The amazing abilities of the UV air purifier are irrefutable, but is the same ultra-violet light technology also useful when it comes to purifying your pipes?

UV air purifiers are becoming renowned gradually as it is a natural purifier that can kill biological contaminants such as molds, spores and viruses and that too without any cost as it utilizes ultra violet radiations from the sun for functioning.

For those who have to spend most of their time inside the home and cant get the sunlight, ionic air purifiers offer the solution. Though by applying UV purifier you can eliminate toxicants from the air but as regards other particles it is not much effective.

A very advantageous wavelength for us is emitted by the Sun and that is UV rays. Though these waves are invisible to the human eye, they are all around us outside. As the sun produces these waves, they radiate pollutants in the air.

You can avoid dust, dander and allergens by applying a hepa air purifier consisting HEPA or carbon filter. UV purifiers are useful for removing viruses and bacteria and not for smoke and odor which can be easily removed by ionizing or ozone purifier.

UV-C wavelength removes various harmful particles from the air and is also helpful to destroy harmful viruses spreading flu to variola.

As Ultra- violet rays are hurtful for eyes, it is set up usually in metal air duct system. The faster and more often the air system is circulating, the more effective the UV purifier will be. There are plug-in purifier designs available that uses multiple filter systems (HEPA and carbon) in addition to a UV light stage.

Multiple filter purifier (including UV Stage) amounts to near about $600 Cost starts from $300 for an Air duct installed systems, usually consist UV only or UV/HEPA combination, with an average model costing $700 without installation cost.

UV purifiers are inodorous and quite enough and are sold in the sharper image, however, there is sound which is built-in part while running forced. It is recommended that UV Light bulbs should be replaced in every 15 months or so if it is running 24 hours a day.

Ask the Professionals about the UV Air Purifier

"...ultraviolet radiation, properly integrated with heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems, shows the most promise as a widely applicable means of air disinfection." Richard Riley, M.D. UV purifiers installed in HVAC systems is a main requirement of United States Public buildings, as well as schools and hospitals.

Negative aspects of of UV Light

UV light purifiers are not effective in all situations. UV Light purifier is more or less of no use when there is problem with the boundless air circulation in the room or air doesnt circulate with sufficient speed. The logic behind is that, UV Light purifier is unable to kill contaminates which are at distance from the bulb. The bulb is 60 percent effective on the air 0.4 inches away from the bulb and only 20 % effective when the air is at distance of 2 inches.