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Top Golden Age Programs
Updated September 2, 2010

Fun Programs

What do they say? "50 is the new 40!" We would like to introduce you to our programs ideally suited for the more mature participant. You should realize that all of our programs accept people of all ages. However, traveling during the months when college students are in class at their universities will ensure an older average student. With this in mind, we suggest not participating during the summer or January, if possible.

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Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca was declared a UNESCO "World Heritage Site" because of its many archaeological sites and its beauty. This enchanting city offers several views of the hills and valleys that surround it. Upon arrival travelers will be enthralled with Oaxaca's European-like characteristics found in the architecture, the vibrant art and quaint cafes that line the bustling central plaza. Travelers will also find pleasure in the diverse regional cuisine, just one of the many attributes Oaxaca is known for. The city's location offers pleasant weather year-round, with fall and spring bringing the most desirable climates. Overall, this city's relaxing atmosphere and friendly locals will undoubtedly serve as a comfortable yet exciting 'home away from home.

Learn Spanish in Oaxaca

Marbella, Spain

Marbella is a lovely, upscale beach resort town situated in the foothills between La Concha Mountain and the warm waters of the Mediterranean. It is an excellent location to combine learning Spanish with some of the comforts of home. The shopping is excellent. You can take in the Moorish architecture in the Casco Antiguo and easily visit fascinating Andalucian destinations such as the Alhambra in Granada. Outside of the busy summertime, Marbella is a multicultural melting pot of tourists, ex-pats and locals enjoying the best sangria you'll ever have in quiet seaside cafes and the excitement of the corridas in the town Plaza de Toros.

Learn Spanish in Marbella

Quebec, Canada

Quebec City is the crown jewel of French-speaking Canada. Visitors will find over 400 years of history and a thousand and one things to experience. Students can instantly feel a touch of old Europe, as they stroll down cobblestone streets lined with cafes and restaurants, stop in small shops selling everything from pastries and artisan cheese to antiques and art, and relax in shaded squares surrounded by 18th and 19th-century architecture. Fall and spring bring pleasant weather, beautiful colors, and fewer students to study French, making this excellent time for Golden Age travelers.

Learn French in Quebec City

Rome, Italy

Known for its history, architecture, food and wine, Rome is popular destination for the young and young-at-heart. With countless museums, churches, and ruins to visit one will never be bored strolling Italy's capital. If you prefer a more relaxing time in Rome, there is still plenty to look at while enjoying an espresso or gelato at a sidewalk café. Located in a quiet neighborhood a short distance from the Coliseum, the school offers students afternoon activities and cultural talks on Italian art history, literature, cinema, food and wine. Host families keep students comfortable, offering private bedrooms and plenty of interaction.

Learn Italian in Rome

Alicante, Spain

The historic Mediterranean port city, Alicante, located on the eastern coast of Spain, is known for golden beaches and a relaxing atmosphere, making it one of our most popular Golden Age programs. With many museums, churches, castles and top quality shops, one can never get bored in this pleasant and easy- to-traverse city. The program includes 5 hours a day of Spanish classes and special cultural activities, trips, and excursions for 50+ participants, such as visits to museums, guided walking tours and flamenco shows. Alicante boasts great climate year-round, although summers are hot and see a large increase in tourism. This makes AmeriSpan's October Start Date great for good weather and crowd-free vacationing!

Spanish for 50+

Montevideo, Uruguay

Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, is situated on the east bank of Rio de la Plata. This vibrant metropolis is perfect for those looking for a cosmopolitan and charming getaway. The city is full of art, music and culture. From restorations in Ciudad Vieja to beaches lined by modern high-rises, the city’s resurging development offers examples of history and innovation. The school is in Parque Rodo, a quiet and friendly residential neighborhood, which is also home to the National Library, restaurants, shops, the University of Architecture and a beautiful park. Within walking distance from the school are host families, hotels the city center and beaches. Additionally, summer is the best time to go, not only to witness carnival, one of Uruguay’s most important traditions, but it is an excellent escape from the throws of winter in the Northern Hemisphere.

Learn Spanish in Uruguay

Antigua, Guatemala

This lovely colonial town offers you the ability to experience true Guatemalan culture without straying far from home. The local government works to keep the history alive here, including restricting the colors that buildings are painted to the original seven colors of the town. You are a short ride from the beautiful black volcanic beaches in Playa Monterrico, and also can easily reach the famed Lake Atitlan or the awe-inspiring ruins at Tikal. Antiguan host families and locals love the cultural exchange with foreign students, so you will find no end to opportunities to practice your Spanish!

Learn Spanish in Antigua


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