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Tuesday night in President Obama's speech to the joint session of Congress, he explained his concern that too many Americans were not prepared for a global economy. The President then challenged every American to get more education whether through college, vocational school or some other means. AmeriSpan is that “other means” and the education you receive with us will definitely prepare you for the global economy!  Further, scroll drown to find out how to receive our e-report on "How Study Abroad Can Help You Find a Job".

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Make Yourself "Recession Proof"
The economic news is pretty scary and we are sure many of you are worried about losing a job, finding a job, paying for college, getting accepted to college or getting into a graduate program.  Well, AmeriSpan can help turn this negativity into a positive!

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Study Abroad Helps Find a Job
If you have already participated in a study abroad program or are thinking of studying abroad, you will want to download our e-report on "How Study Abroad Can Help You Find a Job".  The report shows you how integrate your study abroad experience into your resume, cover letter and interview to increase your chances of getting a job in the USA, Canada or your home country.

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Foreign Currency Guarantee
Our new Foreign Currency Guarantee protects you against currency fluctuation. AmeriSpan sets all Language Program prices in US Dollars but we pay most schools in their local currency such as Euros, Chinese Yuan, Thai Baht, etc.  For the last several years the US Dollar has fluctuated greatly in relation to these currencies.  We set our prices for 2009 in the fall of 2008 based on our best guess where the exchange rate will be for the majority 2009.  For details: Foreign Currency Guarantee.

No Worries With AmeriSpan
For the next several issues of the Newsletter we will be highlighting some of the reasons why you should choose AmeriSpan.  One reason is there are No Worries with AmeriSpan

We accept personal checks and all major credit cards with NO SURCHARGE. We are incorporated in the USA, a member of the Better Business Bureau and located in downtown Philadelphia (feel free to stop by). 

We have the best guarantees  in the industry.  First, our Price Guarantee and Foreign Currency Guarantee ensure that you will never be paying prices higher than other program providers.  Secondly, our 100% Money Back Guarantee ensures that if you cancel for any reason, you will receive all your money back on our language, medical, professional and educator programs.  Moreover, our refund policies on our other programs are more flexible than other program providers.  Finally, what really sets us apart is our satisfaction guarantee.  This is where we'll give you a free week of language classes at any of our programs teaching the same language if you aren't satisfied for any reason.  We know of no other organization which offers such a comprehensive satisfaction guarantee

Thinking About Spain? Book Now
If you have been thinking about going to Spain to study Spanish during this summer, we recommend that you book now.  First, oil prices are about as low as they have been for several years which means airfare is about as low as it is going to get.  Summer airfare to Spain starts to increase in March, so you should book your airfare now.  Secondly, we are offering 15% off Spain programs in certain cities. Finally, the US dollar has strengthened versus the Euro so we recommend that you can take advantage of the Foreign Currency Guarantee. So we encourage you to book now, remember you only need to pay $100 to reserve your space and in most cases it is fully refundable.

MAESTRO Program for Educators
Join an already existing group of teachers from Edgewood College in Morelia, Mexico. In its third year, this program has shown great success and now the program director has offered to share this experience with teachers from around the world. During the 3 weeks in Morelia, teachers will visit a variety of local Mexican schools to see how classrooms are run and lessons are taught. Participants will also take Spanish classes, join activities, visit an orphanage, and participate on weekend excursions.  Go to MAESTRO Spanish Program for Teachers

Recommended by AmeriSpan
Want to build vocabulary, refine your grammar and improve your Spanish skills? Then look at Think Spanish! Audio Magazine.  Each issue brings a language and cultural learning experience directly into your home each month.  Think Spanish! Audio Magazine is an engaging non-intimidating approach to language learning that is designed to improve your Spanish while teaching you about life and culture in Spanish speaking countries.

Think Spanish! is an effective, fun and accessible way to learn Spanish. Practice makes perfect!

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Wanted:  Bloggers & Videographers
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