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Top 15 Fun Programs
Posted June 19, 2008


We would like to introduce you to 15 programs for fun. We’re sure you'll enjoy these locations and programs, but we have added some financial incentive to try them: SAVE 10% + another $15 if you register before July 15, 2008 and use discount code "Development" on your application. 

1. Spanish and Flamenco (Sevilla, Spain)

This is your chance to put on lavish dress and stomp and clap your way into the heart of a Spanish bachelor or bachelorette. Flamenco dance typifies Spanish gitano culture with its emotional, aggressive and elegant style. The music and dance first developed in the southern Spanish province of Andalusia and Flamenco culture is still alive and well in it’s capital, Sevilla. There are flamenco clubs and bars throughout the city where you'll have an opportunity to showcase your new moves, and with the Spanish language skills you'll acquire, you'll have no problem fitting in with the locals. Ole! Learn Spanish in Spain

2. Portuguese and Samba (Salvador, Brazil)

Salvador is an exciting, culturally rich city in which to study Portuguese. Bahian life is very different from other parts of Brazil, and considered by many to be the most interesting. Because of this, students enjoy adding special cultural classes to further integrate into the way of life. The Portuguese and Samba program offers all regular language classes, plus the opportunity to learn how to dance the Samba, Forro and Lambada. It also includes an introduction to the rhythms of Candomble rituals and Capoeira. This course offers one-hour lessons twice a week and is taught by a professional dance teacher. It gives a general introduction to different rhythms and dances and dance styles, history, tradition and development of Brazilian dance. Learn Portuguese in Brazil

3. German and Beer (Bamberg, Germany)

An instructor at the language school (who is also a home brewer) conducts Bamberg’s German and Beer seminar. Students visit Bamberg's Franconian Brewery Museum as well as Bamberg’s 10 traditional and modern breweries, which is an unprecedented number in a town of about 70,000 inhabitants! You'll hear historic and strange stories about German’s long running tradition with beer and learn about different glasses used for different beers. Students become familiar with special terms like "Rauchbier," or smoked beer, for which Bamberg is known. You will even be taught a special recipe for "Helles Vollbier," otherwise known as a light beer. Of course no visit to the Bamberg breweries would be complete without a sampling! Students will get to taste and analyze 5 different beers they have learned about to put their newfound knowledge to the test! Informative and fun - a must-do for any beer-loving visitor to Bamberg! Learn German in Germany

4. Italian & Electives Academic Semester Abroad (Rome, Italy)

Our Academic Semester Abroad program offers students the opportunity to study at the Pantheon Center. This accredited facility is located just a “stone’s throw away” from the historic Pantheon. Students also share apartments with International and Italian students, a perfect situation to make friends from all over. In addition to Italian classes, you are able to take a full curriculum of English-language electives. We feel that this is a perfect location for adventure and excitement (and studying, of course). When else would you be able to say that you used to go to school right in the middle of historic Rome! Learn Italian in Italy

5. Running of the Bulls Special (Pamplona, Spain)

It’s one of those things you've always said you wanted to do before you die. Well here’s your chance to make it happen. Most tourists pay an arm and a leg to stay in an overpriced hotel in Pamplona during this time and they miss out on the real culture and festivities of San Fermín. Not here! We offer you the chance to stay with a local family and experience the REAL celebrations during this incredible week. Our group will watch as the bulls charge by from a balcony overlooking the track, take a guided visit to Corrales del Gas where the bulls are kept, and in your Spanish classes you’ll get the low-down on what the holiday is all about. This is a rare opportunity to see this world famous event from the eyes of a local, and you'll get the Spanish skills to tie it all together. Don't miss this one! (July 12-16) Learn Spanish in Spain

6. Learn Polish (Krakow, Poland)

The cosmopolitan city of Krakow has much to offer and is conveniently located near other fascinating cities like Wroclaw and Czestochowa. Now is the perfect time to indulge in some pierogies and other kuchnia polska because Poland has yet to be affected by the Euro. The currency of Poland is the zloty (zt) and students will find traveling throughout the country or exploring Krakow's vibrant city life to be quite reasonable. Currently, the weather in Krakow is pleasant and the entire city opens up with lots of outdoor seating for restaurants and cafes. Students will also discover the amazing hospitality of locals, which will undoubtedly lead to more adventures and excursions. With the weak Dollar- Euro exchange rate, this is an inexpensive option for exploring European culture, language and architecture. The more reasonable the price is for attractions or night life, the more opportunity one has to have a fabulous, exciting time! Learn Polish in Poland

7. French and Wine (Bordeaux, France)

This unique one-week program provides 20 hours of French lessons and 20 lessons of wine tasting. Perhaps this program does not need an explanation for why we consider it fun; you get to improve your French while transforming into a wine connoisseur! This course is specifically designed for both professional and amateur wine lovers and gourmets seeking to combine a French learning experience with the pleasures of tasting some of the most outstanding wines of France. At the end of the course you will have acquired an extensive knowledge of Bordeaux wines and be tested on your wine tasting ability and receive a certificate. Once you return, you’ll be able to show off your exquisite wine knowledge to friends. Learn French in France

