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Getting There

  • Exito Travel - Great fairs to Central America, South America, Mexico & Spain. We recommend that you try their airfare finder.

  • Orbitz - Some of the best airfare deals on the web.

  • If you are traveling within Europe and around, you are flexible with your dates and you don't mind to depart and arrive at small airports, RyanAir and EasyJet have great deals.

  • If you are going to Germany, and would like to travel around Europe you may also want to check Air Berlin and GermanWings have great deals.

Trains & Ferries:
  • Rail Pass - A site where you can find information and buy tickets for leading railways, rail providers, and distributors such as Eurail, RENFE (Spain), Trenitalia (Italy), SNCF (France), SNCB (Belgian), Deutsche Bahn (Germany), Amtrak, Rail Australia and more.
  • Buquebus - If you are traveling to Buenos Aires or Montevideo, it is very easy to travel from one to the other by ferry and quick!

Buses & Shuttles:
  • Argentina Andesmar - It is very comfortable and cheap to travel within Argentina by bus. Leaving from Retiro (bus station in Buenos Aires) to destinations in all Argentina at great prices.

  • Avanza Bus - Buses all over Spain, even has a direct bus from Madrid airport to Salamanca.

  • Costa Rica Interbus - When traveling from San Jose to any location in Costa Rica, Interbus is a good option. Comfortable busses, with air conditioning and wide seats that recline.

  • Bus Station - Find out all about bus routes in Central, South America and Europe

  • Greyhound - If you are traveling buy bus, Greyhound (tel: 800-231-2222) has bus service to many US/Mexico border towns. Inside the Mexican border, you will most likely catch a bus to Mexico City where you can change to a bus to Central American countries. Guide books are a good source for general bus travel information, or you can call the Mexican Government Tourism Office (tel: 800-446-3942).

  • Sanborn's Car Insurance - If you are traveling by car, contact Sanborn's (tel: 800-222-0158/956-686-3601 or fax: 956-686-0732) for maps and auto insurance for Mexico and all Central American countries. For emergency road service and other travel services, we recommend AAA (tel: 800-222-4357) which has affiliates in Mexico and other areas in Latin America.

  • Rent a car in Europe - Often a good way to travel to get to know the most out of a country.

  • Never Leave Belongings in Taxi Alone - If you need to leave the taxi to ask a question at a store or to ask for directions, don't leave your bags alone in the taxi. Or better yet, ask the taxi driver to ask around for you.

  • Know Landmarks - Always be aware of the best way to get where you need to go. Look it up on the map, know streets that might be convenient to take, and know which direction and area you are going to.

  • Negotiate in Advance - It is always a good idea to negotiate the price in advance.

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