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French for Professionals
Paris, France

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The French for Professionals program is useful for all ages, professions, and interests. Paris has long been an International center for everything from business to fashion to advertising and all things in-between. Students and professionals who work or plan to work in a French-speaking environment have the opportunity to develop their language skills in any discipline.

The French for Professionals program is ideal for executives and business people and who need to acquire a high command of the specialized French used in any field (business French, diplomatic French, technical French, etc.) in the shortest possible time. This course can also help students or professionals prepare for an important event: exam, professional meeting, or conference.

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Professionals and students from all fields who need specialized French study

2012 Prices

Course Name 1 Wk 2 Wks 3 Wks 4 Wks Add'l
French for Professionals w/homestay $2115 $4100 $6085 $8070 $1985 max 14 1
French for Professionals w/residence $2180 $4230 $6280 $8330 $2050 max 14 1
French for Professionals classes only $1525 $3045 $4570 $6095 $1525 max 14 0
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All courses have a USD 100 registration fee (Not Refundable)
Note: Accommodation is available Sunday to Saturday, Saturday to Friday (Jordan and Egypt) or Saturday to Saturday (Tokyo) - all other days will have extra charge

Program Notes

  • Airport pick-up: $305
  • Half-board upgrade: Add $65/week in homestay
  • Extra lodging nights: $130/night
  • Private classes: $155/hr for first 10 hours, $125/hour thereafter (45-minute sessions)
  • PLEASE NOTE: Limited availability in the residences, apply early or choose the homestay option. Also, no extra lodging nights available in the residences


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