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Top Language and Something Else Locations



The Top Language & Something else pulled from our Language and Fun and Professional Development programs.

1. French and Wine (Bordeaux, France)

This unique one-week program provides 20 hours of French lessons and 20 lessons of wine tasting. Perhaps this program does not need an explanation for why we consider it fun; you get to improve your French while transforming into a wine connoisseur! This course is specifically designed for both professional and amateur wine lovers and gourmets seeking to combine a French learning experience with the pleasures of tasting some of the most outstanding wines of France. At the end of the course you will have acquired an extensive knowledge of Bordeaux wines and be tested on your wine tasting ability and receive a certificate. Once you return, you'll be able to show off your exquisite wine knowledge to friends. Study French in France

2. Spanish for Tourism (Granada, Spain)

The world is getting smaller, and more and more people are traveling internationally. Whether you plan to work in your own country or abroad, Spanish is quite a useful language to know. AmeriSpan's 4-week intensive Spanish tourism program aims to familiarize Tourism Industry Professionals and students with common vocabulary and expressions used in Spanish Tourism through the analysis of various PR/marketing materials as well as through site visits and guest speakers. Study Spanish in Spain

3. Traveling Classroom in Venezuela (Playa Colorada, Venezuela)

Normally the red-sand beaches lined with palm trees and the crystal clear water in Playa Colorada would be a distraction for learning, but not with this program. Housed in a Warao Indian-style eco-lodge on the beach, our school in Playa Colorada embraces it's surroundings and takes an adventurous approach to Spanish language education. The class takes off to exotic islands for scuba diving, fishing, and kayaking only to return to the mainland to explore the waterways, jungles, and sabanas of inland Venezuela. The experienced guides will take you through landscapes rich with unique vegetation and wildlife, as well as thriving Indian civilizations, which you will experience up close and personal. This is the absolute best way to experience Venezuela while drastically improving your Spanish language skills. A real gem! Study Spanish in Venezuela

4. SALUD (Cuernavaca, Mexico)

In the "City of Eternal Spring", one may visit the many restaurants, sidewalk cafes, and theaters. Each weekend there is the opportunity to mingle with the wealthy from the capital who are drawn to these attractions. In Cuernavaca, we offer two different SALUD itineraries. The one with hospital exposure is for those students with a mid-intermediate Spanish level or higher. All students are welcome to participate in the intensive classes with medical terminology. Students have the option to choose between spending all 4 weeks in Cuernavaca or to spend the last two weeks in "gringo- free" Buenavista. Study Spanish in Mexico

5. Spanish and Scuba (Tenerife, Spain)

Whether you are a beginner scuba diver or you are already certified, AmeriSpan's Spanish & Scuba program in Tenerife, Spain is a great way to incorporate your interests with language learning. Tenerife is a Spanish island and the largest of the seven Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa. It is best known for its beautiful cliffs, exotic beaches and pristine waters. While taking part in 5 hours of scuba diving lessons per week, you will become one with the underwater world full of exotic animals and sea creatures. Great for couples or the whole family, Tenerife's spectacular water with fabulous air and year-round warm water temperature will surely bring you one step closer to your passion for the relaxing adventure that awaits you in Spanish & Scuba! Study Spanish in Spain

6. Arabic for Media (Cairo, Egypt)

Did you know that Cairo is the third largest media outlet in the world? Just behind Hollywood in the US and Bollywood in India, Cairo is the Middle East's source for news, movies and television. Participants must have at least an intermediate Arabic language proficiency (MSA) to benefit from the program, which focuses on relevant vocabulary and expressions used by local media outlets. Great for journalism students and professionals alike! Study Arabic in Egypt

7. Spanish for Engineering (Pamplona, Spain)

The city of Pamplona has a strong engineering industry and excellent university programs that attract students from Spain and all over the world. The three-week Spanish for Engineers program offers professional engineers and engineering students the opportunity to become fully immersed in Spanish life and culture while improving their Spanish language skills with a focused emphasis on engineering terminology. In addition to the classes, participants will take part in site visits to nearby engineering facilities and will have the opportunity to intern with local firms. A minimum intermediate level of Spanish proficiency is required for this program. Study Spanish in Spain

8. Italian and Homestyle Cooking (Taormina-Sicily, Italy)

Sure, you fancy yourself a good chef. You have your own specialties, your family makes requests for your recipes and you absolutely love the process of creating good food. But how do you measure up to the gold standard? In this course, you can learn how to cook Sicilian favorites with a real Italian "mamma" or "papa"! They will show you the ropes of authentic homestyle Italian cooking in their own home while you practice your Italian (and of course, sample the results!). Learn Italian and Homestyle Cooking in Taormina-Sicily. Study Italian in Italy

