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Business Programs FAQ

What are Business & Professional programs?

Business & Professional programs is a collection of total immersion language programs that besides focusing on language acquisition, also focus on the development of professional vocabulary while addressing typical cultural and international issues for particular professional fields. Most programs are stand-alone programs but often participants take regular language courses before/after the program while others opt for professional internships following their courses.

Who can participate?

The programs are open to professionals as well as students (undergraduate and graduate) students who are studying or working in that particular field, or are looking to get some relevant skills to make a career change.  Some programs have minimum language requirements, so be sure you meet the minimum level or plan to take additional language classes prior to the start of the program.

What would my day be like?

Classes run Monday-Friday.  The actual schedule of classes depends on which program you are signed up for.  Class hours range from 20-40 hours per week based on the program.  Classes may either be in the morning, afternoon or a combination of the 2.  Based on your class schedule and the program you have chosen, you may be able to participate in additional cultural activities and/or activities that are specific to your program.

Can I schedule my classes around my business meetings?

If you know in advance what your availability will be, sometimes there is flexibility to arrange for classes at set times. Make a note of this on your application.  However, generally speaking, class schedule is arranged on site and cannot be guaranteed in advance.  It has worked out much better for participants who are able to schedule their business meetings around their classes instead.

Do I need to know a foreign language to participate?

Check the requirements listed for each program.  In some cases, no prior language level is required.  However, some programs do require a specific level in order to get the most out of the program.  If you are concerned about going with a low language, you should register for an additional 2-3 weeks of in-country classes prior to the program start date. 

Can I bring my own materials related to what I need to learn?

If you are enrolled in a program that has private lessons as part of the course, you may certainly bring your own materials.  Unfortunately, this request cannot be accommodated in a group class environment. 

Will I have any free time to sight see?

You will have most evenings free during the week. During some weekends, excursions are planned to popular destinations, and are included in the program cost, so you will also be able to sight see on these excursions. During other weekends, you will have free time to explore or relax as you wish.

What out of pocket expenses will I encounter?

Depending on location, either 2 or 3 meals per day are included in the cost. You will be responsible for any meals not included in the program. Additionally, snacks, souvenirs, drinks, transportation during your free, etc. are also not included in the program cost. For most countries there is an airport departure tax (usually about $20). You should also plan to pay for a taxi to return to the airport after the program. Pick-up upon arrival can be scheduled for most programs at an additional cost.

Can I be guaranteed to visit or meet with people my field?

We do our best to meet our clients' specific needs and interests.  If this is something that is important to you, please make a request on your application form.  Depending on the particular course and time of year, we may be able to make arrangements for this (particularly with the Executive Intensive Programs).

What type of clothing should I bring to wear to on-site visits?

Business-casual will be appropriate for the site visits. However, you should also bring comfortable weekend and evening wear.  Classes at school are generally very casual.

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