Why Is The Internet Community Ranting And Raving And Creating Such A Drama About Skyp

Recently I decided to have a look at a really awesome write-up in Business Post Magazine and discovered that there is a thing called a skype phone spreading over the net .These two are now rich beyond their craziest expectations because of selling their concept to one of the premier sites on the web,e bay.What am I talking about.Many know it as skype.This idea of calling someone for nothing over the internet is not an original one.

The ramifications are obvious, the first being that if you can connect a video phone to skipe, you can talk and see just about anyone anywhere in the world.Saying that though it is not all plain sailing as a slow connection will be of no use to you.Video bandwidth does not justify clarity over a 56 k modem .

Ebay the massive auction site is also auctioning skyp phones.I guess it's been around for about a year already but it's catching on fast..

Due to Skypes massive success big commercial telephone companies are trying to get a foothold in the marketplace.I guess the question remains is it commercially possible.Will the world wide web spell the end for voice over ip.

You can be fairly sure that a lot of start ups will flood the market in the hope of making a killing but it has an established foothold.Then inevitably the feds will come in and regulate it.Skype are charging to make phone calls to cell phones and local regular phones, and that's called skyping out,etc.

The next big thing which voip are making a bold move towards is the idea of web conferencing. With 911 happenning in the not too distant past more people want to travel less and less so it is a great opportunity for voip to put video conferencing back on the map.

My thoughts are that audio and video over the internet, especially over a broadband connection will gain in popularity.Everything says that audio and video will be the the hottest thing since mustard.

But one thing is for sure, it's not just hype they're muttering about, and only time will tell if the general public will catch on when they get their free skype download.The question remains will voip take over from the phone.