As a normal human being, the state of anxiety is always present though in a very mild form. At times, this turned into a constant bout of anxieties that almost seemed unbearable and thus resulting in what we know as anxiety disorder. There are many contributing factors to the causes of anxiety disorder.

Select group of professionals has theorized the caused of anxiety to be a factor of genes and some speculated that environment as a primary contributing factor in affecting ones emotional state which jolts the anxiety state into hypertension and resulting in what we know as anxiety disorders or anxiety attacks.

Chances of a person having anxiety disorders or anxiety attacks is greatest when his or her mental condition is weak. The effects of prescription drugs as well the misuse of it may also be a leading factor in one suffering from the constant attacks from anxiety. However, it must be clarified that the above causes may not have contributed to the surge singularly but a combinations of it may have been the primary reasons for it.

Some of the causes of anxiety are due to certain mental conditions and these may also include other types of anxiety disorders like panic disorder. Then there are the physical conditions that may give rise to anxiety. Palpitations, and shortness of breath are all considered to be causes of anxiety. The symptoms of anxiety panic disorder include pounding heart, weakness, feelings of being faint, and dizziness. Your hands may feel numb or they may tingle. You will experience chest pains, smothering sensations, a sense of unreality. All of these feelings may lead you to believe that you are having a heart attack, a stroke or even dying.

Side effects of drugs is another major factor in causing anxiety in the patients. Some drugs are used as medications for certain illnesses and some are illegal drugs such as cocaine.Medical issues may also contribute to the constant attacks from anxiety. Some of the more common causes are an overactive thyroid muscle and heart problems in the form of abnormal heart beat rhythms and mitral valve prolepses. Caffeine based drinks such as coffee as well as amphetamines may also contribute to anxiety attacks in the sufferer.

Anxiety attacks may also be a result of stress as one worry too much about certain aspect of lives. Work, school, finances, relationship, health are all areas where stress are commonly associated with.

Anxiety attacks can and will occur at irregular intervals for the sufferer which can last from anywhere between a few minutes to an hour. Some very rare cases had seen sufferer having bouts of anxiety attacks for as long as a few hours.

Medical professionals are still analyzing the exact reasons as to the causes of anxiety, but until then, we only have snippets of clues as to the factors behind it. We can only based our cure on what we already know as the possible root causes and carry on from there.