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We have a couple of new study abroad reports for subscribers.  The first is "19 Biggest Study Abroad Mistakes" while the second is "AmeriSpan's Ultimate Guide to Packing."  Lots of other updates in the newsletter, like the fact that we are now Tweeting. Enjoy!

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Make Yourself "Recession Proof"
The Stock Market has rallied off the bottom, but banks still aren't lending and companies continue to lay-off employees. If you are worried about losing a job, finding a job, paying for college, getting accepted to college or getting into a graduate program, you will want to see our section on how to "Recession Proof" yourself.

Check out: Make Yourself Recession Proof

New E-Reports
If you thinking of participating in a study abroad program, you'll want to download our e-report on "19 Biggest Study Abroad Mistakes."  The report shows you how avoid the most common mistakes. Then there is the "Ultimate Guide to Packing" as well as last month's "How Study Abroad Can Help You Find a Job."

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Expertise With AmeriSpan
For the next several issues of the Newsletter we will be highlighting some of the reasons why you should choose AmeriSpan.  Last issue, we highlighted No Worries with AmeriSpan and this issue we are highlighting Our Study Abroad Expertise.

  1. Combined Travel and Linguistic Knowledge -- AmeriSpan's staff has three passions: language, culture, and travel. Individually and as a group, we have accumulated experiences and knowledge related to these passions. We have traveled to more than 65 countries, every continent except Antarctica and speak 10 languages. We are happy to share this enormous amount of relevant knowledge with you. 

  2. Study Abroad Veterans -- Every AmeriSpan staff member has studied and/or lived abroad for extended periods of time. We understand your questions and concerns because we have personally dealt with the same issues. We have gone to great lengths to make it easier for you than it was for us. After enrolling in a program, you will receive a copy of the "Need-To-Know" fact sheets on the country or countries that you will be visiting. These fact sheets include information about entry requirements, climate, health and many other "Need-To-Know" topics. If you still have questions, we’ll be happy to answer them.

  3. Unbiased Language Travel Specialists -- We are neither a language school nor a travel agent – we’re a hybrid of the two, a language travel organization. AmeriSpan has evaluated hundreds of schools, host families and destinations to determine which programs to offer. Our independence allows us to give you unbiased evaluations of the programs. We do not just list what is included – rather, we clearly state our opinions. Each program description contains a program review that describes “what we like” and “what we don’t like” about the program.

Only 5 Days to Save 15% on Spain
If you have been thinking about going to Spain to study Spanish during this summer, we recommend that you book now.  First, oil prices are about as low as they have been for several years which means airfare is about as low as it is going to get.  Summer airfare to Spain starts to increase in March and April, so you should book your airfare now.  Secondly, we are offering 15% off Spain programs in certain cities. Finally, the US dollar has begun to weaken versus the Euro but you can still take advantage of the Foreign Currency Guarantee. So we encourage you to book now; remember you only need to pay $100 to reserve your space and in most cases it is fully refundable.

Recommended by AmeriSpan
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