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Past Program Participant Feedback & Comments
Santiago, Chile

Ronald T., United States Naval Officer
Super experience- very well organized, easy to execute, no surprises- caliber of language instruction among the best that I have ever seen.

Kelly C., Student
I was well prepared and provided with enough information. I really enjoyed my placement and learned a lot. It was an eye opening experience.

Michael S., Pastor
On the whole, I learned a lot in a short time. I am glad I chose an international city like Santiago

Thomas C., Student
The whole concept of being immersed in a Spanish speaking country for a month was exactly what I wanted, as well as the ability to only think and dream in Spanish.

Aaron T., Student
My host family was very accomodating and caring. I really had a great time with them. Astrid, the Santiago activities coordinator, was great. She made sure I had a good time.

Ufroz A., student
The medical component was excellent, as were the enthusiastic teachers. Overall, it was an excellent experience. I was able to learn about a different culture, society, language, etc. while gaining valuable career experience. I would recommend this program highly to my peers.

Katandria Love J., Trilingual Speech-Language Pathologist
Excellent teaching method and wonderful personnel. The homestay was awesome! Chile is a beautiful country with a US atmosphere. It is clean, safe with a highly reliable public transportation system.

Harley K., Student
I loved how the teachers would go on excursions with the students.

Jamie L., Medical student
Rated overall program Excellent

Jennifer S., Medical student
The people in Chile worked hard to make sure everyone had a positive experience.

Christy S., pre-med student
The host family was a wonderful way to be introduced to the culture.

Lary E., Retired
I highly recommend AmeriSpan and the Santiago, Chile program!

Eileen M., Engineer
Rated overall program Good

Belinda A., Internet Marketing
Rated overall program Excellent

Julie Elizabeth C., Attorney
I found the AmeriSpan office very helpful and attentive.

Alissa R., Student
Rated overall program Excellent

Alison A., recruitment mngr
The school has wonderful afternoon trips The people were really great in Santiago

Keith U., Student
The teachers were the best part of the program

Edward H., Professor
Enthusiastic teachers, warm friendly homestay hosts, excellent program.

Randy A., Attorney
The homestay and school were great!

John M., student/ski instructor
Rated overall program Good

Danny C., coordinator, non-profit org.
Friendly staff and teachers.

Mary K., Public Relations
We'll go another week next year.

Phil A. P., Entomologist/teacher
After my first experience with AmeriSpan I would highly recommend them for anyone desiring to participate in a Spanish Language program. Out of three language school homestay programs, this was the best homestay I have experienced.

Gary S., Dir. of Reg. Dev.
The instructors were extremely competent and exited about what they do.

Gus R., Retired
Our homestay was outstanding.

Linda M., Engineer
I made very rapid progress, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I would repeat the experience in a heartbeat.

Fred W., Ships's Captain
Rated overall program Good

Michael P. G., Doctor
Friendly teachers and staff. Homestay was an excellent way to get accustomed to the culture.

Ray H., Retired Engineer
Your program is very comprehensive. Liked individual instruction.

Laura M. H., Foreign Lang.Teacher
As a foreign language teacher of twenty-one years I have had many opportunities for advanced study abroad. I count my experience with AmeriSpan and Linguatec in Chile as one of the highlights of my professional development experiences. The quality of the instruction was superb and the professionalism of people delivering the program was of the highest caliber.

Teresa B., Book Designer
One of the best experiences in my life.


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