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We have a new e-report "Financing Study Abroad" and many other tidbits in the newsletter, on AmeriSpan's Facebook page and on our blog.  Oh, and don't forget to start checking the Full Dates page, the link is in our Recommended QuickLinks,right below this introduction!  There is still space in most programs, but we have seen a huge increase in applications since early March.  Based on the number of phone calls, emails, chats and applications, summer 2009 is going to be very similar.

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Recommended Quicklinks:
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 - Full Dates: See Programs That Are Full
 - Recession Beater: Guatemala Blowout

New E-Report
If you are wondering how to pay for your study abroad program, you'll want to download our e-report on "Financing Study Abroad."  The report shows you how to use scholarships, loans, fundraising and other strategies so you can go on that study abroad trip. Past e-reports include "19 Biggest Study Abroad Mistakes", void  "Ultimate Guide to Packing" and "How Study Abroad Can Help You Find a Job."

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Don't Believe Us? Ask Our Past Clients
During the past few issues of this newsletter, we have stressed what we think are some of the biggest reasons why one should select AmeriSpan as your Study Abroad partner.  We have emphasized that you never pay more with AmeriSpan (price and foreign currency guarantees), have no worries (money-back and satisfaction guarantees) and you are receiving the very best advice from a team of experienced professionals at a leading company (16 years and more than 30,000 past participants).  We asked ourselves, "what else can we say?"

Then, we realized, there are many independent voices out there, that can verify everything we are saying...  Past AmeriSpan participants!  We have worked hard and we now have more than 3,000 past participants listed on our website, the vast majority allow you to send them an email directly. We recommend you read some of their comments, email them directly and ask their thoughts?  Prefer Facebook? Why not post on our Wall and see what others are saying.  Better yet do both!

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Online Catalogs and Price Sheets
We have made some updates to the Language Program, Professional, Teenager and Get To Know Us catalogs.  In addition, we have separate easy to read price comprehensive price sheets for Language Programs, Language & Fun and Teenager Programs.  More should be added in the coming weeks.

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Studying Abroad Makes You "Recession Proof"
Layoffs continue and many experts are predicting the employment situation won't improve in the short-term.  Most seem to think late this year or sometime next year will finally start to see new jobs added. Regardless of the exact situation, this is a perfect time to invest in yourself.  Make yourself more acceptable to a future employer, your current employer, the college you want to attend or that perfect Graduate program.

Check out: Make Yourself Recession Proof

Recommended by AmeriSpan
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Think Spanish! is an effective, fun and accessible way to learn Spanish. Practice makes perfect!

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Travel Light with the Kindle 2
We have a blog about the new Kindle 2 and how it seems to blow all other book-readers out of the water.  You can bring your language phrasebooks, verb books, travel guides and a few bestsellers without making your luggage feel like an anvil.

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Wanted:  Bloggers & Videographers
On a budget? Enjoy blogging and/or making videos? AmeriSpan wants you! We'll pay you in the form of a rebate on our programs. Click for details

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