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Top 15 Programs for Adventurers
Posted April 15, 2008

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We would like to introduce you to 15 programs for adventurers. We’re sure you'll enjoy these locations and programs.

Tokyo, Japan (1)

Some may think that tackling the Japanese language is a big enough adventure. However, once arriving to this metropolitan wonder that is comprised "of 23 city wards, 26 cities, 5 towns and 8 villages" you will be faced with endless possibilities. The simple action of hopping on a crowded subway train can take you almost anywhere. If this is not enough, we recommend heading to the Tsukiji Fish Market at 5am where you can dodge the frantic restaurateurs and food sellers to sample the freshest and at times most unique tasting fish and sea creatures. Study Japanese in Tokyo

Volunteer in Nepal (2)

Whether or not you are thinking of climbing Mount Everest, Nepal is a place where one can find plenty of adventure. Our program will introduce you to the Nepali language and culture while you are helping others. You can choose from several placements such as combating deforestation, one of the biggest challenges facing Nepal. Another placement is teaching English to Buddhist monks. We would recommend the latter if you really plan on taking on Mt. Everest because you’ll want all the good Karma possible. Volunteer in Nepal

Cairo, Egypt (3)

Learn Arabic in the shadow of the pyramids, explore relics of ancient world civilizations, get up close and personal with baby lions and pythons at the Cairo Museum or shop the streets of the bustling Khan-al-Khalili market. Cairo offers an overwhelmingly exotic mix of ancient and modern worlds and an incredible array of culture, adventure, shopping and leisure sure to interest any voyager while living and studying in the media capital of the Middle East. Study Arabic in Cairo

Traveling Classroom in Dominican Republic (4)

What better way to learn the Spanish language and satisfy that adventurous tick inside than by a guided exploration through the Caribbean paradise that is the Dominican Republic? The two-week round-trip travelling classroom starts in Sosua, a postcard perfect beach community on the northern coast and takes off towards Jarabacoa, a mountain town in the heart of the Dominican Republic. Here students have the opportunity to engage in extreme rafting, trekking, and other adventure activities before continuing south through the capital of Santo Domingo. After experiencing the oldest city in the new world, the tour heads back up to the north coast, landing in Las Terrenas, before returning to Sosua. Students will experience local life and the incredible diversity that the Dominican Republic has to offer in this whirlwind adventure tour. Study Spanish in the Dominican Republic

Spanish & Salsa in Guatemala (5)

Perhaps you may not associate dancing with adventure, but how about putting your newly learned moves to the test in a popular club? Surprisingly Antigua offers an active nightlife for the energetic salsa-loving crowd. Wouldn't it be exciting to attract some good attention from the locals or invite someone to dance using your Spanish vocabulary? After all, there is nothing more terrifying than trying to keep with the rhythm while having two left feet. Study Spanish and Salsa in Guatemala

Crete Island, Greece (6)

Truly an adventurous destination for those who enjoy hiking over cliffs and trekking mountains! Crete lies at the point where the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa meet and is the largest and most mountainous of the Greek islands. Less adventurous beach lovers can also take pleasure in many opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, diving or windsurfing near any of the spectacular Cretian beaches. Planning a trip for 2009? Crete’s mountains offer an excellent, inexpensive alternative to the Swiss Alps but surely as much excitement! Study Greek in Crete

French and Surfing in France (7)

The "California of Europe," Biarritz offers good surfing and plenty of opportunity for European excitement. Whether you are trying to conquer a wave or conquer the language, this location is ideal for those who seek an energetic town that has fully embraced the "surfing spirit." Biarritz is also home to major competitions and festivals that brings together some of the greatest names of surfing. Study French & Surfing in France

Monteverde, Costa Rica (8)

