Cosmetic surgeries are the popular ways of personal as well as personality improvement but theses surgeries sometimes results in dire consequences. These operations sometimes results in serious complications that may even be perpetual in nature.

Apart from this, the cosmetic surgeries sometimes may cause aesthetic disaster like wind tunnel facelift and lopsided boobs. Thus in plastic surgery, unless there is an overwhelming preponderance of the reward over the risks, the person should not choose to have it done. To clear your questions regarding the surgery you can ask your surgeon some questions such as;

Will you do the whole process yourself?

The only person you can discuss on your surgery is the surgeon wholl be doing your operation, ask him to tell you about the dangers of plastic surgery. If youre seeing a nurse or a junior, ask to speak to the surgeon. If they are neglecting, leave immediately. Its very essential to consult your surgeon before your operation.

Once you know youre talking to the surgeon, its also important to ask if theyll be doing everything in the procedure, say plastic surgery consultant Shannon Porter Leeman. Some doctors sill do the opening incisions, the pulling and the tugging and then let a junior stitch you up, which could affect scarring.

What qualifications do you have?

Dont feel any hesitation to ask this question any practitioner with enough degrees will be only too happy to tell you. And in the opinion of consultant cosmetic surgeon Mr. Jag Chana from Sanctuary Cosmetic Surgeons, the right answer to this question is a qualification called an FRCS (Plast). This means they are a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons and have specific training in plastic surgery, says Mr. Chana. Its also recommended that theyre a member of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

What will be the right procedure in your opinion?

Your surgeon is one who knows better about the process fits your case. Of course, you can give him advices but don't put too much stress on your advices, make sure he telle you about the differences of male platic surgery if you are male.

According to a famous cosmetic surgeon Mr. Jan Stanek each surgeon has different answer to this question but you should prefer that view which you feel more in your interest.

How many of my procedures did you do last year?

Experts opinion about this question is that the surgeon should have an experience of doing not less than 30 to 40 operations alike to that you have decided to go for. Id also ask how many years theyve been practicing says Shannon Porter Leeman. Its a terrible thing to say, but Id never see a surgeon in his thirties because I think someone needs to have in practice for at least 10 years to excel at what they do.

Do you have expertise in this procedure?

A number of experts specialize in certain surgeries because they-or their patients believes that they have special knowledge of it. And this question is one way to determine if your surgeon favours your operation: naturally the greater the percentage, the more they specialise.

Its less important if youre going for body surgery, for example breast implants, as most surgeons can work with these, says Mr. Chana. But if youre going for facial work, Id always recommend a surgeon who specializes and I think its absolutely essential for rhinoplasty.

Can you show me some before and after photographs of the patients?

For better clearing your doubts you can also ask the surgeon for some before and after photographs. Some clinics pay patients to talk about what they had done, so I wouldnt necessarily say youre going to get an unbiased opinion, says consultant plastic surgeon Mr. Rajiv Grover.

A close inspection of the final results of surgery, hospital staff and other arrangements might also help you in making a right selection.

Whos the anesthesiologist and how long have you worked with them?

If the anaesthetist is working with the surgeon from many years he gets an idea about how much time that surgeon is taking in the surgery. This helps in adjusting the anaesthetic in that way.

This can minimize postoperative complications (which may aggravate bruising) and make you feel generally better throughout your recovery.

What about plastic surgery costs?

If youve done proper research, you probably have an idea how much your procedure is likely to cost. But its important to check exactly what that fee includes-particularly after the initial operation is over, says Mr Gover, and ask to see a plastic surgery picture. The charges may also step up in cases where the patients requests to undo or modify the effects of the operation.

Do you want to know anything about my habits?

Celebrities and plastic surgery

If they havent, run screaming for the hills. At the very least, as surgeon should go over your medical history, whether your smoke or drink heavily and talk about shy you want the surgery and what you think youre going to look like afterwards, say Mr Stanek. This information helps them determine whether or not youre a good candidate for surgery if youre not, they shouldnt be afraid to turn you away. If the surgeon is not frankly discussing with you about the risks and possible side effects of the surgery, ask him the reason for doing so?

Do I have faith in my cosmetic surgeon?

This is actually question you need to ask yourself, say Mr. Stanek. First impression are vital. You have to trust your surgeons professional ability, but you also have to alike them as a person. You want to feel that when your wake up feeling terrible or if something goes wrong, this person will be there for you.