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Program Profile: Montreal & Quebec

Program Profile: Montreal and Quebec

Montreal: The 2nd largest French-speaking city in the world, Montreal carries on the European tradition of keeping culture within the reach of the people. Downtown lies between the mountain and Old Montreal, where its charming centuries-old buildings are filled with boutiques, bars and restaurants. Visitors and locals alike promenade along the adjacent Old Port. The nightlife is legendary in the city’s bustling downtown. Montreal features all the traditional genres of high culture – symphony, opera and ballet – but truly stands out with its experimental theatre and contemporary dance. One of its most notable exports is the internationally acclaimed Cirque du Soleil.

Quebec City: Located about 400km (248.5 miles) from the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Quebec City is one of the world's most picturesque cities. In 1608 Champlain founded the City that today has about 500,000 inhabitants. Quebec is the only North American city, north of Mexico, to have maintained its fortifications. With its old city walls, characteristic green copper roofs and fortified Citadel, UNESCO declared the provincial capital a World Heritage site in 1985. It is the cradle of French culture in Canada with a 95% French-speaking population.

School Atmosphere
Montreal: The school is in the heart of Montreal, two blocks from a major subway line and minutes from great shopping, restaurants and nightlife. It occupies the top floor of a modern five-story building and its facilities include a central administration office, 26 classrooms, and a social room with free computer and internet access. Also contained in the building is a promenade of several cafes and sandwich shops. Most students who attend this school are from Europe, Japan, Mexico and North America and the majority are university students.

Quebec City: The school campus is located in the impressive old city, and is also accessible to shops, cafes, restaurants, as well as most sites of interest including the Chateau Frontenac. The school is located on the fourth floor and its small, modern facilities include about seven classrooms, a social room and computers for students to access the internet and e-mail. The professional yet friendly atmosphere attracts many serious French students and business professionals from Europe, North America, Japan and Mexico.

Language Program
Specially designed to meet the needs of foreign students, the French courses in Montreal and Quebec City address all of the important aspects of language learning. Students normally focus on conversation and grammar while also improving their writing and reading skills. Under the method of the communicative approach, students learn the language within a practical context and use only French in the classroom. Instructors at the Montreal program are all University trained. In Quebec City, all teachers are native-French speakers and are trained (University diploma) in teaching French to foreigners. In both Montreal and Quebec City a variety of texts and materials are used to supplement the course. These include: cassettes, books, magazines, and journals. Classes in both locations are organized in such a way so that they are always made up of students with the same French level. Private classes are available as well.

The most popular choice of lodging for the participants of both the Montreal and Quebec City programs is to live with a local family. In the homestays of these two locations, students receive a private room and two meals per day. Homestays in Montreal are about a 40-60 minute commute via public transportation. In Quebec City most families are located in a residential area (outside the old city) never more than a 30-minute direct bus ride. Alternative lodging options, such as hotel, hostel, apartment, and residence, are also available in each location.

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