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University Study Abroad Provider Comparison

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University Study Abroad Overview

If you have read AmeriSpan's "Study Abroad 101: How to Choose a Study Abroad Program", you already know that different independent organizations may offer similar study abroad programs to the same locations but that these programs may vary in fees, what is offered and the institution utilized. In order to make it easier to compare programs, AmeriSpan has selected several organizations that compete with AmeriSpan and we compare deadlines, late fees, application fees, deposits, refund policies, etc.  After reviewing the table below, you will note that generally AmeriSpan is more flexible in these important areas than the majority of the other providers.

We encourage you to compare fees for the actual study abroad program because often several providers have different fees even though they are offering the exact same program at the same university.

University Study Abroad Organizations vs. Private/State Universities

Generally speaking, independent organizations offer more options, increased flexibility and better value than Private/State University programs. While it is simpler to earn academic credit with Private/State University study abroad programs, the better Independent Study Abroad Organizations have made the process as effortless as possible. [Hint: a transcript issued by a US University is more widely accepted than foreign institution transcript]

Who Are We Comparing To?

If you spend the time researching, you can find dozens of different organizations who offer study abroad programs. Obviously, each organization will provide a different level of customer support and program offerings. We have chosen to compare our programs with programs from some of the largest independent study abroad organizations: Cultural Experiences Abroad (CEA), International Studies Abroad (ISA), Academic Programs International (API), American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS), Academic Studies Abroad (ASA), Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), Center for International Studies (CIS), Institute for the International Education of Students (IES), and Global Learning Semesters (GLS). Collectively, these organizations have sent thousands of students abroad and have good reputations with past students, universities and various academic organizations.

Comparing Fees, Terms, Conditions

Obviously, we at AmeriSpan believe that our customer service is the best underscored by the fact that we have sent 30,000+ people to study abroad over the last 15 years. However, we understand that we may be biased in this area so we have focused our comparison on non-subjective items below.

See Full Tuition Comparisons on Select Programs

Company Accepts
Application Fee Additional Fee Early Deposits Non-
refundable Amount
Late Fee
AmeriSpan Yes No $200 $200 $75
AIFS Yes $95 $310 mandatory medical insurance $300 non-ref., $250 damage deposit, $1,000 conf. deposit $1,705 $200 - $500
API Yes No $150 $550 $180
ASA Yes No

$150, Sometimes a damage or

housing deposit, can be $250 or more

CEA Yes, but any amount over $5,000 assessed 3% fee $75 - $95 $100 - $350 mandatory medical insurance $300 security deposit, $300 - $500 conf. deposit $395 - $595 $300
CIEE Yes $30 $300 $330 $200
CIS Yes $50 $500 - $885 program deposit, $500-$885 housing damage deposit $100
IES Yes $50 $500 $550 $150
ISA Yes with a 3% fee. No AmEx No $200 $200 $150
GLS Yes $50 $200 mandatory medical insurance $1,000 conf. deposit, $250 damage deposit $1,050 Varies
All fees are subject to change. All fee data was obtained from each respective organization's website and may or may not represent the prevailing fee on any particular day. THE INFORMATION IS PROVIDED "AS IS, WITH ALL FAULTS," AND AMERISPAN MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND CONCERNING ITS ACCURACY OR COMPLETENESS.

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