Undergraduate Academic Credit
Brookhaven College Credit

Brookhaven College is known as a comprehensive community college and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (www.sacscoc.org).  Students have the opportunity to earn up to 14 credits for language levels: Beginner 1 & 2, Intermediate 1 & 2, and Advanced Spanish Conversation.

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The following AmeriSpan programs have been approved by Brookhaven College:
  • Argentina: Buenos Aires (1st Choice), Cordoba
  • Bolivia: Sucre
  • Brazil: Maceio, Sao Paulo
  • Canada: Montreal
  • China: Beijing (1st Choice)
  • Costa Rica: Coronado, Flamingo Beach, Heredia, Jaco Beach, Monteverde, Samara Beach, San Joaquin
  • Ecuador: Quito (1st Choice)
  • France: Normandy
  • Germany: Bamberg
  • Guatemala: Antigua
  • Italy: Florence, Milan, Rome, Siena
  • Japan: Kanazawa
  • Jordan: Amman
  • Mexico: Brookhaven College has temporarily suspended the MAP program in Mexico
  • Morocco: Rabat, Tetouan
  • Peru: Cusco (both schools)
  • Portugal: Lisbon, Porto
  • Russia: Moscow, St Petersburg
  • Spain: Alicante, Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Marbella, Salamanca, Sevilla, Valencia

Important to receive credit students must complete the corresponding number of weeks assuming a minimum of 20 contact hours per week.  To receive credit for program offering less than 20 contact hours per week, you will need to study for longer. The Brookhaven course fees are separate from the AmeriSpan tuition fees for the above mentioned locations.

Undergraduate Credit

# of Credits Required
Wks of Class
3 credits 3 weeks $450.00
4 credits 4 weeks $550.00
6 credits 5 weeks $775.00
7 credits 6 weeks $875.00
9 credits 7 weeks $1,075.00
10 credits 8 weeks $1,185.00
11 credits 9 weeks $1,300.00
12 credits 10 weeks $1,400.00
14 credits 12 weeks $1,600.00


Steps for Academic Credit
After indicating your desire to receive credit from Brookhaven College for your AmeriSpan program, we will alert Brookhaven College.  Our academic credit liaison at Brookhaven College will assist you in obtaining transferable academic credit.  You will receive an email from Brookhaven College and will need to do the following:
  1. Apply for admission to Brookhaven College.  Instructions will be provided by Brookhaven.
  2. Travel to the country and engage in the experience of the language immersion program.
  3. During the last weeks of your language immersion program, you should submit the require language essay to Brookhaven College via e-mail.  On the last day of your language immersion program, you should request that the language institute fax your certificate of completion to Brookhaven College.
  4. Upon receipt of your required essay and certificate of completion, your courses will be processed.
  5. When your transcript is available at Brookhaven, you can submit an online request for it to mailed to your home university.