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Nicaragua Travel Guide

Resources, Articles & Tips

General Information

  • Weather Underground - Offers current local weather conditions around the country, 5-day forecasts and more. Search by city.
  • Nicaragua - This site is dedicated to educating you with general information about Nicaragua. Choose from a list of topics ranging from geography and population to restaurants and shopping.
  • Oanda - Currency Converter - Amazing site...has wallet size conversion chart that can be printed out so you don't have to bumble about with a calculator during your trip.
  • World Factbook - For facts about Nicaragua visit the World Fact Book published by the CIA

Getting There & Around

  • Sanborn's Insurance - The authorities on getting you from the USA/Canada to México and Central America via car. Auto insurance, excellent road maps, tips and other must-have resources for those who prefer to leave the flying to the birds.
  • - Useful information about how to get around Nicaragua, whether you're going by land, air or water. It also boasts a nice photo album.

Language Related

  • AmeriSpan Unlimited - AmeriSpan specializes in Spanish Immersion, Volunteer & Internship programs in Latin America and Spain for travelers and businesspeople. Currently, there are 40 programs available in 15 different countries.
  • Languages of Nicaragua - The awesome Ethnologue Database. Includes entries on Nicaragua's many indigenous languages, Caribbean languages and of course, Spanish.

News & Culture

  • Culture in Nicaragua - This site provides some general information about Nicaraguan culture. It also has sections about wedding customs, coffee, events and languages just to name a few. They also provide links to rental car agencies and car, hotel and flight bookings.
  • - This site is great! Nicaragua has a mixture of cultures. Find out about culture based on different regions of the country.
  • La Nacion - Although this is an on-line newspaper from Costa Rica, you can click on Centroamerica, then Nicaragua to get current news in Spanish.
  • Topix - This is an English-language news site that offers updated articles about Nicaragua.

Travel & Tourism

  • Embassy of Nicaragua - For those who already speak Spanish this page can give you more insight into the most current entry requirements.
  • Explore Nicaragua - Are you interested in setting up a tour of Nicaragua? This iste will help you figure out where you want to go and how to get there.
  • US Department of State - This US government site advises travelers of safety precautions, where to get visa and entry information, medical information, crime, etc.

Nicaragua Travel Articles

  • Bridging the Achievement Gap (Learning A language) - Marlo Goldstein, Director of Academic Programs at AmeriSpan, recently attended two conferences focusing Latino issues in North Carolina, the state facing the highest percentage of growth in the latino community. She left the conferences informed and inspired.
  • Cesaria Evora (Music Reviews) - AmeriSpan's Carol LaMastra reviews Cesaria Evora: Café Atlantico and lists a couple of runner-ups.
  • Tips for Traveling Inexpensively (AmeriSpan Staff Commentary) - These days, from the weak dollar to the outrageous airfares, traveling abroad may seem out of the question. We beg to differ! There are many ways you can travel that are budget-friendly. We’ve gathered together some of our favorite cheap travel tips to help you make your trip a reality!

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