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Karen T., Spanish Teacher
Country: Mexico

I enjoyed how the instructor adjusted the program to make it a great experience overall. The best part was being with a host family and other students; being in Guanajuato.

Rachel J., teacher
Country: Mexico

My homestay in Cuernavaca was fantastic, and I was placed with a very caring and welcoming family who spoke with me constantly.

Karen G., Spanish Teacher
Country: Mexico
The AmeriSpan organization is a well oiled machine. I appreciated the prompt responses to all of my emails.

Kimberly S., Spanish Teacher
Country: Mexico
The best part of the trip was meeting my homestay family and exploring the ruins and hacienda. Also, meeting other people with the same interest in travel as me was great!

Shari D., Spanish teacher
Country: Spain

Rated overall program Excellent

Karrie A., Student
Country: Spain

Rated overall program Excellent

Jill I., Teacher
Country: Spain
Best part was the homestay, being in Madrid, meeting other Spanish teachers.

David P. K., teacher
Country: Mexico

The program was very good and provided me with lots of new tools for the coming school year. I have always traveled abroad with Amerispan and everything has always been fine.

Judith H., Principal
Country: Mexico

Rated overall program Excellent

Myrtle N., Retired Teacher
Country: Mexico

The teachers were wonderful. They used best practices in instruction, so although they were teaching in a 2nd language for me I had little trouble learning.

Susan R., Spanish Teacher
Country: Mexico

I loved it all!! I think AmeriSpan runs a fabulous program.

Meghan G., French/Spanish Teacher
Country: Mexico

I have done previous programs and find AmeriSpan to be top notch. Getting to know Morelia was great.

Katrina C., Spanish/ESL Teacher
Country: Mexico

This program was phenomenal! The school and its instructors were amazing. I have never had a better AmeriSpan experience.

Brenda G., 2nd grade dual language teacher
Country: Mexico
MAESTRO is excellent for foreign language teachers!

Pamela Y., Spanish teacher
Country: Mexico
The excursions were informative and educational.


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