9. German and Beer (Bamberg, Germany)

An instructor at the language school (who is also a home brewer) conducts Bamberg's German and Beer seminar. Students visit Bamberg's Franconian Brewery Museum as well as Bamberg's 10 traditional and modern breweries, which is an unprecedented number in a town of about 70,000 inhabitants! You'll hear historic and strange stories about German's long running tradition with beer and learn about different glasses used for different beers. Students become familiar with special terms like "Rauchbier," or smoked beer, for which Bamberg is known. You will even be taught a special recipe for "Helles Vollbier," otherwise known as a light beer. Of course no visit to the Bamberg breweries would be complete without a sampling! Students will get to taste and analyze 5 different beers they have learned about to put their newfound knowledge to the test! Informative and fun - a must-do for any beer-loving visitor to Bamberg! Study German in Germany

10. Argentina Internships

In today's increasingly competitive job market, there are many factors that contribute to landing that perfect job like previous work experience or the ability to speak a second or even third language. Why not kill 2 birds with one stone while interning in Argentina, Latin America's most economically and socially developed nation? Any of AmeriSpan's many interesting international internships will give you valuable insight into the local culture and working environment of another nation, while perfecting your Spanish and adding great work experience to your resume! An internship in Argentina is also a great option for a post-college gap year! Study Spanish in Argentina

11. Portuguese and Samba (Salvador, Brazil)

Salvador is an exciting, culturally rich city in which to study Portuguese. Bahian life is very different from other parts of Brazil, and considered by many to be the most interesting. Because of this, students enjoy adding special cultural classes to further integrate into the way of life. The Portuguese and Samba program offers all regular language classes, plus the opportunity to learn how to dance the Samba, Forro and Lambada. It also includes an introduction to the rhythms of Candomble rituals and Capoeira. This course offers one-hour lessons twice a week and is taught by a professional dance teacher. It gives a general introduction to different rhythms and dances and dance styles, history, tradition and development of Brazilian dance. Study Portuguese in Brazil

12. Volunteer in India (Delhi and Jaipur)

Somewhere between the ancient architecture and the modern day hustle and bustle of 1.13 billion people going about their daily business, you realize that India is the most exciting place you've ever been. The constitution of India recognizes 22 official languages, and many more are officially or unofficially spoken by province. However, over 350 million Indian people speak English, and that number is growing rapidly. While you will take one week of Hindi language and culture classes, no previous experience is needed, as your volunteer assignment will be done in English. Volunteer projects are located in and around Delhi and Jaipur, two of the most vibrant and beautiful cities of India. We offer projects at a variety of locations, including orphanages, women's groups, health centers, local schools and NGOs working on different social issues. Volunteer in India

13. Spanish for Law (Panama City, Panama)

This 4-week program combines general Spanish lessons, specialized Law classes, and hands-on work with a local Panamanian Law firm. Panama is the bridge between North and South America and the doorway between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, making it an extremely important place for international commerce. This course is ideal for Law students interested in international law or for lawyers currently working in a field where Spanish is commonly spoken. The law classes focus on specific professional terminology by exploring various legal documents and through relevant legal site visits. During the second half of the program students will spend their mornings working with a local firm, giving them unparalleled experience with the Spanish language as it pertains to Law. Study Spanish in Panama

14. Spanish and Flamenco (Sevilla, Spain)

This is your chance to put on lavish dress and stomp and clap your way into the heart of a Spanish bachelor or bachelorette. Flamenco dance typifies Spanish gitano culture with its emotional, aggressive and elegant style. The music and dance first developed in the southern Spanish province of Andalusia and Flamenco culture is still alive and well in it's capital, Sevilla. There are flamenco clubs and bars throughout the city where you'll have an opportunity to showcase your new moves, and with the Spanish language skills you'll acquire, you'll have no problem fitting in with the locals. Ole! Study Spanish in Spain

15. Spanish and Cooking (Guanajuato, Mexico)

Pollo asado, Frijoles con Arroz, Tamales, Mole, Bistec, Ceviche... the list of Mexican favorites goes on and on. In this course, you can travel to Mexico and not only sample authentic Mexican dishes, but also learn how to prepare them upon your return! That's a better souvenir than a keychain, and your friends and family will certainly appreciate it as well! Two one-hour cooking classes are offered per week; they are held after the regular Spanish courses. At the end of class, students indulge in their creations while enjoying the favorable weather on the school's roof deck. Como se dice, "Heaven"? Study Spanish in Mexico

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