorney
Rated overall program Excellent

Sandra A., librarian
Rated overall program Excellent

Lisa M R., student
Cuenca is a wonderful place to study Spanish & great base for traveling Ecuador. Very friendly teachers.

Shana S., Medical Student
The school and its extra programs were excellent.

Genevieve H., Editor
Homestay was perfect: Beautiful home, gracious and patient host: Also, school organized activities and lectures that offered real enrichment to the program

"Giuseppe ""Joe"" R.", Musician, Cameraman
It was great. Had the time of my life. Looking forward to doing it again.

Beth M. K., Photographer
Everything was well planned, from pick-up at airport to homestay. Very reliable people. Cuenca is an incredible city and I loved it there.

Sue G., Yacht Crew
Rated overall program Excellent

Suzanne M., Admin. Assistant
Rated overall program Excellent

Lisa W., flight attendant
Rated overall program Excellent

Nancy N., Professor
Homestay-wonderful family, will remain friends.

Rob M., money manager
Our homestay was supurb.

Lynsay S., student
Rated overall program Good

Kathy L., Filmmaker
I would definitely recommend it to others.

Andrew M., Medical student
The homestay and cultural activities were the best part.

Thomas P., geologist
School is excellently run; instructors varied; but generally good. Wonderful lunch hour & weekend field trips. Well done! I've been recommending your program to everyone who'll listen.

Tim S., student
No improvements required.

Garbo G., Student
The cultural excursions in Cuenca were outstanding.


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