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End of Summer - 2-day Blowout

As many of us return to school, work and our regular schedules, AmeriSpan wants to remind you that now is the time to start planning for trips in 2012. Also our programs are offered year round so that you can participate in a language immersion, volunteer, internship, Fun or Professional program this fall. Register for a program before the end of the day Wednesday, Sept 7, 2011 and you can save 12% on any program up to a maximum of $200 when you use Discount Code: "End of Summer". Keep reading for these details and more!

Off The Press
  • On Saturday, September 3rd, AmeriSpan was named Best Agency in North America for the 3rd consecutive year. Get Details
  • 2-day End of Summer Blowout - 12% off every program
  • Save 12% on Beijing & Shanghai programs in China - Get Details
  • Save $150 on Argentina internships - Get Details
  • Receive $500-$2000 scholarships on College Study Abroad
Free Weeks in Spain, Argentina & Guatemala
You receive 1 free week of classes and lodging when you book 3 or 2 free weeks when you book 4 at the SAME school.  That's 6 weeks for the price of 4.  This is available in Argentina, Guatemala and Spain at the following Spanish schools: Buenos Aires-1st choice, Cordoba, Antigua, Salamanca-1st choice, Granada, Alicante, Valencia and Sevilla (no combining 2 weeks at one school and 2 weeks at another to equal 4 weeks). Must Register by end of the day September 15, 2011 and use discount code "FREE WEEKS".

Get details here: Study Abroad Specials

Help Push Study Abroad Forward
Have you participated in a study abroad program? What did it mean to you?  Are you different because of it?  We hear it all the time. Studying Abroad "changed my life", "got me into college", helped me get my job", "is where I met my wife/husband" or "was on of the best experiences of my life".  So what have you done about it?  We are asking you to join AmeriSpan and help push study abroad forward.  Here is how you can:
Barcelona International College - Recommended
We really like the College Study Abroad program at Barcelona International College for so many reasons including good value, transcript from a US university, high educational quality and the ability to mix with students from all over the world not just Americans.  However, what really makes this program special is Barcelona's program director and how he makes every student feel special (read our Meet the University interview).  However, there is more!
1. It is not too late to apply for the 2nd summer session
2. We are offering grants up to $2,000 for the fall semester

Go to: Barcelona Study Abroad or Watch Barcelona Int'l College Videos

Read & Watch Our Participants Guest Blogs
We have many guest bloggers who have been making videos and writing about their experiences.  Make sure to review these to learn about the programs we offer as well as get tips and other experiences.

See the Blogs here: Study Abroad Participant Blogs

Great Travel Abroad Contest Wrap-Up
It has been a busy summer but back at the end of May, we held our Grand Prize Drawing for AmeriSpan's Great Travel Abroad contest.  A big thanks for all those who participated and congratulations to the winners.  However, there are still some winners who haven't responded to our emails so please see if you are on the list of winners and contact us so we can send you your prize.

See Prize Winners here: Travel Contest Winners

Turbocharge Your Fundraising with AmeriSpan
We understand that sometimes scholarships, grants, financial aid and your savings just isn't enough. AmeriSpan's Fundraising program was designed to help individuals & groups raise funds to go abroad.  

All members receive an online Study Abroad Fundraising account to track their donors and donations. Moreover, AmeriSpan assigns a unique web link that can be pasted into emails, Facebook and personal blogs so that friends and family can easily and safely donate.

AmeriSpan promotes each person's "story" making it easier to attract donations. Join the program by June 30, 2011 and we'll even make a donation of $50 to get you started.

Go to: Fundraising program

Recommended By AmeriSpan
Here are some organizations that we would like to recommend.  They contributed prizes in our contest, donated to our General Fundraising fund and offer specials for AmeriSpan enthusiasts.
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