Built to Scale Model Ships

Owning a wooden model ship is a wonderfully satisfying and thrilling adventure for everyone involved. No matter if you're an passionate collector of many breathtaking ships or a first time collector just starting to gather your fleet, the elation and happiness of purchasing and owning your own model ship is something you will delight in for several years. These model ships are an incredible way to make a connection with with a particular time and place in history, such as the pirating days of the 1700s, or the simple and beautiful times of the Native American canoe. You'll remember and kindle a time past with a reproduction of a notable historical event such as the sinking of the Titanic in the early 1900s or the Emperor's Cup race of 1905 when the Atlantic racing yacht set breakthrough records for speed. Showing a wooden model ship, such as the replica of a Chris Craft speedboat, will inspire curiosity and excitement. Showing a scale model ship, such as the handsome tall ship Wasa, within your office or house will become a symbol of beauty that you'll be truly proud to share.

Is there a specific time in history that you're especially drawn to? Do you identify closely with a past historical event? Are you passionate about the legends of the Vikings or stories of pirates? Did you enjoy huckleberry Finn's adventures as a child? Do you have a grandpa who fought in World War II and shares stories of ships he sailed or accounts of the battles he he and his buddies fought in? Do you have a passion for speedboats, kayaking, sailing or other sport or watercraft? Connecting with the magic brought into movement through these questions is authenticated by owning one of these charming wooden model ships.

The wonderful thing about having a top quality model wooden ship is an experience that everyone can enjoy thanks in large part to the many excellently skilled craftsmen who contribute several hundred hours building and crafting these charming art pieces. With their delicate sails made from fine linens, details of carved metal, and hulls crafted of fine unique woods, these elegant pieces of art are an extraordinary medium of pleasure and joy when shown in any room of your office or home.

Exhibiting and having a model ship will allow you to associate with these historical times and passions, bringing feelings of pleasure and wonder. Spending time with one of these elegant ships will take you back to the past or forward to your future. The beauty and artistry of the majestic tall ships and their numerous sails will transport you to another time and place. Model speedboats with their charm and polish will take you away from the routine of the day and into another world. The warships give you a connection to family that has gone before you and the difficulties they met to bring about the fortunes of America to generations ahead. The cruise ships and sailing ship models kindle the fascination for adventure and travel that lies deep within your soul. The beauty and enchantment these ships hold find a spot in everybody's heart and featuring one in your house or office permits that magic to set sail.

The scale model ships shown here are top quality model ships available to buy. Built to absolute scale, they're created with master exactness, meeting the highest quality museum requirements and standards. The model ships seen on this site are the same ships shown in historical museum displays all over the country. Through http://www.themodelship.com, you are able to purchase and display in your home or office, one of these truly accurate, historic, museum quality, model ships.

Having and featuring a scale model ship is an charming and a fantastic experience for you, your family and friends of the present and future. These highly valued wooden model ships will become a family heirloom to be admired and passed along from generation to generation. The loved stories and phenomenal legends of these astounding ships connect people who they touch and will continue to do so as they are passed along with the model ships themselves.