"Adrenaline rush" and "breathtaking views" best describe the zipline tours of the rainforest canopy which await the truly adventuresome! Trek the trails and climb the platforms which allow up-close viewing of an amazing array of flora and fauna in Monteverde's famed Cloud Forest. For those looking for slightly less adventure -- but beautiful nature sightseeing -- this gorgeous location hosts a Butterfly Center, Orchid Garden, Serpentarium, Hummingburd Gallery and more. Study Spanish in Monteverde

Portuguese and Capoeira in Brazil (9)

The city of Salvador is the capoeira center of Brazil, which makes it the best place to learn the sport. Immerse yourself in Brazilian and Bahian culture through this fast-paced dance-fight of two fighters engaged in rapid-fire precision lunges, kicks and punches. This is a great way to intensify your Portuguese learning through an extra 2 hours per week course in one of the most unique cultural aspects of the Bahian region. Study Portuguese and Capoeira in Brazil

Moscow, Russia (10)

Try and discover the secrets of the city that was once the center of the Communist world -- if you can! Still rumored to be run by the famed “Russian Mafia,' you can learn Russian while digging up KGB secrets, exploring the Kremlin or sipping on your first vodka of the day at breakfast! (Just kidding, of course...although it may actually be your last vodka from the night before!) Seriously, though, this capital city is the home of the great Red Square, the iconic multicoloured domes of St. Basil's Cathedral, the legendary Bolshoi Ballet, and so much more! Study Russian in Moscow

Teenager Program in Ecuador (11)

Volcano climbing, anyone? How about horse-back riding on the volcano's slopes? Cloud forest? Otovalo? Cotopaxi? This fabulous Teen program combines great sight-seeing trips and excursions with a really strong Spanish program. Add to all that the friendliest host families in Latin America and you've got a can't-miss summer experience! How about a great adventure this summer? Study Spanish in Ecuador

Traveling Classroom in Venezuela (12)

Normally the red-sand beaches lined with palm trees and the crystal clear water in Playa Colorada would be a distraction for learning, but not with this program. Housed in a Warao Indian-style eco-lodge on the beach, our school in Playa Colorada embraces it’s surroundings and takes an adventurous approach to Spanish language education. The class takes off to exotic islands for scuba diving, fishing, and kayaking only to return to the mainland to explore the waterways, jungles, and sabanas of inland Venezuela. The experienced guides will take you through landscapes rich with unique vegetation and wildlife, as well as thriving Indian civilizations, which you will experience up close and personal. This is the absolute best way to experience Venezuela while drastically improving your Spanish language skills. A real gem! Study Spanish in Venezuela

Italian and Diving in Sicily, Italy (13)

Not only can you learn or perfect the art of scuba diving in the pristine waters of the Mediterranean, you can hike a volcano, go mountain biking and visit the nearby hometown of the fictitious Godfather--Don Corleone. Our Italian and Diving program offers 2 program levels for beginners or experienced divers who wish to develop or sharpen their skills while learning Italian in one of Italy's most beautiful locations: Taormina. Italian & Diving in Sicily

Volunteer in Kenya (14)

Yes, Kenya was in the news recently due to some political unrest in Kisumu. However, the protests have calmed down, and the US State Department has rescinded their warning. Our volunteer placements in Mombasa and Nairobi will provide you with the opportunity to help some of the most poverty-stricken people in the world. What could be more adventurous or brave than to go to Africa and help those who are truly in need? The best news: You receive one week of Swahili language and culture, but all placements are conducted in English! Volunteer in Kenya.

Spain (15)

Imagine peering out of the lookout of the last great Moorish castle in Europe. Picture yourself, standing on the Rock of Gibraltar and gazing across the strait to Africa. Try surfing the undiscovered breaks on the northern Bay of Biscay and the southern Atlantic. Get rowdy at a futbol match, watch a matador engage in a timeless dance with a charging bull, or run with a horde of charging bulls yourself! Experience the passionate, exhilarating Flamenco music and dance that typifies this culturally rich, energetic country. Adventure seeps from every beach, mountain, city, and town in Spain! Study Spanish in Spain

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