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Summer Camp in Marbella I (Aleman), Spain

Marbella I (Aleman) Summer Camp

As an old tourism promotion campaing said: "Spain is Different"

From its dazzling beaches to its ancient castles, Spain is a country as diverse as the cultures which have influenced its art, architecture, music and lifestyle. It is a land where cathedrals, roman ruins and arabic kashbas are interspersed with skyscrapers, where modern rock mixes with flamenco guitar, and night clubs compete with cozy "tapas" bars.
It is easy to travel, the climate is generally benign, people is friendly, relaxed and fun-loving. And of course is the home contry of the second largest speaked language in the world: Spanish.

The more you travel through Spain, the more you get the differences between regions, you will realize how many Spains there are. From hot, dry, home of bullfigting and flamenco Andalucia, to fertile Cataluña, to the mainland Castilla to the mediterranean coast of Levante facing the laving on the Mediterranean sea.

Spain offers some of the world's most famous museums, resorts, and festivals, making it a unique and enchanting destination.

Known as the jewel of the Costa del Sol, this coastal resort town is located about an hour south of Malaga on the Mediterranean coast. The small curvy streets and white washed colonial-style buildings make Marbella a picturesque vacation spot. There are many boutiques, restaurants and shops in town as well as along the beach.

Age Range


Camp Program

Marbella Aleman Summer Camp is set in one of Marbella’s nicest residential areas and is located on a hilltop, facing the renowned Hotel Don Carlos. The beach is just a 15-minute walk away. The facilities include: an indoor/outdoor multi purpose activities center, swimming pool, gardens and sports fields (soccer, basketball & handball). The campus has several buildings. The main building houses the student residences, dining hall, conference room, a canteen, infirmary and various common areas. Classrooms are located in a separate building adjacent to the sports center.

Participants are housed in dormitory rooms shared with 4 to 6 students. Each room has its own toilet and shower. All meals are provided in the school’s dining halls and/or cafeteria.

60% of campers are Spanish


There will be a camp counselor available for every group of 10 to 12 students. The counselor will remain with the group on a 24 hour a day basis and will take care of any individual needs each participant may have. The students are not able to leave the camp premises unaccompanied.


Possible Options (extra cost):

Prices/Dates (for 2017)

Start Dates
Summer Camp n/a 1955 ask 3525 ask
Day Camp n/a 1040 ask 2015 ask
Classes Only n/a 620 ask 1170 ask
All courses have a USD 100 registration fee (Not Refundable)
Note: Accommodation is available Sunday to Saturday, Saturday to Friday (Jordan and Egypt) or Saturday to Saturday (Tokyo) - all other days will have extra charge

Airport Pickup

Included. At the time of arrival, a driver/staff member who will be waiting in the airport arrivals hall and will be holding a sign with student's name/program name. All students are then taken directly to the registration office on campus. Departing participants are accompanied by our counselor to airline check-in. Beyond passport control, teen participants may only be looked after by airport staff. Please give sufficient notice to the airline if your teen will need to be accompanied from passport control to the gate.

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