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How To Choose a Language Immersion Program

Choosing a study abroad program is not easy, so don't get trapped into choosing something that's not right for you! Take control of the process! To help you with the process of researching, choosing, and applying for a study abroad program, AmeriSpan offers Study Abroad... the basic steps to a successful study abroad experience!

Step 1: When & What Works For You?

Write down your goals and constraints
In order to find a program that meets your academic, budget, and personal needs, you need to clearly define your goals and constraints. What is it that you want to accomplish? When can you go? What can you afford?

Step 2: Where To Go?

Select a location BEFORE you select a program
AmeriSpan believes that atmosphere is the key ingredient in the overall learning recipe. If you are comfortable where you are studying, then you will learn. Are you a big city person, or do you prefer small towns? What do you like to do outside of class? Do you prefer a busy nightlife or fewer distractions from your studies? Are you interested in indigenous cultures, or are European cultures more enticing?

Finding the Right Language Immersion Program

Step 3: Which Programs Meet Your Needs?

Research and compare program details
Not every program is right for every student. When evaluating different programs, we recommend that you answer the following questions:

  • What are the deadlines, start dates, and payment policies?
  • What are the requirements? (language, grade point average, etc.)
  • How big are the classes?
  • Where is the campus located? (near city center, public trans., etc)
  • What facilities are offered? (on-site cafeteria, computer lab, library) 
  • What are the accommodation options? 
  • What out-of-class activities are offered? 
  • What excursions are included? 

Homestays - Are they for YOU?

Step 4: Who Puts It All Together?

Find the right study abroad provider
Independent organizations (AmeriSpan) and private/state universities both provide study abroad programs at foreign institutions worldwide. In your research, you may find that the program you want is offered by several organizations. Therefore, you should select the one with the best service and value, and with whom you feel the most comfortable. Here are some questions for you to ask when evaluating different study abroad providers:

  • Are they reputable? (Ask for references, how many students they send, years in business)
  • Are your questions answered in a complete, friendly, and timely manner? 
  • Do they demonstrate a good understanding of the location and the finer details of the program? 
  • What do you get for your money?
  • Are the payment and refund policies flexible? (credit cards, late registration, postponements, etc.)

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