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Top 15 Programs for Professional Development
Posted May 15, 2008

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We would like to introduce you to 15 programs for professional development. We’re sure you'll enjoy these locations and programs, but we have added some financial incentive to try them: SAVE 10% + another $15 if you register before June 15, 2008 and use discount code "Development" on your application. 

About AmeriSpan Discounts & Promotions

All discounts not combinable with any other discounts or promotions. Maximum discount is $200 unless stated otherwise. Discounts are not valid for one week programs, special prices for groups traveling together or certain other programs. You must include "Development" discount code on your application at the time of booking. If you have already booked a program, you are not eligible for the discount on your existing program. However, if you add more weeks or another program, you can use the discount on the additional weeks or program(s).

SALUD in Cuernavaca, Mexico (1)

In the "City of Eternal Spring," one may visit the many restaurants, sidewalk cafes, and theaters. Each weekend there is the opportunity to mingle with the wealthy from the capital who are drawn to these attractions. In Cuernavaca, we offer two different SALUD itineraries. The one with hospital exposure is for those students with a mid-intermediate Spanish level or higher. All students are welcome to participate in the intensive classes with medical terminology. Students have the option to choose between spending all 4 weeks in Cuernavaca or to spend the last two weeks in "gringo- free" Buenavista. SALUD Medical Spanish Programs

Spanish for Law Enforcement (2)

This program is ideal for police, fire and other law enforcement and emergency workers who interact with Spanish speakers. Students will take a combination of group and private classes in Oaxaca, where law enforcement officials have a similar job to their American counterparts. When students are not at the school, they will surely find themselves visiting archaeological ruins, museums, the historical center and other magnificent sights the city has to offer. Spanish for Law Enforcement in Oaxaca

Programs for Educators (3)

This year AmeriSpan expanded our Programs for Educators to include languages other than Spanish. Following Spanish, French, German and Italian are the most studied languages at U.S. schools. With students beginning language study in schools at a much younger age, today’s language teachers will need more skills and first-hand experience to better prepare themselves for the classroom. In these Educator Programs, teachers will practice their language skills, meet with local teachers, observe classrooms, and learn new methodologies and techniques to bring back to their schools. Programs for Educators

Arabic for Diplomacy in Jordan (4)

The current situation in the Middle East has created a huge demand for Arabic linguists and starting salaries for these positions are in the $150-180 K range. Much of the contracted work is to help with diplomatic discussions, so it’s important for linguists to have a strong grasp of the relevant vocabulary and common expressions. Jordan has a reputation for being one of the region’s safer areas which makes it a good place to learn Arabic. This program will engage professionals in 4 hrs/day of private lessons focused on the Arabic language in its diplomatic contexts. Arabic for Diplomats in Jordan

Spanish for Law (5)

This 4-week program combines general Spanish lessons, specialized Law classes, and hands-on work with a local Panamanian law firm. Panama is the bridge between North and South America and the doorway between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, making it an extremely important place for international commerce. This course is ideal for law students interested in international law or for lawyers currently working in a field where Spanish is commonly spoken. The law classes focus on specific professional terminology by exploring various legal documents and through relevant legal site visits. During the second half of the program students will spend their mornings working with a local firm, giving them unparalleled experience with the Spanish language as it pertains to law. Spanish for Law in Panama

German for Technology (6)

Did you know that one of the first computer pioneers was from Berlin? Konrad Zuse’s greatest achievement was the world's first functional program-controlled computer, the Z3, in 1941. This is not widely known due to WW2. It was impossible for Zuse to work or communicate with other inventors from the US or UK. However, many of his inventions are on exhibit at the German Museum of Technology in Berlin, where thousands of technology buffs from around the world flock to experience a wide variety of modern and ancient technological advances. German language classes coupled with German Technology lessons make the "German For Technology" program in Berlin a must-do for any techie! German for Technology in Berlin

Argentina Internships (7)

In today’s increasingly competitive job market, there are many factors that contribute to landing that perfect job, like previous work experience or the ability to speak a second or even third language. Why not kill 2 birds with one stone while interning in Argentina, Latin America's most economically and socially-developed nation? Any of AmeriSpan’s many interesting international internships will give you valuable insight into the local culture and working environment of another nation, while perfecting your Spanish and adding great work experience to your resume! An internship in Argentina is also a great option for a post-college gap year! Internships in Argentina

