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Staying In Touch


Often, the first cultural adjustment an international traveler encounters is communicating with your family and friends back home.  We recommend that you purchase a prepaid cell phone from Telestial for free incoming calls.

Global Phonecards -

Most major phone companies will provide you with a calling card and international access code.  Phonecards are invaluable because int'l telephone calls can be very expensive (ex. $5-$10/min) and many payphones in airports and public places no longer accept coins.

Cell Phones

If you already have a cell phone, you may be able to use it in some foreign countries.  But BEWARE as costs can be excessive whether you are receiving a call, calling home or making a local call within the foreign country.  AmeriSpan recommends purchasing a Telestial prepaid cell phone because all incoming calls are free, local calls are at local rates.


It can be difficult for your family and friends to contact you because of the different time zones, your busy schedule and no answering machine. Most AmeriSpan programs offer internet access onsite, or in nearby interet cafes. You'll be able to stay in touch via web-based email accounts, including Yahoo, AOL, hotmail.

Emergency Message Service

During an emergency if your family canít contact you, they may call us 24 hours/day, dictate the message and we will relay the message to you. Conversely, if you cannot reach your family and it is an emergency, call us collect from anywhere and we will relay the message.

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