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College Study Abroad: FAQ List

FAQ List

What Is College Study Abroad

AmeriSpan's College Study Abroad (CSA) programs are available to college and university students who wish to study abroad for a year, semester or summer. AmeriSpan works with BIC, Barcelona International College, Spain. You will attend classes while earning academic credit to transfer back to your home university. Our programs are open to students with or without foreign language skills.

What Types of Programs Are Available

If you are a College or University student, our intensive Spanish classes will give you the skills and confidence to immerse yourself in the local culture and make the most the of you study abroad experience, the BIC program offers you the added benefit of fulfilling university academic requirement with Splecial Designed courses.

Both the elective and Spanish language courses are taught by the vbest local and international professors Barcelona has to offer.

There are three types of College Study Abroad programs:


12- 15 US credits. The normal course load is 1 Spanish language class + 3 or 4 electives.


12 - 15 US credits. The normal course load is 1 Spanish language class + 3 or 4 electives.

Summer - available 1 or 2 terms

3 - 6 US credits per session. There are 3 summer options:
- Intensive Spanish classes (6 US credits)
- Intensive Spanish classes (3 US credits) + 1 elective (3 US credits)
- 2 electives (3 US credits each)

What is the minimum age requirement?

You must be 18 years of age to enroll in any of our College Study Abroad Programs.

Will there be time for traveling and excursions?

As much learning takes place outside the classroom as inside, that is why we organize extra-curricular excursions and activities during the term.

Do I need to get my program pre-approved by my University?

No!! The BIC courses are accredited by Jacksonville University in Florida. Course syllabi and professors are approved by Jacksonville University to give the standards of accreditation. All BIC students recieve an official Jacksonville University transcripts for the courses taken in Barcelona. These official transcrips are sent to the studentīs home university with in 9 weeks after the program ends.


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