Italian for Fashion Design (8)

If you have ever imagined watching a supermodel strut down the catwalk wearing your designs at Milan’s famous Fashion Week, there is no better way to get a head-start on your dream than to learn the language of the industry. With daily group and private lessons, you will quickly develop the confidence to ask locals their opinions on your new creations. Upon arrival, check to see if any of any Italian labels (think Armani, Ferré, Ferragamo, and Versace) will be holding an open house for a site visits to factories or outlets to see how these major lines operate. Italian for Fashion Design in Milan

Learn Mandarin in China (9)

China has long been a major player in business, industry, and development. The economy is surging in Beijing, as China’s bustling capitol prepares to host the Olympic games. Shanghai is China’s commercial and financial center as well as the country’s busiest seaport. Due to its close proximity to numerous major North American operations, Hangzhou is quickly becoming the location of choice for US companies doing business in China. With many companies working in China, there is no better time to visit one of AmeriSpan’s 3 locations in Mainland China to hone your Mandarin skills. You don't want to be the one who calls your most important client "Mr. Stinky Fish Face!" Study Mandarin Chinese in China

Spanish in Spain (10)

Spanish continues to grow in importance as markets expand throughout Latin America...but studying Spanish in Spain will also help you gain hands-on experience in the heart of the European Union (EU), a major player in the international business world. The EU & Spanish combination can't be many locations offer private lessons where you can focus on your own business or professional terminology. And don't forget, you'll be in Spain...home of tapas, sangria, flamenco, world-famous architecture and fabulous beaches! Ah, Espana! Study Spanish in Spain

French for Diplomacy (11)

This is an ideal program for anyone looking to gain valuable experience for working in the EU, as French is an official language for EU meetings. But for those who are really paying attention, Francophone Africa will be the next big market for international business, and French will once again predominate as the 'lingua franca' of this vast continent, the unifying language of millions of speakers of the estimated 2-3000 languages with up to 8000 dialects. With the formation of an EU-like African Union in the works, Africa is slated to be the next big location for international business. Vive le francais! French for Diplomacy in Bordeaux

Spanish for Engineering (12)

The city of Pamplona has a strong engineering industry and excellent university programs that attract students from Spain and all over the world. The three-week Spanish for Engineering program offers professional engineers and engineering students the opportunity to become fully immersed in Spanish life and culture while improving their Spanish language skills with a focused emphasis on engineering terminology. In addition to the classes, participants will take part in site visits to nearby engineering facilities and will have the opportunity to intern with local firms. A minimum intermediate level of Spanish proficiency is required for this program. Spanish for Engineers in Pamplona

Intern in Australia (13)

Many of you want to gain valuable experience working abroad in an international market, but have no interest or time to learn another language. Not to worry! We are now offering customizable internships in Australia. The internship program offers candidates in all fields an opportunity to gain professional experience in their area. The positions are available in all major cities of Australia. We ensure that you will be placed in a position that is compatible with your employment and/or educational history. Internships are possible in almost every field, including graphic design companies, in linguistics, marine science, photography, engineering, law and many more! Internships in Australia

Spanish for Tourism (14)

The world is getting smaller, and more and more people are traveling internationally. Whether you plan to work in your own country or abroad, Spanish is becoming quite a useful language to know. AmeriSpan’s 4-week intensive Spanish tourism program aims to familiarize Tourism Industry Professionals and students with common vocabulary and expressions used in Spanish Tourism through the analysis of various PR/marketing materials as well as through site visits and guest speakers. Spanish for Tourism in Granada.

Learn Japanese in Japan (15)

It cannot be argued that Japan is a major factor in world business today. Having a working knowledge of Japanese will take you far in many industries, including technology, manufacturing and marketing. One can also benefit from observing and learning the specific and formal gestures when conducting business with Japanese companies. On any given day you may visit a restaurant and find yourself seated next to a business meeting, as representatives often hold a meeting over lunch or dinner. The best way to comprehend business language and customs for this culture is to experience them first-hand. Study Japanese in Japan

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