Happy Holidays from AmeriSpan Study Abroad

The first snow of the season has fallen in Philadelphia making this time of the year even more festive, but cold! Here at AmeriSpan we are dreaming about some place sunny and warm. Join us to escape the cold by paying special attention to our new "Top 15 programs to escape winter". During the hustle and bustle of the season plan a trip for yourself and don't forget that AmeriSpan Gift Certificates make great stocking stuffers too!

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Off the Press
* MSNBC Spotlights AmeriSpan - MSNBC article highlights learning languages abroad from an AmeriSpan student and AmeriSpan's cofounder
* Latest Specials - Free Dance classes in Dominican Republic, $99 off Antigua, 10% off Puerto Rico & much more

Top 15 Programs to Escape the Winter
Thinking of traveling during January to March? Why not choose a program in a warmer climate? Packing summer clothes doesn't take up as much space. If you book by January 15th and use discount code "winter escape", you'll save 10% + $15 on any of the Top 15 Programs to Escape the Winter.

Go to: Top 15 Programs to Escape the Winter

Attention Holiday Shoppers
We have the perfect gift for the traveler in your life. AmeriSpan Study Abroad offers gift certificates. An AmeriSpan gift certificate can be purchased for any value (minimum $10). AmeriSpan gift certificates are transferrable, never expire, and can be used towards any AmeriSpan educational travel program.

Go to: AmeriSpan gift certificates

Meet the School: Montevideo, Uruguay
Read an interview with the founder/director of our program in Montevideo.  You'll also want to note that we have two new programs for 2011 in Montevideo  Spanish & Horseback riding and Spanish & Tango.

Go to: Meet the School: Montevideo, Uruguay

Big Savings for SALUD Medical Spanish
AmeriSpan will pay half or more of your fees if you want to go on one of our SALUD Medical Spanish programs and become a SALUD Lead Student. Being a SALUD lead student is hassle free, there is no worrying about collecting fees/applications or in-country logistics. All you need to do is write a few blogs, spread the word and tell us about your experience.

Go to: Become a SALUD Lead Student
Go to: Online SALUD Lead Student Application

Spanish Program for First Responders & Social Need Providers - Gratis!
If you are in the medical, education, law enforcement, social work or ministerial fields you can get Bilingual America's Basic to Expert Level Spanish Power course at no charge through The Claro Initiative. Spanish Power is considered the most comprehensive and results-driven Spanish training program in the country and we encourage you to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Your cost? ZERO!

Go to: Claro Initiative
Don't Qualify: Trial Offer

Wanted: Guest Bloggers & Get a Rebate
One of the best things about working at AmeriSpan is we hear so many great stories and travel tips from our participants. Over the past 6-9 months, we have been sharing many of these insights via our Guest Bloggers on AmeriSpanís blog. These are some of our most popular pages on the website, so we are looking for more Guest bloggers and we'll give a 10% rebate.

Go to: Blogger rebates
See all Past Guest Blogs

Study Abroad Tips: Flight Complications
Let's face it, sometimes flying can be a serious hassle - especially when in a new place or when time is of the essence. Unexpected delays, security measures, cancellations, and any other annoyance you can think of can arise when trying to get from once place to another, even if you've done all you can to be organized and arrive early. These issues are unavoidable most of the time. AmeriSpan offers  recommendations to minimize problems if you encounter flight changes or delays.

Go to: Study Abroad Tips: Preparing Flight Complications

Incredible Offer to Learn Spanish or French at Home
AmeriSpan and Think Language have teamed up for a very special offer: Save $80 off one year of Think Spanish or save $70 off one year of Think French. Find out why we love these Think Language Supplements.

Go to: Get Think Spanish or French

Facebook Fan Extra
Join more than 2,500 other people who
(Fans) AmeriSpan's Facebook page and take an extra $25 off any program ($75 on Spain) on top of any other promotions or scholarships. Just go to our page and select 'Like' this page.

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Spanish Assessment Test - Gratis!
Take a Spanish aptitude assessment exam at no charge.  Get a learning aptitude assessment and see all the other helpful advice and aids Bilingual America is giving away.

Go to: Spanish Aptitude Test & Giveaways

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