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Partial List of Guatemala Projects

Hospicio San José

This group operates an AIDS hospice for children and adults in a town 30 minutes from Antigua. There are currently 29 children and 9 adults in the Hospice.  The adults have AIDS,  have been abandoned by their family and will spend their final days in the hospice.  All of the children are infected with the HIV virus but not all have developed AIDS. Most of the children have lost one or both of their parents to AIDS and face fear, death, and abandonment everyday.

The Hospice works to make all of its patients as comfortable and as prepared for the future as possible.  It sponsors group activities and provides medical care and love. For terminal patients, the organization provides psychological and spiritual guidance to help them face death with dignity and peace. For the children who haven't developed AIDS, they provide counseling to help the children and if their families to understand the disease.

Needs: Diapers, baby & childrens clothes, medicine, personal hygiene items
More Info: http://aidscommunity.org/hivmeds/hospice.htm

Nuestros Ahijados

This group includes integrated social workers, a psychology department, a clinic, and a school. It is Antigua based, but is also working with extended communities. Sponsor programs are offered. They work to encourage students to obtain good grades and complete schooling. They provide a safe haven for children of abusive families, and besides the hundreds of children they currently care for, many more show up as emergency cases, injured, abandoned, or forgotten by the court system. Last year, 400 children who qualified for the program were unable to attend due to lack of funds. The group hopes for a day in which no destitute child will be turned away from their doors.

Needs: Cash for nutritional snacks/food, school supplies, medical supplies
More Info: www.albergue.org or www.ana.org.gt or www.godschild.org

Albergue Antigua

The Santa Madre homeless shelter in Antigua, Guatemala offers a safe, clean, and caring place for men, women, and children, many of whom would be living on the streets of the city if not for the shelter’s efforts. Funding will help to provide additional housing, an on-site medical clinic, skills training for adults and schooling for children. The homeless shelter is located near the market in Antigua. The organization is struggling to stay open due to lack of donations.

Needs: Unfortunately currently closed due to lack of donations: cash, clothes & shoes, personal hygiene items, cleaning products, towels and mattresses.
More Info:
www.albergue.org or www.ana.org.gt or www.godschild.org

Asociación Bendición de Dios

This group strives to improve schools in a village outside Antigua. They provide healthy meals for students, as well as education and enhancement in the home lives of the children, most of whom live in the kind of abject poverty we can scarcely imagine. By teaching the children about nutrition they hope to advance the health of the students. The education they provide gives the children hope for the future. They also outreach to the families of the students to help them strive to obtain a better life and encourage their children to achieve scholastic goals for the betterment of the whole community.

Needs: cash, school materials
More Info:  www.stichtinglosninos.nl/engels/

Camino Seguro

This is a school and clinic serving the people living and working in the Guatemala City garbage dump. Over 70 students currently attend each day. Were it not for this organization, the children would be forced to work in the filthy garbage dump alongside their parents. Rewards of clothing and food are offered to students and their families for attending the school. Recreational and artistic projects are also organized for the students. They also run a refuge home for children at risk in Antigua, and are planning to open a hotel run by youths needing to learn a profession.

Needs: cash, clothes, shoes, school supplies
More Info: www.swcp.com/shinealight/Pages/CaminoSeg.html

Familias de Esperanza

Integrated project with social workers, housing projects, a work counseling department, clinics, support for local school teachers, and a learning disability program. This project also sponsors 2,300 students in their village schools. Common Hope has helped countless students achieve an education in an area where schooling was formerly unavailable to them. These students have gone on to build up the community and help others through teaching and volunteering. Common Hope also sponsors a clinic to provide medical care, and reaches out to families and communities to unite and to support student efforts to obtain higher education. They are Antigua based, but are also working with extended communities.

Needs: Cash, school supplies, medical supplies, personal hygiene items
More Info: www.commonhope.org

Centro de Salud

Centro de Salud is a publicly funded health center for the municipality of Antigua. The center in Antigua has a main building with clinics for dental care, vaccinations, first aid, a sociologist, and family planning.  In addition, the organization administers small clinics (“puestos”) around the countryside that assist people from the local community with their health needs. At present, most of these clinics are run by 1-2 certified nurses who assist a population of sometimes as many as 30,000 inhabitants!

Besides health care, the center has developed several programs to improve the living conditions of the local population in order to prevent diseases or health problems, such as pollution of drinking water, dengue and tuberculosis.

Needs: Cash, medical supplies, personal hygiene items

Hogares Comunitarios

This organization specializes in looking after small children, aged infant to 10 in many small villages surrounding Antigua. Teachers and volunteers provide some schooling and educational play activities.  These day care centers provide a safe place for poor children whose parents must work long hours in an attempt to support their family. Food is also included in the program, along with the care of kind volunteers and the safe shelter of the facilities.

Needs: Educational games/toys, plates, Cash for Cash for nutritional snacks/food, mattresses
More Info:

Niño Obrero

This group sponsors a school in Antigua for kids 4 to 17 years old who work and cannot attend school during normal hours. The students are given an elementary education as well as training in specialized vocational skills so that they may better their lives and the lives of their families. The students are also provided with health services and health education, as well as nutritional foods and even artistic enrichment.

Needs: Cash for nutritional snacks/food, school materials, computers
More Info: www.nuestrosderechos.org

Obras Sociales Hermano Pedro

This place is a clinic for outpatients, a home for the chronically ill (suffering from both mental and physical disabilities), and a malnourishment clinic that saves the lives of underprivileged infants each day. They also provide a visiting surgery team for cleft palate and similar operations. They offer loving care to poor adults and children, as well as the elderly, who have nowhere else to turn.

Needs: Personal hygiene articles, diapers for adults and children.
More Info: www.obrashermanopedro.org

PROBIGUA - Proyecto Bibliotecas Guatemala

This group opens libraries in underprivileged areas and sponsors educational projects through the library system. Their mobile library offers people in remote areas access to a large variety of books and educational materials. The staff helps to instill in children a love of books and reading, and encourages students to stay in school in an area where children’s educations rarely go beyond the third grade level. They also provide rural schools with materials to enrich their scholastic programs.

Needs: Books in Spanish, school materials, computers
More Info: www.probigua.conexion.com/morlibinfo.htm



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