The first thing listed on each car insurance policy is BI/PD. Your agent possibly told you that means Bodily Injury/ Property Damage- that you are responsible for to the other guy. As a result, of all those fancy sounding things on your insurance policy, what pays YOUR bills if you are injured?

There are ten or fifteen different kinds of auto insurance all wrapped up in auto insurance companies policies, but the most important factor is this: If you are hurt, which of those will cover YOUR expenses? It make no sense to consider about others security before yours.

Most of the states requires the insurance company to make clear and express terms in the policy without any kind of ambiguity. It is observed that the major part of the premium goes to protect the third party. Where does coverage for the insured driver and their family come in?

About Bodily Injury

If you are in an accident due to your fault, the personal injury clause pays your medical bills, quite likely to some extent and I recommend you examine auto insurance usaa for auto insurance quotes. For example, PIP, Personal Injury Protection, not only pays medical bills, but also pays for 'loss of services', such as additional child care, housekeeping, sending out for food, and other reasonable bills concerned with your injury- BUT only up to the money limits you set. $2500 is the usual limit of such an amount.

But unluckily major accidents normally cause more expenditure than $2500 so contact state farm auto insurance for a quote Your agent might help you to provide a policy which is higher in amount of coverage.

Consequences of not having insurance or having Underinsurance

The major problem taking place when the accident is not your mistake and the other party at fault has no or insufficient car insurance. For dealing with such cases auto insurance provides Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage.

Medical Reimbursement

In some states, Medical Payments take the place of Personal Injury Protection, and ONLY pays medical bills. Then you're on your own for the added bills. A unique policy is provided by AFLAC which offers coverage for a fixed amount no matter where you spend it. The only problem is that it is costlier than the others.

Although there are policies which includes both medical bills as well as personal injury but after looking to their cost it will be better for you to have a single policy with a higher amount. The auto insurance firms takes less charges than they usually take in case you are purchasing a policy of a higher amount. You can check it yourself.

Although it may seem that most of your car insurance premium is going to pay the 'other person', keep in mind that one of the main items you are covering with insurance is you and your family so this end you should look at the website of progressive auto insurance. Other things like Property and the third party comes after YOU.