8. Spanish and Surfing (Jaco Beach, Costa Rica)

Whether you've never paddled out or you've been ripping it for years, this is the program for anyone interested in surfing. Surfers travel from around the world to take advantage of Costa Rica's amazing waves and Jaco Beach offers something for everyone. 2 hours of Spanish classes are scheduled around the tides each day, giving you a chance to improve your language skills while you enjoy the waves. The daily guided surf trips will take you to the appropriate break for your level. Beginners will enjoy the warm Pacific water and learn the basics of paddling, standing, and turning, as well as wave selection and other fundamental skills (be careful, surfing is addictive), while intermediate and expert surfers will be taken to the secret breaks you would never have found on your own for the best surf Costa Rica has to offer. Surfs Up! Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

9. Chinese and Kung Fu (Beijing, China)

If you get a kick out of martial arts, the Chinese and Kung Fu program is an excellent program for you. In this program, you will learn Wushu, the Chinese term for Kung Fu. Whether you are trying Kung Fu for the first time or you have been studying for years, the school will pair you with an expert instructor and others at your level. After classes each day, you will practice both modern and traditional forms of this ancient art, helping develop your physical and mental strength. Beijing has long been known as the birthplace of martial arts, making it the ideal location for anyone interested in the Mandarin language and martial arts. Learn Chinese in China

10. Italian and the Tastes of Sicily (Taormina-Sicily, Italy)

There are a few things that come to mind when you think of Italy. At the top of the list for most people is food and wine. Sicily is famous for both and in the “Tastes of Sicily’ program, participants will be have the opportunity to indulge in the best cheeses, oils, and wines the region has to offer. Culinary experts will be on hand to teach you the origins of some of Italy’s most popular products. They will teach you how to decipher to good from the bad and how to get the best flavours from your products. Everyone will also bring back recipes and new and innovative ideas on how to use these products in your own home. This is a sure fire way to impress your date or friends at your next dinner party! Learn Italian in Italy

11. Spanish and Morocco (Herradura, Spain)

Spain and Morocco are neighbors bordering the Mediterranean Sea with only the Straight of Gibraltar separating the uniquely different regions. Herradura is a charming Spanish city just east of Malaga that was once known for its fishing harbors. Today, visitors flock to the region for a quiet stay at the beach or to enjoy exciting water sports or nearby mountain climbing. Morocco, an Arabic country situated in the north of Africa, has a distinguishing culture unlike any other in the world. From its time as a former province of the Roman Empire in the 1st century AD, to undergoing Arab influence in the 7th century, Portuguese in the 8th, and French rule in the 20th century, Morocco finally gained independence in 1956. Years of European, African and Middle Eastern influence make Morocco’s rich culture unique and fascinating. With 2 nights all-inclusive in the Spanish & Morocco program, you will visit Tetouan, Tanger and Chef Chauen, and get to say you experienced a world of culture so different to that of Spain’s, yet so close! Learn Spanish in Spain and Morocco

12. Spanish and Scuba (Tenerife, Spain)

Whether you are a beginner scuba diver or you are already certified, AmeriSpan’s Spanish & Scuba program in Tenerife, Spain is a great way to incorporate your interests with language learning. Tenerife is a Spanish island and the largest of the seven Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa. It is best known for its beautiful cliffs, exotic beaches and pristine waters. While taking part in 5 hours of scuba diving lessons per week, you will become one with the underwater world full of exotic animals and sea creatures. Great for couples or the whole family, Tenerife's spectacular water with fabulous air and year-round warm water temperature will surely bring you one step closer to your passion for the relaxing adventure that awaits you in Spanish & Scuba! Learn Spanish in Spain

13. Learn French (Quebec City, Canada)

Celebrate 400 years of Vieux Quebec this summer as Quebec City marks its 400th Birthday with special celebrations all summer long! Here you'll find a touch of old Europe right here in North America...cobblestone streets lined with cafes and restaurants, shaded squares surrounded by 18th and 19th-century architecture. You'll discover the famous Château Frontenac and lovely views of the St. Lawrence River. Best of all, a true immersion locale, French is truly the first language in Quebec City! Learn French in Canada

14. Spanish & Skiing (Mendoza, Argentina)

It's Christmas in July! (Or, at least, it's winter in July in the Southern Hemisphere!) Beat the heat and show off your best skiing moves in South America's winter wonderland! One of the world's great ski locales, the magnificent Andes provide great skiing, breathtaking vistas and a magnificent backdrop to the lively city of Mendoza, where you can learn Spanish, shop and enjoy cultural attractions by day and the great nightlife scene after dark. A glass of local wine will keep you warm after a long day on the slopes. Learn Spanish in Argentina

15. Volunteer in India (Delhi and Jaipur)

Somewhere between the ancient architecture and the modern day hustle and bustle of 1.13 billion people going about their daily business, you realize that India is the most exciting place you’ve ever been. The constitution of India recognizes 22 official languages, and many more are officially or unofficially spoken by province. However, over 350 million Indian people speak English, and that number is growing rapidly. While you will take one week of Hindi language and culture classes, no previous experience is needed, as your volunteer assignment will be done in English. Volunteer projects are located in and around Delhi and Jaipur, two of the most vibrant and beautiful cities of India. We offer projects at a variety of locations, including orphanages, women’s groups, health centers, local schools and NGOs working on different social issues. Volunteer in India
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